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Ancient beer recipes found.

AP--A Syrian-Belgian-British archaeological mission unearthed Unearthed is the name of a Triple J project to find and "dig up" (hence the name) hidden talent in regional Australia.

Unearthed has had three incarnations - they first visited each region of Australia where Triple J had a transmitter - 41 regions in all.
 3,800-year-old Babylonian Bab·y·lo·ni·an  
1. Of or relating to Babylonia or Babylon or their people, culture, or language.

2. Characterized by a luxurious, pleasure-seeking, and often immoral way of life.

 beer-making instructions on cuneiform cuneiform (kynē`ĭfôrm) [Lat.,=wedge-shaped], system of writing developed before the last centuries of the 4th millennium B.C.  tablets at a dig in northern Syria.

Abdel-Massih Baghdo, director of the Hassakeh Archaeological Department, told The Associated Press Associated Press: see news agency.
Associated Press (AP)

Cooperative news agency, the oldest and largest in the U.S. and long the largest in the world.
 in a telephone call that the 92 tablets were found in the 14th layer of Tell Shagher, a site just north of Hassakeh. He said the tablets showed beer-making methods and tallied quantities of beer produced and distributed in the region."

Hassakeh, 400 miles northeast of Damascus, is known these days for its wheat production. Recent archaeological discoveries have pushed back the dates for early beer production.
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Date:Nov 19, 2001
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