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Americans Get Politically Interactive With Simply Citizen.

ISLANDIA, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--November 8, 1995--Now that all the votes are counted, we can relax and let our elected officials do their jobs, right? We don't need to do another thing until next election day, right? Wrong!

Simply Citizen(TM), a new software title from 4Home Productions(TM), helps Americans become politically active by becoming interactive! Whether they're for or against Medicare cuts, school prayer, gun control or abortion rights, users will find that Simply Citizen makes it easier to express their political opinions.

Simply Citizen provides users with the proper addresses, phone, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses to send their political comments. The program's Letter Designer feature even provides a basic template for writing letters to government officials.

In addition to facilitating dialogue with elected officials, Simply Citizen is a source which users can rely on to make informed decisions on issues affecting them today and tomorrow. It contains comprehensive, non-partisan descriptions of topical issues, lists congressional voting records, and profiles key leaders in the government and private sectors who promote legislation now pending in Congress.

For users who want to remain on top of the hottest legislation facing Congress, Simply Citizen has a Monthly Update Plan that provides the latest news on important issues. Users can receive these updates via CompuServe or via disk. The Monthly Update Plan's Hot Bills feature offers a synopsis of the most controversial topics soon to be debated on Capitol Hill. Users may also choose the Online Review/Preview Newsletter Subscription containing information provided by The National "Write Your Congressman" Club, Inc., updated each week while Congress is in session.

Finally, those who have a modem and a CompuServe account can participate in the Citizen's Voice opinion poll and debate political issues on-line with fellow Simply Citizen users.

"Simply Citizen makes it easy and quick to voice your opinions on important issues," said Dave Dalton, director of marketing at 4Home Productions. "In the past, many people remained silent because they didn't know who to contact or how to contact them. Simply Citizen solves this dilemma."

Availability/System Requirements

Simply Citizen is available for $19.95, with Simply Citizen content updates available based on subscription packages from $29.95 to $65.00 per year, dependent upon frequency and method (via CompuServe or Disk) of updates. Simply Citizen can be ordered directly from 4Home Productions by calling 1-800-773-5445.

o Monthly Update Plan - $29.95/yr. CompuServe Subscription or

$39.95/yr. Disk Updates (including shipping and handling). o Online Review/Preview Newsletter Subscription - approximately

39 Weekly Updates - $49.95/yr. CompuServe Subscription only. o Premium Online Subscriptions - includes both the Monthly Update

Plan and the Online Review/Preview Newsletter Subscription -

$65.00/yr. CompuServe subscription only.

Simply Citizen is a true 32-bit application, requiring Windows 95 or Windows 3.xx; 386 or above; 8 Mb RAM recommended; 12 Mb free disk space, VGA, mouse. To send letters electronically, receive technical support on-line and perform other on-line tasks, Simply Citizen requires a modem, a CompuServe account and WinCim (the CompuServe product that automates CompuServe navigation).

4Home Productions, headquartered in Islandia, New York, is a publisher of lifestyle software products designed to enhance personal productivity. 4Home Productions is a Division of Computer Associates International, Inc., (NYSE: CA), a multi-billion dollar software company serving most of the world's major business, government research and educational associations. For more information on 4Home Productions, please contact 4Home Productions at 1-800-773-5445.

CONTACT: Connors Communications 4Home Productions

Meredith Mansfield Sue Rizzi

Samantha Rubin (516) 342-2919

(212) 807-7500

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 8, 1995
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