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Annual review of biochemistry; v.78, 2009.


Annual review of biochemistry; v.78, 2009.

Ed. by Roger D. Kornberg et al.

Annual Reviews


1056 pages




Kornberg (Stanford U. School of Medicine), Raetz (Duke U. Medical Center), Rothman (Yale U. School of Medicine), and Thorner (U. of California at Berkeley) present the 78th volume of the Annual Review of Biochemistry, comprised of 34 articles. Under the theme of biochemistry and disease, it discusses such topics as biosynthesis of phosphonic and phosphinic acid natural products, new antivirals and drug resistance, multidrug resistance in bacteria, conformational pathology of the serpins, and prions. Ubiquitin-mediated protein regulation is the subject of the next set of articles, which includes discussions of recognition and processing of ubiquitin-protein conjugates by the proteasome, degradation of activated protein kinases by ubiquitination, biological and chemical approaches to diseases of proteostasis deficiency, and other topics. Genome-wide views of chromatin structure, the biology of chromatin remodeling complexes, and the structural and functional diversity of metabolite-binding riboswitches are covered in a section on gene expression. Genetic and biochemical analysis of non-vesicular lipid traffic, lipid-dependent membrane protein topogenesis, mechanisms of endocytosis, and other topics are discussed in a section on lipid and membrane biogenesis. Finally a section detailing recent advances in biochemistry contains papers on large-scale structural biology of the human proteome, collagen structure and stability, the structural and biochemical foundations of thiamin biosynthesis, the chemical biology of protein phosphorylation, and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, among other topics. Cumulative indexes of authors and chapter titles are included for volumes 74-78.

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Date:Sep 1, 2009
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