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An open letter to Rev. Ludmila Javorova: a priest of the Roman Catholic Church. (Paid Advertisement).

Ludmila Javorova was ordained or·dain  
tr.v. or·dained, or·dain·ing, or·dains
a. To invest with ministerial or priestly authority; confer holy orders on.

b. To authorize as a rabbi.

 a Roman Catholic priest in the late night hours The Night Hours are the fixed times of prayer in the Divine Office of the Roman Catholic Church, that take place after sunset and before sunrise. In the Latin Rite, the main Office is traditionally Matins, said in the early hours of the morning, and which is joined to the office of  of December 28, 1970 by Bishop Felix Maria Davidek, in the presence of his brother, Leo Leo, in astronomy
Leo [Lat.,=the lion], northern constellation lying S of Ursa Major and on the ecliptic (apparent path of the sun through the heavens) between Cancer and Virgo; it is one of the constellations of the zodiac.
. Following the rite of ordination ordination: see ministry; orders, holy. , Ludmila celebrated her first Mass--simply, quietly, together with Felix and Leo, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and all the angels and saints of God."

--from Out of the Depths: The Story of Ludmila Javorova, Ordained Roman Catholic Priest, by Miriam Therese Winter, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) An enhanced transmission service that enables graphics, video clips and sound files to be transmitted via cellphones. Developed as part of the 3GPP project, MMS phones are generally backward compatible with SMS and EMS.  (Crossroad, 2001)

Dear Ludmila,

We write to you as church, for we are People of God. We affirm and celebrate you as our priest, Ludmila, and we salute with gratitude Gratitude

traditional symbol for gratitude. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 172]


because he had once extracted a thorn from its paw, the lion refrained from attacking Androcles in the arena. [Rom. Lit.
 your 20 years of service as a priest in the underground church of Czechoslovakia. We also acknowledge the ordination of other women and married men who helped keep the Roman Catholic Church Roman Catholic Church, Christian church headed by the pope, the bishop of Rome (see papacy and Peter, Saint). Its commonest title in official use is Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.  alive during perilous times.

We publicly celebrate your ordination and we invite others, including our brother bishops, to attest To solemnly declare verbally or in writing that a particular document or testimony about an event is a true and accurate representation of the facts; to bear witness to. To formally certify by a signature that the signer has been present at the execution of a particular writing so as  to your priesthood priesthood

Office of a spiritual leader expert in the ceremonies of worship and the performance of religious rituals. Though chieftains, kings, and heads of households have sometimes performed priestly functions, in most civilizations the priesthood is a specialized office.
. We know that our God of radical love, who recognizes the goodness and equality of all persons, women and men, called you, and you obeyed God's call to discipleship dis·ci·ple  
a. One who embraces and assists in spreading the teachings of another.

b. An active adherent, as of a movement or philosophy.


In the depths of our hearts, we know that the ordination of women In general religious use, ordination is the process by which one is consecrated (set apart for the undivided administration of various religious rites). The ordination of women  is just, consistent with the spirit of the Jesus of the gospels, and in line with our finest traditions. We know, too, that many more priests are needed to meet the urgent pastoral pastoral, literary work in which the shepherd's life is presented in a conventionalized manner. In this convention the purity and simplicity of shepherd life is contrasted with the corruption and artificiality of the court or the city.  needs of our church worldwide. And we read the signs of our times as we see women around the globe claim their full humanity for the good of humanity.

Your life, Ludmila, stretches our church beyond theological arguments to the reality of God's action. You risked your freedom and your life to say "yes" to God's call in an act of prophetic pro·phet·ic   also pro·phet·i·cal
1. Of, belonging to, or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy: prophetic books.

 obedience. Your ministry is a faithful witness to the gospel, a sacrament sacrament [Lat.,=something holy], an outward sign of something sacred. In Christianity, a sacrament is commonly defined as having been instituted by Jesus and consisting of a visible sign of invisible grace.  nourishing nour·ish  
tr.v. nour·ished, nour·ish·ing, nour·ish·es
1. To provide with food or other substances necessary for life and growth; feed.

 the community, a prayerful prayer·ful  
1. Inclined or given to praying frequently; devout.

2. Typical or indicative of prayer, as a mannerism, gesture, or facial expression.
 call to do justice. Your story joins today's church to our spiritual forebears: Prisca and Lydia, Thecla and Phoebe Phoebe, in astronomy
Phoebe (fē`bē), in astronomy, one of the named moons, or natural satellites, of Saturn. Also known as Saturn IX (or S9), Phoebe is 137 mi (220 km) in diameter, orbits Saturn at a mean distance of 8,047,985 mi
, and other ordained women who served the early church of the Mediterranean. We now can assert that women have been ordained in our day! You have gone before us, and we pray--indeed, we know--that many more women will follow. God's call to prophetic obedience will not be denied.

Ludmila, you are a priest forever!

Sponsored by
a project of the Quixote Center
PO Box 5206 * Hyattsville, MD 20722
301.699.0042 * 301.864.2182 fax

A Voice for Women in the Church
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Area, 24,181 sq mi (62,629 sq km). Pop.
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Conleth Higgins Lees * Theresa H Sutton

Delaware -- Jane Ehlinger Sherman PhD * Helen
R Thomas * John & Mildred Tordella * James P
Ward * Phyllis McMullen Wynn

District of Columbia -- Assisi Community Wash
DC * Catholics for a Free Choice * Anonymous
Nuns * Richard J Boudreau * Mary A Christie *
Aloysius R Clarke * Anne Dammarell * Bill &
Lorraine D'Antonio * Sharon E Dillon SSJ-TOSF
* Frances Kissling * Ed McCarthy * Colleen
McCrystal Esq * Sr Saundra McKeta SMIC *
Ginny Aandahl Vinton * Mary E Wendeln CPPS *
Thomas E Zutic

Florida -- Dignity Fort Lauderdale * Shirley Adler *
Adele Azar Rucquoi * Fr Stephen E Braddock
OSCAM * Hope F Brophy * Joan Barrett
Campbell * Claudette Clunan * Lucille G Emond *
Mary T Epes * Patricia F Fritz * Eileen Curry
Garavente * Frank Giardino * Virginia M Hagarty
* Barbara W Hammond * Mary Jane Harris * Meg
Hutchins * Martha Kammer * Kathleen Kelly *
Dorothy B Klein * Frances Knechtges * John
McGovern * Ellen R McNally * Mary Nelson * Dena
& John O'Callaghan * John J O'Connor &
Catherine T O'Connor * Edith M O'Rouke *
Richard A Rogers & Bill E Mullins * K & M Shrader-Frechette
* Lois Ann Sorensen * William J Soter *
Fr Joseph C Spina OSF * John B Street Jr * James
A vanKoolbergen CFC * Jan Westfall

Georgia -- K T Connor PhD * Lil & Bill Corrigan *
Barbara J Ferer * Kathleen Gratzek * Dana H
Greene * Catherine M Jones PhD * Lynn A
Manfredi/Petitt BbD * Myles McCabe * Barbara D
Meinert D Min * Phyllis K Morris * Eileen & Larry
Perkins * Judy Schubert * Henry C Setter * Betty
Walsh WOC (1975)

Indiana -- Virginia Arnold * Joan Boersig * Bill Boyce
* Mary Ellen & Tom Brown * John F & Joan N
Cochran * Emily M Conway * Mary Alice Devor *
Noelie Driscoll * Nancy A Fitzgerald * Mary
Catherine Gibson * Mary Harding * Lynette Herold
* Linda N Hirsch * Betsy Kennedy * Julie Kern *
Christine Zatorski Lemley * Peter R Loving *
Jessica Maich * Maria Thornton McClain *
Richard A Nyers * Frances B O'Connor CSC *
Nancy Parker * Loreta M Riffel * Edward J Ruetz *
Carol Ann Schiessle * Sharon L Sloan * Elaine C
Theisen * Mary Jo Weaver * Helen Welter

Kentucky -- St William Church P&J Committee *
Sharon O Ash * Two Dominican Srs of Lvl KY *
Elizabeth Blandford * Anne M Brennen * Pat
Chervenak * Mary Hoffman * Joan & John Houk *
Maria Cruz Rodriguez * Wanda Y Russell * Janice
Sevre-Duszynska-Lexington KY * Thomas W
Spalding/CFX * Deacon Ed Stieritz

Maryland -- Baltimore SCC Prayer Group * Catholic
Community/Greenbelt * Dignity/Silver Spring * New
Ways Ministry * Trinitas Bochini SSND * Mary
Catherine Bunting BA MSN * Patrick L Byrne *
Rev William R Callahan * Maureen & John
Connors * David Cramer * Mary Jeremy Daigler
RSM * Rev Joseph A Dearborn * Francis
DeBernardo * Ruth J Druhan * Jack Engel * Barbara
Erakko-Taylor * Peter J Fagan * Maureen Fiedler
SL PhD * Anne Marie Gardiner SSND * Susana M
Garten * Peter Gebhardt-Seele * Carol A Hayes-Gegner *
Sr Jeannine Gramick * Colonel Rosanne
M Greco * Jane Henderson & John Clark * Mary E
Hunt & Diann L Neu * Andrea M Johnson * Ann &
Dan Kasprzyk * Joan Kearney * Mary Jo Kenney *
Richard Lalumondier * Gail Lambers * Gorm &
Chris Lauritzen * Ellen D Lynch CSC * Rose Marie
Canty CSC * Kathleen Leahy Lyon * Linda G
McCullough LPC * Church Woman Wash DC *
Patrick O'Connor * Mary Jo Piccolo * Tom & Claire
Pluecker * Dolly Pomerleau * Bernice Pratt *
Michael Pretl * Carol L Ries snjm * Denise Riley *
Rosetta T Rizzo BSN MMS * Molia Sieh * Amy
Stenson * Alice M Talone C'B S * Joseph F Weiss *
Gloria & Bill Wellington * Sarah Sullivan Willging *
Ms Blair Winter * Julie & Sandy Zito

Michigan -- CTA of Michigan * Chardin Community/
Grosse Point MI * Pretty Good MU IHM Monroe MI
* Prince of Peace Worship * Chris & John F
Andrews * Donald & Shirley Bedard * Christine
Black * Tom & Helen Bradley * Jerry Brohl * Jean
Ann Campana IHM * Mary Ann D Carolin * Kathy
Calcatera Chateau * Carol A Crowley PhD * Raphael
Dakoske * Liz Donnelly * Ronald Eyer * Muriel
Fitzgerald * H Jean Gates * James Grant * John &
Catherine Guinn * Marian Gumbleton * Marie
Handley * Evelyn V Harriman * Donna M Hart IHM
* Maureen A Hartman * Judy M Holmes * Marcella
Keefe-Slager * ME Koss * Edward Kowaleski *
Marguerite Kowaleski * Sandra Krell * Suzette
LaVigne * Earl & Iole Le Tissier * Dr Joseph C
Leshock * Marilyn Lines * Elizabeth M Loria * Eileen
Lynch * Veronica Margaret Maher * Ron & Joyce
Mason * Frances Maycroft * Joan & Patrick McCoy
* Bella Mody * Ron & Rosemary Moon * Magi & Jos
Mooney * Emily Mote * Deborah Oberdoerster *
Mike & Ami O'Neill * Rebecca Oswald & Family *
Cecilia Petras * Rosemary A Rader * Mary L Rhodes
* Francis S Rock * Susan F Scannell * Margaret M
Shea * Janet Stankowski OP * Barbara Supanich *
Sharon L Tewes * Barbara Trierweiler * Rev
Margaret Vredeveld * George E Ward * Jacquie A
Wetherholt SSJ

Missouri -- Adrienne & Mick Quinlan

North Carolina -- Call To Action/North Carolina *
Kathryn N Andolsek * Alicia Busto-Cremaschi *
Father J P Byron * Mary T Codd * John F Kain *
Mary & Jack McCall * Rev Ann McLaughlin UCC *
Debb McRoberts MD * Sister Pat Murphy SFCC *
Richard O'Donoghue * Catherine L O'Neil *
Bernadette R Page MD * Jack R Page MD * Jerry
& Barbara Ryan * Kathryn V Sebian * Suzanne H
Stevens * Pablo Stone * Margaret Mary Volpe *
Mary K Wakeman * Mary Margaret Weber

Ohio -- Cleveland Women's Ordination * Sisters of
St Francis of Tiffin Ohio * Peter J Anderson *
Frances Babic * Kathleen Burke * Helen Buswinka
* Phyllis A Carlino * Ann Chambers * Margaret H
Collins * Marilyn Cunin * Fran DeChant * Coletta
M Dokler * Pat Fallon Durbin * Mary Cabrini
Durkin * Mary Rose Straka Felker * Dorothy A
Fisher * Sister Ruth Flynn * Jenene M Francis *
Virginia Ann Froehle * Carol Gabis * Rev Thomas
Gallagher * Carol Bourgholtzer Gannon * Dix &
Gutz SC * Rev Bonnie D Habberset * Mary McD
Hannaford * Dr Sandra Kay Hausfield PhD * Mary
E Henaughan HM * Rosina C Horvath * Nancy
Huentelman * Pat Irwin * Cathy Jacob * Christopher
Janezic Esq * Richard L Jentgen * Jack &
Helen Joyce * Frances Kern-Crotty * Mary Koenig-Clapp
* Mary Carol Lewis * Helen & Tom McBride
* Susan Hill McLaughlin * Johanna Y Meara *
Diane Solverson Mengos * Ready-Willing-Waiting
* Karen Michney * Ruth Muhlenkamp * John R
Obermeyer * Sylvia Spring Obermeyer * Mary E
O'Leary * Sheila S Otto * Gina Peacock * Mary K
Pillot HM * Kathy Ann Poulton * Thom & Dianne
Powers * John C Randall * Joan Rebeck * Janet
Rectenwald SFCC * Kathy Rinehart & Lisa Frey *
Deborah Rose-Milavec * Denise Pytlak Ryan *
Christine Schenk csj * Pat Shondrick * Patricia
Shullick * Margaret Singer * Joanmarie Smith *
Joan H Supple * Evelyn Sweeney * Jan Turala *
Mike & Norma Tynan MPC * Joseph H Wessling *
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South Carolina -- Br Paul T Cullen CFX * Charlie
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* Kim Bullington * Margaret S Conlin * Dr Mark F
Cosgrove * Pat & Hank Klosky * Mary Jo Weaver
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* Rev Susanna Metz * Denise Carver Musgrove *
Martha Wettemann

Virginia -- Call to Action Northern Virginia *
Patricia L Ball * Joy M Barnes * Pat & Joe
Beausoleil * Bernard M Byrne * Dorothy Canary
MMS * Arlene A Christian * Robert Comiskey *
Anthony & Anne Conway * M J Cronin * Richard
D'Arcy * Rochelle D'Arcy * John & Ethel Doherty
* Lois C Donnelly * Ann Donofrio * Robert J
Dotzler PhD * Jane H Duffy * Ms Glenn L Ellefson-Brooks
* Kathy Gicenec * Ruth McDonough
Fitzpatrick * Deacon John Glynn * Rev Joan
Hammond * Trish Hogan * Tom Rea & Kate
Howarth * Diane Hughes Hughes * Stephen M
Hurley * Paul & Eunice Hyer * Gene Joan &
Eugene Kelly * Judith Kelly * Paula Elise Miller
Kirby * Anthony & Joan Kowalski * Mr & Mrs
Charles Luckett * Rev Deborah D Lynch * Tim &
Marilu MacCarthy * Peter Mahoney CFX * Mary K
Maulucci * Mary Ellen McCarthy * Ray McGovern
* Rita Kennedy McGovern * Patricia McGrady *
Bridget Mary Meehan SFCC * Robed F Miailovich
* Gloria J Mog * Josetta Owen * Donna Pacheco
* Harold & Ellen Radday * Mary E Rock * Sharing
All Our Gifts * Mary Lou & Gene Sleevi * M
Jeanne Steele Ed D * Edwin & Cornelia Sullivan *
Roger N Thomas * John & Win Tracy * Dorothy
Lee Walshe * Nellie Westwater * John Timothy

West Virginia -- Margaret Lindsey / WV * AnneMarie
Liston SJC * Sr Rose Michel SFCC *
Patricia Obenauf
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