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Alphablox unveils version 5 of business analytics platform. (BI News Review).

Business analytics software vendor Alphablox Corp has announced the fifth major release of its namesake software platform--Alphablox 5. The company offers a "Lego-like" approach to building business intelligence applications by snapping together components (called "blox").

Officials at Alphablox say that the new version offers greater flexibility for end-users and developers alike. Alphablox 5 features an extensible, DHTML See Dynamic HTML.

DHTML - Dynamic HTML
 client for enhanced personalization of the user interface and more interactive presentation of information. It also means that the clients no longer need to download a Java applet A Java program that is downloaded from the server and run from the browser. The Java Virtual Machine built into the browser is interpreting the instructions. Contrast with Java application. .

Version 5 also includes several additional Blox components: CommentBlox (detailed collaborative analysis); FormBlox (parameter-driven reporting); TimeSchemaBlox (dynamic time series analysis); MDBQueryBlox (building OLAP (OnLine Analytical Processing) Decision support software that allows the user to quickly analyze information that has been summarized into multidimensional views and hierarchies. OLAP tools are used to perform trend analysis on sales and financial information.  queries); MemberSecurityBlox (user access and authorization); and FastForward (customized reporting and analysis templates).

Other features include a more powerful calculation engine, bookmark A stored location for quick retrieval at a later date. Web browsers provide bookmarks that contain the addresses (URLs) of favorite sites. Most electronic references, large text databases and help systems provide bookmarks that mark a location users want to revisit in the future.  enhancements, support for clustering and relational connection pooling The ability to open several connections to a database and distribute those connections to the next available request for data. On the Web, connection pooling is performed to improve performance.  through application servers, and a new API for Microsoft Analysis Services Microsoft Analysis Services is a group of OLAP and Data Mining services provided in Microsoft SQL Server. History
Microsoft's foray into OLAP Server business began in 1996 with the acquisition of OLAP technology from the Israeli company, Panorama Software.
 that includes native drill-through capabilities. Alphablox 5 also enhances OLAP support for Hyperion Solutions Corp's Essbase XTD multidimensional database. Alphablox 5 is slated for delivery this month.

Separately, Alphablox also announced a new alerting capability and a revamped partner program. Alphablox's 'Enterprise Alerts' platform adds dynamic, near real-time data monitoring capabilities and can be easily integrated into the enterprise's existing IT infrastructure.

The offering is based on technology acquired from Alerts Inc at the beginning of this year. As part of an expanded partner program and network, Alphablox's Partner Solutions Group (PSG PSG,
n polysomnograph; polygraph performed during sleep. Physiological variables such as pulse, blood pressure, and respiration are monitored and charted.
) will now spearhead the company's strategic focus of jointly delivering more functional analytic solutions via consulting firms, VARs, and OEMs.
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Publication:MarketWatch: Business Intelligence
Date:Jun 19, 2003
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