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Albert Warren, 1920-2006.

After graduating from The Ohio State University Ohio State University, main campus at Columbus; land-grant and state supported; coeducational; chartered 1870, opened 1873 as Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College, renamed 1878. There are also campuses at Lima, Mansfield, Marion, and Newark.  School of Journalism in 1942 and serving in a U.S. Navy radio communications unit in the Pacific and Alaska during World War II, Al Warren joined the brand new Television Digest as a reporter in 1945, when only eight U.S. TV stations were on the air.

In 1960, Warren bought the newsletter from Walter Annenberg's Triangle Publications, which owned TV Guide and which had purchased the newsletter only two years earlier. Al reduced the staff from about 20 to two and began publishing out of his home with his wife, Peg.

Television Digest evolved into Television Digest with Consumer Electronics. Today Warren Communications News, owned by two of his sons, Paul and Dan, publishes Communications Daily ($4,295/year), Consumer Electronics Daily ($1,695), Satellite Week ($1,275), and Television & Cable Action Update ($555), among others.

Al helped found the Washington Independent Newsletter Association in 1962 (see sidebar (1) A Windows Vista desktop panel that holds mini applications (gadgets) such as a calendar, calculator, stock ticker and Vonage phone dialer. It is the Windows counterpart to the Dashboard in the Mac. See Windows Vista and gadget. ) to work for newsletter editors' being admitted to the Congressional Periodical periodical, a publication that is issued regularly. It is distinguished from the newspaper in format in that its pages are smaller and are usually bound, and it is published at weekly, monthly, quarterly, or other intervals, rather than daily.  Gallery. At the time, press credentials were limited to those publications supported by advertising.

In addition to his longtime long¬∑time ¬†
Having existed or persisted for a long time: a longtime friend; a longtime resident of Detroit.

 membership in what is now the Specialized Information Publishers Association, Al was a member of Broadcast Pioneers, Cable Pioneers, the International Radio & TV Society, the White House Correspondents Association, The Ohio State University School of Journalism Advisory Council, and the Cosmos Club The Cosmos Club is a social club founded in Washington D.C. by John Wesley Powell in 1878. Clarence Edward Dutton, Henry Smith Pritchett, William Harkness, John Shaw Billings were original members. .

One of Al's tips for success was, "Know thyself The Ancient Greek aphorism "Know yourself" (Greek: γνῶθι σεαυτόν or gnothi seauton) was inscribed in the pronaos (forecourt) of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi - according to the Greek periegetic . You simply must learn what you can and what you cannot do. And you must team up with people who can do what you cannot."
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Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Nov 30, 2006
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