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Albanian parties forgot Skopje.

The Albanian parties are more interested in Tetovo, Gostivar and Struga, forgetting Skopje, that in the 1990s was ranked as the biggest city in the world with Albanian population. In every electoral cycle, especially in local elections, Albanians do not promote their candidate who is to run as mayor of the capital. Even if they candidate someone, it is carried out formally or by bargaining with a Macedonian party. Albanian politicians and analysts say that this politics must stop and advise that the entire capacity to be directed at Skopje. Former MP Hisni Saqiri says that the entire Albanian political force should be in Skopje because all foreign embassies are located here. "Despite our appeals, all Albanian parties have their headquarters in Tetovo and besides Skopje, they have also forgotten about Kumanovo," Saqiri said. Albert Musliu on the other hand stated that the Albanians have not given up on Skopje but are localized in two municipalities in Skopje. "This phenomenon is result of the long -term strategy for dividing the Albanians," Musliu said.
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Title Annotation:Zurnal
Author:Buci, Bekim
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
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Date:Jul 11, 2012
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