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Doctors save life of British expat in first surgery of its kind in region. Aug 25, 2014 502
Delivery of kits for embolization of cerebral aneurysms. Aug 20, 2014 197
Supply of equipment for embolization of cerebral aneurysms, carotid stenting. Aug 7, 2014 223
Disposable non-chemical medical consumables and haematological consumables. Aug 4, 2014 543
Talk on hidden abdomen peril; In Brief. Jul 31, 2014 123
Chance check-up discloses 'You could be dead in days' Surgery just in time for ex-nurse. Jul 31, 2014 693
Supply of specialized equipment and neuro radiologicznego radiological embolization of cerebral aneurysms. Jul 19, 2014 159
Northwestern Medicine enrolls first participant in study of device to treat brain aneurysms. Jul 9, 2014 1071
I had a severe headache which got worse and worse... it was an aneurysm, a life and death thing; HAIRY BIKER SI king tells how he nearly died... Jun 23, 2014 1125
I had a severe headache which got worse and worse... it was an aneurysm, a life and death thing; HAIRY BIKER SI KING TELLS HOW HE NEARLY DIED...EXCLUSIVE. Jun 20, 2014 1114
Hairy Biker Si on the mend after aneurysm. Jun 20, 2014 251
In Death, Father Saves The Lives Of Five Of His Children. Jun 16, 2014 1129
Pulsar Vascular Receives FDA IDE Approval for the PulseRider Aneurysm Neck Reconstruction Device for the Treatment of Intracranial Bifurcation Aneurysms. Jun 10, 2014 444
Pulsar Vascular Receives FDA IDE Approval for the PulseRider Aneurysm Neck Reconstruction Device for the Treatment of Intracranial Bifurcation Aneurysms. Jun 10, 2014 439
Indian Neurological Devices Market. Jun 4, 2014 1826
Chinese Market for Neurological Devices. Industry overview Jun 4, 2014 1749
Endologix, Inc. Partners with Terso Solutions, Inc. for Fully Automated Nellix Inventory at Medical Facilities Worldwide. Apr 29, 2014 659
United States : Endurant AAA Stent Graft from Medtronic Continues Exceptional Long-Term Performance in Observational Studies. Apr 19, 2014 404
MediPoint: Neurovascular Interventions - Global Analysis and Market Forecasts. Industry overview Apr 10, 2014 5344
Sequent Medical, Inc. Announces Closing Of $20.0 Million Venture Financing. Apr 8, 2014 436
Sequent Medical, Inc. Announces Closing Of $20.0 Million Venture Financing. Apr 8, 2014 426
Celiac artery disease and fatal rupture of a hepatic artery aneurysm in the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Nat, Amritpal; George, Tanya; Mak, Gregory; Sharma, Amit; Nat, Amitpal; Lebel, Robert Apr 1, 2014 722
Defence minister's condition 'irreversible'. Mar 22, 2014 191
A Much-Anticipated Sequel to "Seven Aneurysms". Mar 14, 2014 472
Supply of specialized equipment neuroradiological embolization of cerebral aneurysms. Mar 5, 2014 152
Late renal vein aneurysm following living related renal transplant. Dale, Robert T.; Bidnur, Samir; Nguan, Christopher Y.C. Clinical report Mar 1, 2014 1617
Neurology Devices Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast to 2019. Industry overview Feb 26, 2014 717
Neurology Devices Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast to 2019. Industry overview Feb 26, 2014 723
Delivery of stent grafts for the clinical department. Feb 22, 2014 223
Specialist nurses aid vein condition; In Brief. Feb 22, 2014 160
EHR-Based Screening Program for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Cuts the Number of Unscreened At-Risk Men by More than Half. Feb 10, 2014 1062
Functional capacity scale in assessment of patients with intracranial aneurysms: reliability and validity. Slusarz, Robert; Biercewicz, Monika; Rybicka, Roksana Clinical report Feb 1, 2014 6285
New Minimally-Invasive Surgery Treats Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms. Jan 23, 2014 1191
Sequent Medical, Inc. Launches New Enhanced Visualization Versions of WEB Aneurysm Embolization System. Jan 21, 2014 632
Sequent Medical, Inc. Launches New Enhanced Visualization Versions of WEB Aneurysm Embolization System. Jan 21, 2014 626
Thanks be to God. Thompson, Michael Column Jan 1, 2014 950
Abu Dhabi team performs rare brain surgery. Dec 23, 2013 504
Japanese Markets for Neurovascular Devices. Dec 18, 2013 817
Chinese Market for Neurological Devices. Industry overview Dec 18, 2013 1773
'Pipeline' procedure at Sparks Regional saving lives: Sparks shows new way of treating aneurysms. Dec 16, 2013 221
Woman recovering after vital brain surgery. Dec 15, 2013 446
Polymer foam could help cure aneurysms. Dec 1, 2013 198
Long Term Follow Up Data On WEB Aneurysm Embolization System Demonstrate High Rate Of Stable Occlusion In Difficult To Treat Aneurysms. Nov 14, 2013 897
Long Term Follow Up Data On WEB Aneurysm Embolization System Demonstrate High Rate Of Stable Occlusion In Difficult To Treat Aneurysms. Nov 14, 2013 905
Endovascular Aneurysm Training Module Now Supports Vascutek's Anaconda(TM) Devices. Nov 14, 2013 782
Endovascular Aneurysm Training Module Now Supports Vascutek's Anaconda(TM) Devices. Nov 14, 2013 787
Wife: Trotter had aneurysm months before death. Babwin, Don Nov 9, 2013 223
Pulsar Vascular Receives CE Mark Approval For PulseRider. Oct 15, 2013 349
Genetics of Aneurysms in Few May Hint at Stroke Prevention for Many, Doc Says. Sep 16, 2013 469
I could be dead now - I wasn't even going to go for the screening, but I'm so glad I did; HOSPITAL ANEURYSM TESTS SAVED MAN'S LIFE. Sep 10, 2013 375
An acute coronary syndrome patient: is this atherosclerosis?/Bir akut koroner sendrom vakasi: bu ateroskleroz mudur? Altin, Cihan; Sade, Elif; Bilezikci, Banu; Muderrisoglu, Haldun Sep 1, 2013 1539
Giant aneurysm with thrombosis refractory to medical therapy due to Kawasaki disease/Kawasaki hastaligi nedeniyle gelisen, tibbi tedaviye direncli trombuslu dev anevrizma. Doksoz, Onder; Ozdemir, Rahmi; Mese, Timur; Yozgat, Yilmaz Sep 1, 2013 432
Delayed massive hemorrhage due to external iliac artery pseudo-aneurysm and uretero-iliac artery fistula following robotic radical cystectomy and intracorporeal Studer pouch reconstruction: Endovascular management of an unusual complication. Atmaca, Ali Fuat; Canda, Abdullah Erdem; Gumus, Mehmet; Asil, Erem; Balbay, Mevlana Derya Case study Sep 1, 2013 1818
An adult patient with the ruptured aneurysm of mitral valve posterior leaflet/Posteriyor mitral kapak anevrizma rupturu olan bir yetiskin hasta. Isilak, Zafer; Uzun, Mehmet; Yalcin, Murat; Kilicaslan, Fethi Case study Aug 1, 2013 324
Endovascular and hybrid therapies for structural heart and aortic disease. Book review Aug 1, 2013 234
Neurovascular surgical techniques. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 142
Free screening tests can help save lives; Chief Medical Officer Dr Ruth Hussey looks at the screening programmes available in NHS Wales. Jul 22, 2013 728
3-week-old baby's bleeding in brain stopped by using superglue. Jun 12, 2013 163
Infant Superglue: Dr. Koji Ebersole Treats Brain Aneurysm In 3-Week-Old Baby Ashlyn Julian. Jun 11, 2013 330
Texas A&M Research Using Special Foams To Treat Aneurysms. Jun 10, 2013 1187
Crash victim died from injuries 7 years after the accident; Aneurysm grew and fatally ruptured. Jun 7, 2013 401
I WON'T THROW IN THE TOWEL; Boxer to fight on despite stroke and failed brain scan. Jun 2, 2013 765
A tale of two embolisations. van Wyk, M.; Loggenberg, E. Case study Jun 1, 2013 1009
Heart in the city; Caregiver for husband joins state's Unsung Heroines. May 24, 2013 818
Call for men to attend screening. May 21, 2013 273
Quick screen gives older men an AAA check. May 20, 2013 342
Sequent Medical, Inc. Launches New SL Family of WEB Aneurysm Embolization Devices. May 20, 2013 562
Sequent Medical, Inc. Launches New SL Family of WEB Aneurysm Embolization Devices. May 20, 2013 572
EVERYBODY NEEDS GOOD NEIGHBOURS; Lift to the doctor turned out to be a life-saver. May 11, 2013 424
AAA screening programme aims to help protect men aged over 65; A new screening programme has been launched to tackle the potentially fatal condition, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA). Health Correspondent Julia McWatt outlines the aims of the programme and how it may have saved one man's life. May 2, 2013 1049
Delayed diagnosis of chronic Q fever and cardiac valve surgery. Kampschreur, Linda M.; Hoornenborg, Elske; Renders, Nicole H.M.; Oosterheert, Jan Jelrik; Haverman, May 1, 2013 2064
In memory of my test vet' father. Apr 25, 2013 575
Back on the road and ready to party; Fighting back from a crippling brain aneurysm, singer-songwriter KarlWallinger talks to Dave Freak about his long-awaited return to the music scene. Apr 18, 2013 895
Endoscopy, endosurgery devices. Apr 16, 2013 557
Neurovascular/Interventional Neurology Market [Aneurysm Coils, Carotid Stents, Microcatheter, Microguidewire, Liquid Embolic Agents, Cerebral Angioplasty Balloons] - Global Trends & Competitive Analysis - 2017. Apr 15, 2013 678
Neurovascular/Interventional Neurology Market [Aneurysm Coils, Carotid Stents, Microcatheter, Microguidewire, Liquid Embolic Agents, Cerebral Angioplasty Balloons] - Global Trends & Competitive Analysis - 2017. Apr 15, 2013 684
Carolinas HealthCare System Performs First-In-Human Stent Graft Implantation. Apr 15, 2013 817
Vascular and endovascular surgery; a comprehensive review, 8th ed. (online access included). Brief article Apr 1, 2013 251
Adrenal artery pseudoaneurysm in pheochromocytoma presenting with catastrophic retroperitoneal haemorrhage. Kumar, Santosh; Nanjappa, Bhuvanesh; Kumar, Sathish; Prasad, Seema; Pushkarna, Arawat; Singh, Shrawa Report Apr 1, 2013 1148
Provision of Angiography supplies. Mar 29, 2013 227
One-off test that could save your life. Mar 18, 2013 458
The first description of a congenital right ventricular cardiac aneurysm in a pigeon (Columba livia domestica, Cluj blue tumbler pigeon). Gal, A.F.; Taulescu, M. Reprint Mar 1, 2013 216
Man dies at home after misdiagnosis; Pensioner discharged from HRI. Feb 28, 2013 374
Research and Markets: Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2013. Feb 20, 2013 334
First Surgery in Orange County Using Next Generation Fenestrated Endovascular Graft is Performed at Saddleback Memorial. Feb 19, 2013 675
/C O R R E C T I O N -- Saddleback Memorial Medical Center/. Correction notice Feb 19, 2013 769 Publishes Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2013. Feb 13, 2013 353
Older male smokers should be screened for abdominal aneurysm. Feb 2, 2013 300
Aneurysm of ascending and descending aorta in a 10-year-old-boy with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome/Wiskott-Aldrich sendromlu 10 yasindaki erkek cocukta cikan ve inen aortada anevrizmatik dilatasyon. Babaoglu, Kadir; Uyan, Zeynep Seda; Binnetoglu, Koksal; Yildiz, Cenk Eray; Sarper, Nazan Case study Feb 1, 2013 958
Why Is Ron Jeremy In The Hospital? Porn Star Rushed Into Surgery With An Aneurysm Near Heart. Jan 30, 2013 347
Endovascular Repair of Ruptured Aneurysms Saves More Lives Than Surgery, 10-Year Study Reports at ISET 2013. Jan 22, 2013 411
Gore Receives FDA Approval for New GORE[R] EXCLUDER[R] AAA Endoprosthesis Components. Jan 14, 2013 810
Blockade MedicalTM Announces First 100 Patients Treated with the Barricade Coil System. Jan 14, 2013 416
Endovascular treatment of stent fracture and pseudoaneurysm formation in arteriovenous fistula dialysis access. Kershen, L. Michael; Marichal, Daniel A. Case study Jan 1, 2013 1286
Endologix gets EU approval for new system. Jan 1, 2013 348
Sequent Medical, Inc. Launches VIA Microcatheter. Dec 11, 2012 353
Sequent Medical, Inc. Launches VIA Microcatheter. Dec 11, 2012 359
Intraparotid arterial aneurysm treated with embolization followed by surgical resection. Ganc, Daniel T.; Prestigiacomo, Charles; Baredes, Soly Case study Dec 1, 2012 187
INCRAFT[TM] AAA Stent-Graft System One-Year Follow-Up Data Presented at 2012 Veith Symposium. Nov 19, 2012 1020
Haemosuccus pancreaticus due to aberrant vessels from the coeliac trunk: a rare cause of gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding with diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Subasinghe, Duminda; Sivaganesh, Sivasuriya; Samarasekera, Dharmabandhu N. Case study Nov 1, 2012 1313
A Content-Rich Atlas of Intracranial Aneurysm Surgery. Sep 29, 2012 456
Sequent Medical, Inc. Awarded U.S. Patent for MicroBraid Technology. Sep 18, 2012 373
Aptus Endosystems Receives U.S. FDA Clearance For Thoracic-Length HeliFX Aortic Securement System. Sep 18, 2012 823
Penumbra, Inc. Receives Shonin Approval for the Penumbra Coil 400[TM] in Japan To Treat Intracranial Aneurysms. Sep 5, 2012 616
"Seven Aneurysms" Named Finalist in Prestigious IBPA Ben Franklin Awards. Sep 1, 2012 317
Idiopathic omental bleeding. Henry, D.; Satgunam, S. Case study Sep 1, 2012 1476
Heavy smoking triples chance of aneurysm. Aug 30, 2012 355
Heavy smoking more than doubles risk of fatal brain bleed. Aug 30, 2012 460
Blockade MedicalTM Announces First Patients Treated with the Barricade Coil System. Aug 27, 2012 399
US Transcatheter Embolization and Occlusion Device Market to Grow at Just over Nine Percent Per Year Through 2016. Aug 2, 2012 633
Nursing interventions and assessments for aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage patients: a mixed methods study involving practicing nurses. Wuchner, Staci Sue; Bakas, Tamilyn; Adams, Georgann; Buelow, Janice; Cohn, Jennifer Report Aug 1, 2012 6575
Embolisation of an acute inflammatory pulmonary artery aneurysm using an Amplatzer[R] vascular plug. Ahmad, M.; Vatish, J.; Willis, A.; Jones, R.; Melhado, R. Case study Aug 1, 2012 1283
Blockade Medical[TM] Receives CE Mark for the Barricade Coil System[TM]. Jul 20, 2012 514
ProTron's Cerebral Stethoscope Offers Breakthrough for Early Detection of Aneurysms. Jul 13, 2012 320
Research and Markets: Aortic Aneurysm Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2012. Jul 4, 2012 343
New Medtronic stent selected by FDA for new accelerated review program. Jul 1, 2012 541
Repair of a true dorsalis pedis artery saccular aneurysm. Omran, M. Al- Case study Jul 1, 2012 1096
Aptus Endosystems Completes $25 Million Series BB Financing. Jun 27, 2012 586
Hatch Medical to Broker Next Generation AAA Technology Platform. Jun 6, 2012 532
The complexity of HIV vasculopathy. Stanley, Alan; Candy, Sally; Levin, Candyce; Heckmann, Jeannine M. Case study Jun 1, 2012 1851
Long-term adverse effect of Kawasaki syndrome: two-vessel coronary artery by pass surgery for coronary artery aneurysm in a 16-year old male patient/ Kawasaki sendromunun uzun donemdeki olumsuz etkisi: 16 yasindaki erkek cocukta koroner arter anevrizmasi nedeniyle yapilan iki damar koroner arter baypas operasyonu. Altay, Servet; Cakmak, Huseyin Altug; Erer, Hatice Betul; Eren, Mehmet Jun 1, 2012 330
Specialized care by experienced teams cuts death & disability from bleeding brain aneurysms, new guide says. May 17, 2012 1167
NeuroSigma Subsidiary Acquires Thin-Film Nitinol Fabrication Patent Portfolio. May 16, 2012 827
Tragedya sbig-race winnerArcadiushas fatal aneurysm. May 14, 2012 183
Medtronic Expands Availability of Valiant(R) Captivia(R) Stent Graft in Major Global Markets. May 8, 2012 813
The Joe Niekro Foundation and Kingwood Medical Center Announce the Third Annual Knuckle Ball - A Pitch for Life. Apr 16, 2012 1198
Tila Tequila believed she was going to die after suffering brain aneurysm. Apr 10, 2012 232
After cheating death twice, it's bacK to life in the spotlight for new dad Felice; He's survived a near fatal brain aneurysm and a life-threatening heart condition to become one of the most acclaimed singer-songwriters to come out of The States. But, as Simone Felice tells Nathan Bevan, the scariest thing he's ever faced is becoming a dad. Apr 9, 2012 905
Northwestern Study Compares Endovascular Brain Aneurysm Repair Devices. Apr 3, 2012 1309
Identification of risk factors for chronic Q fever, the Netherlands. Kampschreur, Linda M.; Dekker, Sandra; Hagenaars, Julia C.J.P.; Lestrade, Peter J.; Renders, Nicole Apr 1, 2012 6983
Medical fabrics. Apr 1, 2012 294
Large minimally symptomatic iatrogenic urinoma presenting three years after abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. Spurrell, Mark; Pike, John; Duffy, Gavin Clinical report Apr 1, 2012 2026
Relationship between patient safety and hospital surgical volume. Hernandez-Boussard, Tina; Downey, John R.; McDonald, Kathryn; Morton, John M. Report Mar 30, 2012 4729
Minimally Invasive Treatment for Ruptured Aneurysm: Safe, Reduces Mortality. Mar 25, 2012 1289
Life-saving screening is launched in town. Mar 19, 2012 430
More Baby Boomers, Seniors Surviving a Silent Killer. Mar 19, 2012 852
Patient Safety Coalition Protests FDA's Approval of Device Used for Treating Aneurysms. Feb 29, 2012 1521
Rare Bypass Surgery for Brain Aneurysm Allows Man to Celebrate Life. Feb 28, 2012 978
Research and Markets: Iliac Aneurysms Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2012. Feb 17, 2012 347
Aptus Endosystems Initiates the ANCHOR Post-Market Registry. Broadcast transcript Feb 14, 2012 715
Embolic stroke from common carotid pseudo-aneurysm. Naranbhai, Anand Odhav; Wilson, Douglas; Michowicz, Andrew Case study Feb 1, 2012 205
Giant pulmonary artery aneurysm due to chronic pulmonary embolus associated with pulmonary hypertension/Kronik pulmoner emboliye bagli pulmoner hipertansiyonun eslik ettigi dev pulmoner arter anevrizmasi. Altay, Servet; Cakmak, Huseyin Altug; Turer, Ayca; Erer, Hatice Betul Feb 1, 2012 348
Medtronic Endurant[R] II AAA Stent Graft System Launches Internationally with CE Mark. Jan 17, 2012 693
FDA Expands Use of Endovascular Graft to Treat Aortic Tears. Jan 13, 2012 664
Dual presentation of a giant left ventricular pseudoaneurysm and true aneurysm. Grant, Erica N.; Huang, Norman; Joshi, Girish P.; Aguirre, Marco A. Clinical report Jan 1, 2012 2037
Research and Markets: Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2011. Dec 23, 2011 350
Aptus Endosystems Completes First HeliFX Procedures in US. Dec 12, 2011 730
An unknown tear. Dec 12, 2011 865
FDA Approves System to Repair Abdominal Aneurysms. Dec 1, 2011 790
Research and Markets: Cerebral Aneurysms Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2011. Nov 25, 2011 337
Aptus Endosystems, Inc. Receives U.S. FDA Clearance For EndoStapling System. Nov 21, 2011 737
Gore Receives FDA Approval for Conformable GORE[R] TAG[R] Thoracic Endoprosthesis. Nov 16, 2011 759
Cerebral Stethoscope Offers New Tool for Early Detection of Aneurysms. Nov 9, 2011 335
FDA Approves System to Repair Abdominal Aneurysms in People With Small Arteries. Nov 2, 2011 936
Reducing Mortality Through Minimally Invasive Endovascular. Nov 1, 2011 695
Delayed diagnosis of pseudoaneurysm formation in a patient with diaphyseal aclasis. Grainger, L.; Stammers, J.; Ranawat, V.; Loh, A.; Skinner, J. Case study Oct 21, 2011 1184
An unusual shoulder injury. Moss, A.J.; Valenti, D.; Fraser, S.C.; Murie, J. Case study Oct 21, 2011 1296
Reducing Mortality Through Minimally Invasive Endovascular Treatment of Aortic Disease. Oct 14, 2011 767
Bicuspid Aortic Foundation Observes Thoracic Aortic Disease (TAD) Awareness 2011. Oct 3, 2011 665
Lack of symptoms could prove deadly. Oct 1, 2011 376
Despite Proven Benefits, Few Brain Aneurysm Patients Receive Specialized Care. Sep 19, 2011 567
Medtronic post-approval study for AAA is underway. Clinical report Sep 1, 2011 480
An unusual case of severe haematemesis: a cautionary tale. Gregory, I.S.; Dixon, S.; Beamish, R.; Chin, K.H.; Choji, K. Case study Sep 1, 2011 964
Unexpected perioperative complication of aneurysm surgery: armored arachnoiditis case report/anevrizma cerrahisinin perioperatif beklenmedik komplikasyonu: zirhli araknoidit, olgu sunumu. Dosoglu, Murat; I.S., Merih; Aytekin, Hikmet; Gezen, Ferruh; Karatas, Ayse Sep 1, 2011 3040
Medtronic Starts New U.S. Study of Endurant[R] AAA Stent Graft. Aug 31, 2011 786
Male screening for 'silent killer' is closer. Aug 1, 2011 218
Asendan aort anevrizmasinda kapak korumali cerrahi/Valve-sparing operation for ascending aorta aneurysm. Gurer, Onur; Kirbas, Ahmet; Bilal, Mehmet Salih Aug 1, 2011 1415
Covidien Announces Data on Pipeline[R] Embolization Device for Uncoilable or Failed Aneurysms. Jul 27, 2011 477
Landmark Stryker Trial Establishes Coiling as Safe and Effective Treatment for Ruptured and Unruptured Aneurysms. Clinical report Jul 27, 2011 919
Research and Markets: Intracranial Stents Market Technology & Market Forecast - Understand current market dynamics. Industry overview Jun 27, 2011 479
VALOR II Study Highlights Strengths of Valiant[R] Thoracic Stent Graft from Medtronic. Clinical report Jun 18, 2011 666
Super glue could make aneurysms disappear without major surgery. Jun 15, 2011 225
Splenic artery aneurysm presenting with clinical features of a bleeding gastric gastrointestinal stromal tumour. Barnes, J.; Bouras, G.; Cooper, L.; Lam, F.T.; Shearman, J.; Menon, V. Case study Jun 8, 2011 1034
Rupture of an ovarian artery aneurysm following normal vaginal delivery. van Schouwenburg, Francois; Lameen, Hassan Case study Jun 1, 2011 700
MRI imaging of vein of Galen malformations at Steve Biko Academic Hospital: a mini case series. Davel, Liesel; Smal, Janet; Lockhat, Z.I. Report Jun 1, 2011 1654
Abdominal aortic aneurysms; new approaches to rupture risk assessment. Book review Jun 1, 2011 114
Final Published Trial Data in The Lancet Supports Safety and Effectiveness of MicroVention-Terumo's HydroCoil Embolic System for Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysms. May 31, 2011 1146
Physician at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital Performs Aneurysm Procedure Using New Pipeline[TM] Embolization Device. May 24, 2011 530
NEW research could help pinpoint [...]; HEALTH IN BRIEF... May 23, 2011 115
Aptus Endosystems, Inc. Receives CE Mark for the Aptus EndoStapling System. May 23, 2011 778
Scan will pinpoint 'critical' aneurysms. May 18, 2011 164
Valor Medical Receives CE Mark for Neucrylate AN(TM) for Treating Cerebral Aneurysms. May 11, 2011 256
WOMEN who take the Pill [...]. May 9, 2011 212
Drinking coffee, having sex, blowing nose raise risk of stroke. May 6, 2011 376
New HRT study may cause more safety confusion; RESEARCH SUGGESTS IT COULD PREVENT BRAIN ANEURYSMS. Report May 5, 2011 633
Transcatheter closure of a ruptured sinus Valsalva via retrograde approach/Sinus Valsalva rupturunun retrograt yaklasimla transkateter kapatilmasi. Kursaklioglu, Hurkan; Barcin, Cem; Baysan, Oben; Iyisoy, Atila; Celik, Turgay; Kose, Sedat May 1, 2011 1140
FDA OKs new treatment for large brain aneurysms. Apr 14, 2011 265
FDA Approves New Treatment for Large Brain Aneurysms. Apr 13, 2011 669
Trust set up to honour memory of Bluebirds fan; Teenager suffered aneurysm while playing football. Apr 9, 2011 429
Covidien Receives FDA Premarket Approval for Pipeline[R] Embolization Device. Apr 6, 2011 572
FDA Approves New Device to Treat Brain Aneurysms. Apr 6, 2011 827
NeuroVasx Receives FDA Approval for cPAX Aneurysm Treatment System. Apr 5, 2011 583
Neuro-Interventional Physicians Discuss Their Early Experiences In The United States With The Penumbra Coil 400[TM] Embolization System For Brain Aneurysms. Apr 4, 2011 989
Seven aneurysms; tenets and techniques for clipping. Book review Apr 1, 2011 125
Covidien Announces FDA Advisory Committee Unanimously Recommends Approval for Pipeline[TM] Embolization Device. Mar 18, 2011 466
Operative repair of an incidentally diagnosed giant hepatic artery aneurysm. Vulliamy, P.; Srilekha, A.; Fotiadis, N.; Kyriakides, C. Case study Mar 1, 2011 769
Pseudoaneurysm of the right hepatic artery and bile duct necrosis as a complication of acute cholecystitis in a diabetic patient. Ramirez-Maldonado, R.; Ramos, E.; Dominguez, J.; Mast, R.; Llado, L.; Torras, J.; Hernandez, J. Case study Mar 1, 2011 1307
Nfocus Neuromedical, Inc. Luna(TM) Aneurysm Embolization System Receives CE Mark. Feb 15, 2011 432
Nfocus Neuromedical, Inc. Luna(TM) Aneurysm Embolization System Receives CE Mark. Feb 15, 2011 465
Aneurysm rupture risk pegged at 0.83%: annual risk found in data from Norwegian study is lower than previous estimates of up to 5%. Harrison, Laird Feb 1, 2011 660
Infectious intracranial aneurysms: triage and management. Gulek, Bernice G.; Rapport, Richard Report Feb 1, 2011 3603
Endologix Announces Favorable Clinical Results for Nellix Technology. Clinical report Jan 31, 2011 925
Med-Tech Advance for 'Silent Killer': FDA Approves Medtronic Device to Fix Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms. Dec 21, 2010 1041
Polyarteritis nodosa presenting with frank hematuria. Ahmad, Muhammad Shabi; Saha, Aninda; Reaich, David; Naisby, Geoffery P.; West, Alaiyi Fred Case study Dec 1, 2010 965
Ranking hospitals on surgical mortality: the importance of reliability adjustment. Dimick, Justin B.; Staiger, Douglas O.; Birkmeyer, John D. Report Dec 1, 2010 4942
Ruptured internal iliac artery aneurysm presenting as Cullen's sign. Gan, Choon K.; Wong, William; Foo, Fung J.; Hodgson, David; Archibald, Rachel; Ravi, Srinivasan Case study Dec 1, 2010 795
Medtronic Presents One-Year Data on Endurant[R] Stent Graft. Nov 19, 2010 689
Medtronic Presents 30-Day Data on Valiant[R] Thoracic Stent Graft. Nov 19, 2010 850
Aneurysm rupture risk pegged in large study. Harrison, Laird Report Nov 15, 2010 608
Long term treatment for chronic headache: should defendants have suspected aneurysm. Case overview Nov 1, 2010 442
Year draws to a close in acquisition mode. Nov 1, 2010 2503
Superior mesenteric artery aneurysm: an uncommon disease with potentially serious complications. Akkary, Ehab; Cramer, Tonya; Patel, Miral; Kanthimathinathan, Venkat; Phan, Thanh Case study Nov 1, 2010 2106
Medtronic Receives FDA Approval of Talent Captivia[R] System for Endovascular Treatment of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms. Nov 1, 2010 615
Ruptured internal iliac artery aneurysm presenting as Cullen's sign. Gan, Choon K.; Wong, William; Foo, Fung J.; Hodgson, David; Archibald, Rachel; Ravi, Srinivasan Nov 1, 2010 741
Deadly blister on the brain. Oct 30, 2010 239
Endologix to Acquire Nellix. Oct 27, 2010 2087
Endologix Announces Publication of Clinical Trial Results Supporting Anatomical Fixation with a Suprarenal Aortic Extension. Oct 18, 2010 955
Minimally Invasive Treatments for Patients with Ruptured Intracranial Aneurysms Associated with Improved Outcomes in United States. Oct 11, 2010 355
A HUG FROM WIFE SAVED MY LIFE; Steve had heart aneurysm. Oct 6, 2010 340
CUDDLE FROM WIFE SAVED MY LIFE; Steve had heart aneurysm. Oct 6, 2010 345
Changes in the acute functional and cognitive disability states of severe hemorrhagic stroke patients. Oh, HyunSoo; Seo, WhaSook Report Oct 1, 2010 6674
Effect of body position on cerebral oxygenation and physiologic parameters in patients with acute neurological conditions. Ledwith, Mary B.; Bloom, Stephanie; Maloney-Wilensky, Eileen; Coyle, Bernadette; Polomano, Rosemary Report Oct 1, 2010 6711
Aneurysmal coiling often leads to acute headache. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman Sep 1, 2010 669
Estrogen may mediate brain aneurysm risk. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman Sep 1, 2010 614
Surgery of the aorta and its body branches. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 198
Heterotopic ossification in hip and knee joint after abdominal surgery / Abdominal cerrahi sonrasi kalca ve diz ekleminde geliaen heterotopik ossifikasyon. Altindag, Ozlem; Kucukoglu, Birsev Report Sep 1, 2010 1480
Aptus Endosystems Completes $15 Million Series AA Financing. Aug 30, 2010 676
Aptus Completes First EndoStapling Procedures in Europe. Aug 9, 2010 517
Final Data in International Trial Supports Safety and Effectiveness of MicroVention-Terumo's HydroCoil Embolic System for Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysms. Aug 3, 2010 1057
Oral contraceptives, HRT may protect women against brain disorder. Jul 31, 2010 391
Study Results Show That Oral Contraceptives/Hormone Replacement Therapy May Protect Against Brain Aneurysms. Jul 30, 2010 1036
Aneurysm of the petrous portion of the internal carotid artery at the foramen lacerum: Anatomic, imaging, and otologic findings. Palacios, Enrique; Gomez, Juan; Alvernia, Jorge E.; Jacob, Christian Case study Jul 1, 2010 1408
The face of hillbilly heroin and other images of narcotic abuse. Lagos, Rachel; Hogan, Michael; Raghuram, Karthikram Report Jul 1, 2010 1943
Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: ev3, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, C.R. Bard and Covidien. Jun 23, 2010 734
Brit study to identify reasons behind increased aneurysms risk in men. Report Jun 19, 2010 362
Micrus Endovascular Receives Approval to Market DeltaPaq and DeltaPlush Microcoils in Japan. Jun 17, 2010 691
ALLY'S MIRACLE TEXAS RETURN; Guitarist back after aneurysm. Jun 14, 2010 373
New screening test for men aims to save many lives. Jun 8, 2010 247
Endovascular Treatments of Small and Large Aneurysms Compared. Jun 7, 2010 757
Gore Receives FDA Approval for 45 mm GORE[R] TAG[R] Thoracic Endoprosthesis. Jun 7, 2010 678
Migraine, white matter lesions and subarachnoid hemorrhage: analysis of a large pedigree/Migren, ak madde lezyonlari ve subaraknoid kanama: genis bir aile agacinin analizi. Matur, Zeliha; Poyraz, Muruvvet; Uyguner, Oya; Kayserili, Hulya; Guveli, Betul; Baykan, Betul Case study Jun 1, 2010 2041
Landmark Randomized Trial Shows Exceptional Clinical Outcomes for Micrus Endovascular Microcoils. Clinical report May 21, 2010 1082
Preoperative Statin Therapy Protects Elective Aneurysm Patients. May 19, 2010 1004
Distal Aortic Perfusion in Thoroacoabdominal Aneurysm Repairs Studied. May 17, 2010 673
AAA detection increased to 59% with new screening tool. Wendling, Patrice Clinical report May 15, 2010 850
Gore Reports First Patient Case Using GORE[R] DrySeal Sheath to Aid Minimally Invasive Treatment of Patients with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms. May 12, 2010 455
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms: Risky for Men and Women. May 12, 2010 427
A bomb in the brain: when an aneurysm burst in Ashley white's head, everything had to go right. Everything did. Byron, Su May 1, 2010 1829
Endovascular Repair vs. Surveillance of Small Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms. Apr 27, 2010 958
Global Adoption of Cook Medical's Advanced TEVAR Technology Reflects Physician Support for New Conformable Stent-Graft. Apr 13, 2010 640
Where is end expiration? Measuring PAWP when the patient is on pressure support ventilation. Wong, Frankie W.H. Mar 22, 2010 3250
Smoking Increases Risk of Aneurysm in People with Certain Genes. Feb 28, 2010 702
Smokers carrying common gene variants at greater aneurysm risk. Feb 27, 2010 406
Life Saving Procedure Performed at El Camino Hospital Highlights Importance of Screening for Triple A. Feb 26, 2010 869
Study Provides New Treatment for Aneurysms. Report Feb 1, 2010 576
A historical account of stroke and the evolution of nursing care for stroke patients. Nilsen, Marci Lee Report Feb 1, 2010 6810
Physicians in Canada to Achieve Greater Levels of Control During Thoracic Endovascular Aneurysm Repair. Jan 6, 2010 698
Boston Scientific Announces Completion of Enrollment in Aneurysm Coiling Clinical Trial. Jan 5, 2010 580
Endovascular management of suprascapular artery pseudoaneurysm. Prater, Scott; Marichal, Daniel A.; Rees, Chet Case study Jan 1, 2010 1415
Evaluation of P wave and corrected QT dispersion in subarachnoid haemorrhage. Hanci, V.; Gul, S.; Dogan, S.M.; Turan, I.O.; Kalayci, M.; Acikgoz, B. Clinical report Jan 1, 2010 3470
Buttonhole cannulation in hemodialysis: improved outcomes and increased expense--is it worth it? Ludlow, Valerie Report Jan 1, 2010 7880
Thoracic aorta: acute syndromes. Shiau, Maria C.; Godoy, Myrna C.B.; de Groot, Patricia M.; Ko, Jane P. Report Jan 1, 2010 3576
For aortic grafts, patient's own veins are a much better idea. Dec 31, 2009 423
Idiopathic twin aneurysm of right pulmonary artery diagnosed in a case 17 years after a successful surgical repair of ventricular septal defect/Basarili ventrikuler septal defekt onarimi gerceklestirilmis olguda 17 yil sonra bulgulanan idiyopatik sag pulmoner arter ikiz anevrizmasi. Ozbek, Cengiz; Yetkin, Ufuk; Yurekli, Ismail; Gurbuz, Ali Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2009 536
Medtronic Introduces '3D Recon' Service to Enhance Endovascular Treatment of Aortic Aneurysms. Nov 19, 2009 500
Gore Announces Availability of the Q50 Stent Graft Balloon Catheter. Nov 18, 2009 697
Early Detection Screening Offered at AOPA Aviation Summit for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms. Nov 4, 2009 634
First Device Designed to Preserve Blood Flow to Iliac Arteries During Aneurysm Repair Receives Approval from Health Canada. Nov 3, 2009 559
Gore Announces First Implant of Next Generation Conformable GORE TAG[R] Thoracic Endoprosthesis in US Clinical Trial for the Treatment of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms. Oct 20, 2009 647
Medtronic Launches Improved Delivery System Internationally for Minimally Invasive Treatment of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms. Oct 8, 2009 561
Cook Sues Endologix For Patent Infringement Over Aortic Aneurysm Endograft Technology. Oct 8, 2009 321
Sinus of valsalva aneurysm. Mantas, Alexi M.; Carry, Melissa M. Case study Oct 1, 2009 338
Obstruction of the celiac axis resulting in a pancreaticoduodenal artery aneurysm. Golarz, Scott R.; Hohmann, Stephen Oct 1, 2009 978
Anxiety and depression prevail after 'coiling'. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman Oct 1, 2009 381
Micrus Endovascular Signs Licensing and Development Agreement for Flow Diversion Technology. Aug 24, 2009 903
Assessment and follow-up of coronary abnormalities in Turkish children with Kawasaki disease/ Kawasaki hastaligi olan Turk cocuklarinda koroner arter anomalilerinin saptanmasi ve izlemi. Erdogan, Ilkay; Celiker, Alpay; Ozkutlu, Suheyla; Ozer, Sema; Alehan, Dursun; Karagoz, Tevfik Disease/Disorder overview Aug 1, 2009 1560
Successful treatment of infected left ventricular pseudoaneurysm related to empyema/Ampiyeme bagli enfekte sol ventrikul psodoanevrizmasmin basarili tedavisi. Gullu, Ahmet Umit; Banz, Yara; Krahenbuhl, Eva; Carrel, Thierry; Schmidli, Jurg Aug 1, 2009 930
Cook Medical's New Zenith[R] TX2[R] TAA Endovascular Graft With Pro-Form[TM] Enhances Control During Thoracic Aneurysm Repair. Jul 27, 2009 717
Micrus Endovascular Announces Positive DeltaPaq Microcoil Study Results. Jul 23, 2009 824
Ev3 purchases firm developing aneurysm treatment device. Jul 1, 2009 340
Most aneurysms are found in the infra-renal aorta. Van Marle, J. Clinical report Jul 1, 2009 3249
Talent Stent Graft Shows Durable Performance in Patients with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms. Clinical report Jun 15, 2009 687
First U.S. Placement of New Smaller AAA Endovascular Graft Introduction System Solidifies Cook Medical as Market Leader in Minimally Invasive Endovascular Aneurysm Repair. Jun 11, 2009 895
New Endograft Introduction System Enhances Physician Control During Minimally Invasive Treatment for Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms. Jun 2, 2009 834
Operation of coarctation with saccular aneurysm of descending aorta under support of low flow cardiopulmonary bypass/Inen aortanin koarktasyon ve sakkuler anevrizma birlikteliginde dusuk akimli kardiyopulmoner baypas destegiyle operasyonu. Oz, Bilgehan Savas; Yokusoglu, Mehmet; Kuralay, Erkan; Tatar, Harun Jun 1, 2009 891
Minimally invasive stroke treatment effective than traditional surgery. May 30, 2009 246
Cook Medical Brings Advanced Endovascular Thoracic Aneurysm Treatment to Canadians. May 19, 2009 510
Medtronic Starts Enrollment in THRIVE, U.S. Post-Market Study of the Talent[TM] Thoracic Stent Graft. Clinical report Apr 27, 2009 644
Medtronic to Launch Talent[TM] Thoracic Stent Graft in Japan. Apr 14, 2009 689
Medtronic Initiates Global Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Study. Apr 8, 2009 641
Atrial septal aneurysm. Maldjian, Pierre D. Case study Apr 1, 2009 1459
Nationwide screening call to cut aneurysm death toll; HEALTH Early detection vital to surviving illness. Mar 30, 2009 656
New catheter technique less invasive and risky than age-old brain surgery. Mar 26, 2009 296
First Report of Clinical Outcomes Presented from the Endologix Powerlink Suprarenal Extension Trial. Mar 19, 2009 648
Patient-Specific Simulation to Improve Understanding of Cerebral Aneurysms. Mar 2, 2009 1169
Idiopathic internal carotid artery aneurysm rupture in an infant: a case report. Roebuck, Jeremy C.; Pereira, Kevin D. Clinical report Mar 1, 2009 1506
Endovascular treatment of vein of Galen aneurysmal malformation. du Toit, J.; Bam, J.A.; Mngomezulu, V. Case study Mar 1, 2009 1420

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