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American HealthTech.

In 1975, Wheel of Fortune debuted on national television, the Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl IX and the first personal computers were sold with 1KB memory. It was also the year that the seeds of what would later become American HealthTech were planted and began to take root.

It must have been a good year. The Wheel of Fortune is still spinning, Super Bowls are still being played, PCs have a lot more memory these days, and American HealthTech continues to offer proven, intuitive clinical and financial software and technology solutions for the long-term care industry.

From those tiny seeds in 1975, American HealthTech was officially formed in 1982. It has since grown to become one of the largest software companies in the industry serving almost 3,000 customers nationwide.

With more than 30 years of experience, American HealthTech understands the unique concerns and needs of the long-term care industry. "We know that our customers' top priority is delivering quality care to residents while keeping a watchful eye on the bottom line," said Bill Caldwell, company president and CEO. "And our software and technology solutions are designed to help them do just that."

Caldwell explained that the company's focus on software has been deliberate and well defined. "It is what has allowed us to grow our customer base the old-fashioned way--one customer at a time," he said. "We feel this is important because we've had to earn each and every customer we have."

This grassroots growth philosophy has also given the company the advantage of supporting--and growing--just one product. "When you can concentrate your resources on refining and enhancing a single product, you are in a position to better serve your customers' needs," said Caldwell. "It's all about giving customers the tools they need to provide their residents with quality care while monitoring costs at the same time. It's a delicate balance that requires a great software resource like ours."

The company's new automated charting module, Smart Charting, is a good example of how supporting a single product can benefit the customer. The company created Smart Charting from the ground up to fully integrate with its industry-leading LTC product.

"We designed it to be simple and easy to use," explained Caldwell. "It can reduce the time caregivers spend behind the desk and increase the time they spend in front of residents. Smart Charting promises to revolutionize the way facilities deliver care. Plus, it's a no-brainer to cost justify."

American HealthTech credits its long-term success to its dedicated employees, a proven product, and its cohesive leadership over the years. With the exception of one founder who has retired, American HealthTech's original management team remains in place. "The result is that we enjoy both a base of long-term company experience and a group of next-generation visionaries who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise," said Caldwell. "Together, this pool of talent combines a strong corporate identity with the energy to take the company and our customers to new heights."

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