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Aircraft News - Europe.

Jun 25, 2007

Supersonic Bizjets Vie For Attention In Paris Plans for two supersonic business jets are circulating at the Paris Air Show this week, a measure of how far the market has recovered from a slump after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Jun 21, 2007

Shifting alignment of magnetic north has obliged Manchester Airport to change both runway headings. Jun 18, 2007

Air France KLM, Boeing

Neither Air France nor KLM have placed orders for the Boeing 787, but insiders told this website that the Dutch carrier is interested as it looks toward replacing its MD-11s. The group also is analyzing the possibility of adding MRO capability for the 747-8. "Again, many of KLM E&M customers committed to the 747-8, so it's almost unavoidable not to extend our range with this aircraft type," he said. Regarding acquisitions, Somers said, "Yes, it is part of our growth strategy. We want to be a major player in the MRO scene, worldwide. Also, there is a customer demand for proximity and for low-cost solutions." An announcement regarding an acquisition is expected in the "near future," he revealed, and "indeed, you can assume it will not be in Europe." AFI and KLM E&M reported turnover of [euro]2.86 billion ($3.84 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, up 6.6% from the prior year. Work for third-party customers contributed 34% of the total. Jun 21, 2007

Air France, Lufthansa Technik

At Le Bourget in 2005, executives from Air France and leading maintenance, repair and overhaul specialist Lufthansa Technik signed an agreement that brought into being a company called Spairliners. With just two employees, it's probably the smallest enterprise of its kind in the industry - but it aims to pack a big punch when it comes to providing spares for the Airbus A380. Hamburg-based chief executive Jean-Luc Fattelay and chief financial officer Georg Fanta head a lean team of about a dozen people seconded from the two parent companies. Their mission, says Fattelay, is to provide Air France, Lufthansa and as many other A380 operators as they can sign up with the component support they need to keep their aircraft flying and earning. Jun 20, 2007


Airbus Edging Ahead Of Boeing In 2007 Orders. After a frenzied four days of deals at the Paris Air Show, Airbus appears to have booked enough orders to move ahead of rival Boeing in the sales race this year. Airbus sold less than half as many planes as Boeing over the first five months of the year, but a characteristic surge on its home turf at Le Bourget may have put it ahead. It is not clear how many of the highly publicized deals announced at the show will turn into firm orders to be entered in the companies' online order books, an event closely monitored by investors and analysts, but Airbus has the upper hand. According to sales chief John Leahy, Airbus has taken 405 firm plane orders at the show so far, plus another 250 or so looser sale agreements often never firmed up. Added to the Airbus tally of 201 orders at the end of May, that would edge Airbus above the 600 mark for firm orders so far this year. Jun 22, 2007


First flight target for A400M's TP400 engine slips to fourth quarter 2007. The target date for the first flight of the Europrop International (EPI) TP400-D6 turboprop has slipped into the fourth quarter of this year after the engine consortium was forced to redesign some mechanical components that encountered higher than expected loads during bench testing according to Flight Global. Jun 21, 2007


Airbus Edging Ahead Of Boeing In 2007 Orders After a frenzied four days of deals at the Paris Air Show, Airbus appears to have booked enough orders to move ahead of rival Boeing in the sales race this year. Jun 21, 2007


Airbus was close to finalizing an Indian order for A350 XWB aircraft at the Paris air show on Wednesday after securing 114 orders for a revamped design competing with the Boeing 787. Airbus is also working behind the scenes at the air show to win a reorder for more A380s from an existing Asian customer, an industry executive said. It was unclear whether a deal could be reached in time to be announced at Le Bourget. Jun 20, 2007


Airbus predicted it would exceed 600 firm orders for 2007 after bagging 219 on the first day of the Paris air show. The figure would be down from 790 net orders in 2006 when Airbus surrendered leadership of the global order race to Boeing and saw its market share fall to 43 percent, following delays in building its A380 superjumbo and redesigning the mid-sized A350. It is the first 2007 orders forecast issued by Airbus -- it usually predicts only deliveries which are forecast at 440-450 this year, leaving Airbus on top of Boeing -- but reflects the firm's growing optimism as it recovers from a shaky start. Sales chief John Leahy told reporters he expected Boeing to sell around the same number of planes this year for a total market of about 1,200 aircraft, with honors evenly split. As of now, Airbus has 420 firm orders on its books including Monday's USD$45 billion bonanza, Leahy said, putting it close to Boeing's level before the show started -- 429 orders. Jun 20, 2007


Airbus said on Tuesday it was unlikely to resume its suspended A380 freighter before 2015. "We will start it up later. Probably the middle of the next decade," Airbus sales chief John Leahy told reporters. Airbus had originally planned to build an A380 freighter soon after deliveries of the passenger version, but costly delays in the program and cancellations by customers such as United Parcel Service prompted the planemaker to temporarily shelve its freighter plans. Airbus has been hit by delays to its A380 superjumbo, which caused a dramatic slump in the 2006 profits of its parent company EADS. Jun 20, 2007


India Would Welcome Airbus Assembly PlantIndia caught Airbus off guard by trying to gauge its interest in building an assembly line on Indian soil on Wednesday, matching investment in China where Airbus plans to build jets from 2009. Jun 20, 2007


Parker Hannifin Corporation, a major turnkey supplier to the world's aerospace industry, has won a contract with Airbus to provided video monitoring equipment for the new A380 super jumbo. Controlled by a panel duplicated for both the cockpit crew and cabin services manager, up to 100 cameras will be positioned on the aircraft enabling a very high degree of passenger monitoring. The system allows for the images to be shared on an IFE (In Flight Entertainment) system and also on the ground via a SATCOM link. Jun 20, 2007


Airbus John Leahy, the sales chief said that Airbus expected sales of its A330 and A340 planes to exceed the record level reached in 2006. Leahy added that Airbus had 420 firm orders so far this year. Airbus has been hit by delays to its A380 superjumbo, which caused a dramatic slump in the 2006 profits of its parent company EADS. Jun 19, 2007


Airbus's record haul of 339 plane orders or commitments on Monday, exceeding an air show peak seen in 2005, includes 219 firm orders and 120 provisional ones worth a total USD$45.7 billion at list prices, the European firm said on Monday. Airbus is battling to close the gap on Boeing after initially misjudging demand for twin-jet airliners like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which is due to enter service next year and has already attracted customers for almost 600 jets. Jun 19, 2007


A350 Design Frozen, Optimization Now - ILFC International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) Chief Executive Steven Udvar-Hazy said on Tuesday that Airbus had frozen the basic design of its A350 model but he expected the plane maker to continue to optimize it. Jun 19, 2007

Airbus, Boeing

So far, Boeing is five years ahead of Airbus in terms of development and dominates sales in the segment with nearly 600 orders. But Boeing's initial success in selling the 787, it is sold out until 2013, has restored the balance between the two planemakers for potential customers prepared to wait until the A350 enters service from that year. Airbus is resisting pressure from at least one of its customers, major aircraft leasing firm ILFC, to change the way it builds fuselages after Boeing opted for new technology allowing it to build the tube out of composite barrels, reducing parts. The European planemaker says it will build the A350 out of similar lightweight composite materials but keep them shaped in traditional panels riveted to an aluminum and titanium frame. Jun 18, 2007

Airbus, Bombardier

Canadian aircraft maker Bombardier is in talks with Airbus to supply parts such as fuselage and wings for the European group's new A350 jet, the head of its aerospace division told a French newspaper. "We would like to be suppliers of this (A350) program," Bombardier Aerospace President and Chief Operating Officer Pierre Beaudoin told La Tribune in an interview published on Wednesday. Beaudoin said Bombardier has been working with Airbus for about 10 years and its plant in Belfast, with 5,000 staff, was already supplying nacelles and other parts for the A320. The Canadian company is also a parts provider for the A330 and A340. Jun 20, 2007

Airbus, International Lease Finance Corporation, Rolls-Royce

International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) Chief Executive Steven Udvar-Hazy said on Tuesday that Airbus had frozen the basic design of its A350 model but he expected the plane maker to continue to optimize it. "I think the basic configuration is fixed and frozen but I think there is some optimization going on in the design and I think that will continue," Udvar-Hazy said at the Paris air show. "The engine is a big question" he said, referring to the fact GE Aviation was unwilling to offer an engine for the largest of the three versions, the A350-1000. Only Rolls-Royce is offering engines for the A350 currently. He also said the largest version of the plane would have "some different gear, engine and wing strengths" compared to the other two versions. "There will be some differences." ILFC is the world's largest aircraft lessor by fleet value and one of the largest buyers of wide-bodied planes. Jun 20, 2007

Airbus, OnAir

Airbus announced that EASA has certified OnAir, the onboard mobile phone and communications system it has developed in partnership with SITA. "The EASA airworthiness certification comes after successful tests were carried out by Airbus earlier this year and confirms the GSM onboard system's compatibility in the aircraft environment," the company said, adding that the OnAir service initially will be available on single-aisle aircraft operating short-haul flights in Western Europe. Jun 21, 2007

Airbus, TAP Portugal

TAP Portugal is negotiating with Airbus regarding its order for 15 A350s, President and CEO Fernando Pinto said at the Paris Air Show. The Portuguese carrier was one of the first to commit to the aircraft when it placed an order for 10 plus five options in November 2005 . Deliveries were scheduled to begin in 2013. "The 'old' version worked for us," Pinto revealed. "The XWB is a very different aircraft. We have to review if it fits in our fleet. We have to analyze, or better re-analyze, everything." He stressed that no decision has been made on whether to cancel the existing order or replace it with a commitment to the XWB. "The 'new' A350 might have some advantages over the 'old' one," he noted. "Yet it is also bigger. Maybe we don't need that. We will see." Jun 19, 2007

Boeing, Air France KLM

Boeing said it has won an order for 16 planes from Air France KLM worth a total of USD$2.7 billion at list prices. Air France ordered nine of Boeing's wide-bodied 777-300ER aircraft and took options on a further nine. The planes are being used to replace Air France's larger 747-400s. Air France already has a fleet of 46 777s and now has a total of 14 on order. General Electric is to supply the engines on the 777s, in a deal it said it was worth USD$450 million at list prices. At the same time KLM ordered seven of Boeing's single-aisle 737-700 planes. Both orders were already registered in Boeing's tally of firm orders, attributed to unidentified customers. Jun 20, 2007

Dassault Aviation, NetJets Europe

NetJets Europe is to upgrade its fleet of eight Dassault Falcon 2000EX business jets to the LX model in an effort to "create a better performing and more fuel-efficient fleet", says the operator. Work will begin at the end of the year to retrofit the aircraft with the new aerodynamic wing and Aviation Partners blended winglets. The LX is developed from the 2000EX, which it will replace in service in 2010. It can fly an extra 370km (200nm) - up to 7,400km - and climb to 41,000ft (12,500m) in 18min. The blended winglets are designed to reduce drag by up to 5%, at Mach 0.80, increasing range and cutting fuel consumption. NetJets Europe is Dassault's largest customer on the continent operating a fleet of 17 Falcon jets. In September 2006 the company signed the largest jet order in European history for 24 Falcon 7X business jets valued at $1.1 billion. Jun 21, 2007

EasyJet, Airbus

EasyJet is set to order about 35 Airbus A319 single-aisle aircraft in a deal worth USD$2.4 billion at list prices, industry sources said on Thursday. The deal is expected to be announced towards the end of the Paris air show, they said. Airbus declined comment. EasyJet could not immediately be reached for comment. Jun 21, 2007

Flybe, Bombardier, Embraer, BAE Systems

Flybe is looking to differentiate itself from airlines offering only a carbon offset program with a new "ecolabel" system that grades the environmental impact of each flight based on emissions, noise level and fuel use. The ratings will be available to each passenger on every Flybe flight. The UK-based LCC said it believes customers can be swayed to travel with eco-friendly companies. Newer aircraft like the Bombardier DHC-8-Q400 or Embraer E-195 receive marks in the A/B range while older BAe 146s, which will be replaced next year, receive a D, Flybe CCO Mike Rutter said. The carrier also participates in a carbon offset program. Over the past several years it has invested some $2 billion to ensure it operates a low-emission, fuel-efficient fleet, Rutter said yesterday at the Paris Air Show, adding that a recent UK survey revealed that some 22% of travelers would take environmental issues into account when selecting an airline. Jun 20, 2007

Flystar, Astraeus, Boeing

Flystar Astraeus has a fleet of four Boeing 757-200s and two Boeing 737-700s. Chairman is Brad Burgess formerly of City Flyer Express and managing director is Hugh Parry who, in his time, was chief executive of British World Airlines. The London Gatwick-based airline established in 2002. Jun 22, 2007

KLM Engineering, Boeing

KLM Engineering & Maintenance Executive VP Peter Somers said at the Paris Air Show that Air France Industries and KLM M&E intend to increase their collective profile among the world's largest MRO providers and narrow the gap with Lufthansa Technik through both the addition of new capabilities and acquisitions. "Several of KLM M&E's present customers and/or KLM alliance partners, such as Northwest Airlines and Kenya Airways, have ordered the Dreamliner and they have approached us to see if can support them. We have presented a business case [to the board] supporting the addition of Boeing 787 capability," Somers said. Jun 21, 2007

London City, Embraer

London City's future appears assured with news from the Paris Air Show that the Embraer 170 has been certificated for the steep approached pattern required at the airport. Aircraft normally approach an airport at an angle of 3 degrees, but due to London City's closeness to built-up area's it was agreed when the airport was approved in 1986 that a 5 degree glidescope be used in order to keep noise to a minimum. With the Bombardier DHC-8-Q400 series already operating at LCY, Airbus working towards approval for the A318, and now Embraer making the breakthrough, operators will for the future have a choice of aircraft in the 70 to 100 seat range. Presently only the BAe146 Avro series of the regional jets has certification, but that is out of production, while the lack of alternative aircraft types has been a cause for concern by the airport management. The BAe 146 however, is likely to be around for many years as the four-engined aircraft can carry up to 110 passengers. Jun 19, 2007

Rolls Royce, Airbus, China Eastern Airlines

Rolls Royce said it had won a USD$260 million share of a deal for International Aero Engines (IAE) to sell engines to China Eastern Airlines. The deal involves V2500 engines to power 30 Airbus twin-engined A320 series aircraft, Rolls said in a news release. IAE is a multinational firm which includes Rolls, Pratt & Whitney, Japanese Aero Engines and Germany's MTU Aero Engines. Jun 19, 2007

Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Avianca, Aeroflot, AerCap

Rolls-Royce said that its Trent engine had been selected by Avianca, Aeroflot and lease company AerCap. Colombian national airline Avianca has chosen the Trent to power up to 30 jets in a deal worth up to USD$1.1 billion at list prices. Rolls-Royce said under the deal, its first for the Trent engine in Latin America, it would also provide 10 years of support for the engines. Aeroflot selected the Trent to power the Russian airline's new fleet of 10 leased Airbus planes in a deal worth around USD$600 million. Rolls-Royce said the deal was the first for its Trent engine in Russia and included a long-term service agreement. Dutch aircraft leasing company AerCap has ordered Trents to power 10 firm Airbus A330 plane orders and three options. Deliveries of the aircraft are due to begin in 2009. Jun 20, 2007

Rolls-Royce, Alenia Aeronautica, Boeing

Rolls-Royce said it had won an order worth more than USD$500 million to supply engines for cargo planes for the US Army and US Air Force. The deal involves up to 180 engines for an initial 78 of the C-27J plane being produced by a team including L-3, Italy's Alenia Aeronautica and Boeing. The US military have said the Joint Cargo Aircraft program may involve up to 145 planes. Jun 20, 2007

Swiss European, BAE Systems

Swiss European is further standardizing its aircraft fleet by disposing of its four Avro RJ85s. One of these aircraft has already been withdrawn; and from November onwards, Swiss European will operate an all BAE Systems Avro RJ100 fleet. The standardization will allow Swiss European to further simplify its processes and lower its unit costs. The departing Avro RJ85s are also the oldest aircraft in the present Swiss European fleet. Swiss European is a brand of Swiss International Air Linbes. Jun 22, 2007

Terra Firma, AWAS, Airbus, Boeing, Pegasus Aviation Finance

Terra Firma and AWAS completed their acquisition of Pegasus Aviation Finance of San Francisco, which was announced last month. The combination will create the world's third-largest aircraft lessor, AWAS said. The new company owns 223 aircraft valued at more than $5.5 billion and has an additional 101 aircraft under management and on lease to more than 120 customers. It has $2.2 billion worth of orders in place with Airbus and Boeing. Jun 18, 2007

Thai Airways, Rolls-Royce, Airbus

Rolls-Royce reached a 10-year TotalCare services contract with Thai Airways covering the Trent 500s on 10 Airbus A340s. Jun 18, 2007


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