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Amnesty brochure is totally biased.

An eight-page colourful brochure issued by Amnesty International (AI) referenced MDE: 11/009/2011 March is before me.

It contains 12 coloured medium and large photographs all showing demonstrators in Bahrain, a few injured, a body being taken for funeral, etc. The brochure is full of mentions about anti-government demonstrators but not surprisingly at all it contains not a single word, repeat not a single word about those thousands and thousands who demonstrated repeatedly in favour of the government, let alone at least one photograph of them.

No one can change my belief that so-called human rights organisations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, etc, are merely the tool in the hands of some powerful vested interests for some obvious objectives.

These organisations never have any real honest "naked-facts-on-the-earth" assessment. The world's biggest nuclear waste piles are in the US which according to the media are more in quantity than the collective waste of the rest of the world but these so-called human rights organisations, including the UN, are always silent.

AI never printed such a colourful brochure when recently small children were killed in Afghanistan by drone attacks, and when Nato (in fact US) soldiers with music in the background photographed bodies of Afghans.

This eight-page report repeatedly describes anti-government demonstrations as "peaceful". I have a great wish that someone gives me a single reference from thousands and thousands of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reports in any part of the world at any time in recent history wherein it is ever mentioned demonstrators were violent, broke the law of the land and violated normal norms of demonstrations?

I am sure no one can trace any such reference. Very meaningful is that these so-called human rights champions have always found the governments at fault and never the demonstrating mob anywhere.

Had there actually not been any political considerations behind the brochure in its present shape, AI would also have included a photograph of one of hundreds of families who took shelter in camps to protect themselves from these "peaceful" demonstrators.

Since most of these camps housed poor Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, etc, not real human beings for executives of AI, it should have made the brochure with some interviews of those living near the GCC Roundabout in Seef - almost all rich elite Western executives - enquiring of them why they left their homes, why they shifted elsewhere or who they were afraid of?

I wish AI had a little space even on the back page of its brochure to print the statement of the Philippines Ambassador in Bahrain clarifying that a Filipina was injured by anti-government demonstrators attacking expatriates and not by soldiers as the protesters' leaders tried to tell the world.

The background is that a Filipino lady was severely injured and admitted to the hospital. Her photograph was taken and put on Internet with the caption that she was injured in shooting by GCC soldiers. Reading it on Internet the Philippines Embassy team visited the hospital. The injured Filipina told the team that she was scared to stay in the hospital as the hospital was occupied by demonstrators who were beating expatriate patients and that she was injured by stones thrown by demonstrators.

Malik, Muharraq, Bahrain

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
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Date:Apr 10, 2011
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