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American Art and Architecture.

AMERICAN ART AND ARCHITECTURE (History of Art and Architecture Series). Produced by Alarion Press, P.O. Box 188e, Boulder, Colorado 80306 (1-800-532-9177).

This program contains three videotapes, three teaching manuals and a poster--providing a comprehensive survey of American art forms and architectural styles from the colonial times to the present day. The American Art and Architecture program is aimed at grades 9 to adult and it presents an interdisciplinary approach to cultural studies, making it an effective resource not only for art curricula, but also for social studies and humanities related instruction. The material in this program focuses on American history and culture through the examination of adobe "condos" of the Southwestern Anasazi Indians to the log cabins of the earliest colonists, from Thomas Jefferson's Monticello to the Federal buildings in Washington D.C., from the iron warehouses of nineteenth century Chicago to today's post-modern skyscrapers. Painting, sculpture, folk art and photography also reflect the changing values and interests held by Americans over the past several hundred years. From the carved gravestones of the Puritans to today's abstract sculptures, from the colonial portraiture of John Singleton Copley to the abstract paintings of Jackson Pollock, American art is wide-ranging and diverse. This program helps students understand more about their surroundings, their culture and themselves.

American Art and Architecture program materials contain scripts, lists of visuals, activities and discussion topics, study guides, a glossary of terms, student work and study sheets, and more. It is affordable for $219.00 and can be purchased or ordered for review from the producer. Highly recommended.
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Date:Dec 1, 1990
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