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Home Health Leaders Applaud Bipartisan Measure to Extend Care for Chronically Ill Seniors. Apr 23, 2015 590
Kuwait keen on improving healthcare services for elderly -- Al-Tammar. Apr 23, 2015 111
Unique Model of Home Care and Other Services for Seniors in Philadelphia. Apr 23, 2015 438
Open day to promote elderly care nursing roles. Apr 22, 2015 156
Making and porting home meals to the elderly in the city of loos. Apr 22, 2015 114
Preparation and cold lead in meal delivery for ccas home and restaurant for the elderly at home. Apr 22, 2015 383
MAN STOLE PS20,000 FROM ELDERLY DAD; Gambler spared jail sentence because of diabetes condition. Apr 21, 2015 477
Administrative long lease and provisioning agreement for the realization, in command of private work, housing a home for the elderly. Apr 21, 2015 403
Home care service aimed at the elderly, disabled, frail adults and families with children in need. 1.10.2015-30.9.2018 period. cig 6202905f1f. Apr 21, 2015 243
The Newcastle Hospitals have a team of Community Cardiology Nurses who look after patients with a range of heart conditions closer to home. Did you know Heart failure affects about 900,000 people in the UK. The condition can affect people of all ages, but it is more common in older people - more than half of all people with heart failure are over the age of 75. Apr 20, 2015 331
Administration of gentofte municipalitys public housing and housing for the elderly. Apr 19, 2015 151
Seniors. Apr 19, 2015 207
Confection and cold link meal delivery to the school restaurant, recreation centers and seniors in the city of genay. Apr 18, 2015 173
School meal service at the primary school, secondary 1st grade and infancy of tarvisio and providing meals for the elderly and incapacitated from july 2014 to june 2020. Apr 18, 2015 205
Outrage at elderly man sleeping on hospital floor. Apr 18, 2015 321
PS9m project to give elderly secure living; 72-APARTMENT DEVELOPMENT WILL INCLUDE RESTAURANT AND CINEMA. Apr 18, 2015 359
Establishment of a regular service to transport seniors. Apr 18, 2015 142
Cold lead in providing meals for school catering, independent seniors and early childhood pole of the multi-structure home town bourget-du-lac. Apr 18, 2015 186
Organizing Committee of the 13th UN Congress on Crime Prevention: Qatar's Aunek Service Protects Elderly, Disabled. Apr 15, 2015 472
AARP NY Statement on Key Votes by Senators Schumer and Gillibrand on Medicare "Seniors' Amendment". Apr 15, 2015 683
Supply of disposables for the elderly. Apr 15, 2015 176
Senior citizens' welfare law in the offing. Apr 15, 2015 516
New construction elderly kv. cheering supporters 1, norrkoping. Apr 14, 2015 127
Razzaq slams Waqar for neglecting seniors. Apr 14, 2015 179
Electronic Caregiver Company's Health Innovations Promise to Excite Smart Phone Adoption by Seniors! Apr 14, 2015 1056
Minister opens club for elderly. Apr 13, 2015 101
FNC member calls for senior citizens' welfare law. Apr 13, 2015 590
'I didn't want to see people in a worse state than me' David Mills was just 54 when he first noticed the symptoms of Parkinson's, a disease that normally affects much older people. Apr 9, 2015 1098
Mum jailed for 'pitiless' theft from elderly man. Apr 9, 2015 226
Walking catering. manufacture and delivery of meals and snacks cold lead for school / alsh / infancy multi-in centers making meals for the elderly of the residence "the saulnes" with cleaning and maki. Apr 8, 2015 194
Works contracts for the construction of a shelter for the dependent elderly (nursing homes) of 94 beds in epinal. Apr 8, 2015 348
Expectations of the management of the service of integrated home care for the elderly dependents in the municipalities of the district municipality of catania, city of misterbianco, motta santa anasta. Apr 8, 2015 431
Aging Adults Free Seminar May 14, 2015. Apr 8, 2015 346
Care for the elderly. Apr 8, 2015 488
Patronising view of elderly population; FEEDBACK. Apr 6, 2015 123
Painting services for the elderly korschenbroich house, remodeling the entire plant. Apr 4, 2015 294
Services market for the cleaning of the premises of the medical and social pole elderly asfa. Apr 4, 2015 124
Providing meals cold transfer school restaurants municipal creches - on home to institutions for the elderly - to carry home service - a space -groupement animation controls. Apr 4, 2015 249
School catering market, multi-host, elderly. Apr 4, 2015 146
Urgent care for older adults. Apr 4, 2015 255
Dispensing to older adults. Bates, Sally Apr 4, 2015 2515
Estricharbeiten for seniors korschenbroich house, remodeling the entire plant. Apr 3, 2015 289
SOL Block Beds (Residential and Nursing Care for Older People and Older People with Dementia). Apr 3, 2015 189
Look Who's Attending NY/Tri-State Healthcare Real Estate & Seniors Housing Conference on April 9. Conference news Apr 2, 2015 1106
Bac copenhagen, department fE[sup.1]lager - nursing and elderly homes for the blind and visually impaired. Apr 2, 2015 197
Passenger transport (lammi, tuulos, hauho), school and pre-school transportation, the elderly and people with disabilities, as well as day-time transport service traffic. Apr 2, 2015 339
Seniors Find Fitness Program Their Fountain of Youth at The Palace Coral Gables. Apr 1, 2015 485
Older adults and integrated health settings: opportunities and challenges for mental health counselors. Goldsmith, Jill S.; Kurpius, Sharon E. Robinson Report Apr 1, 2015 7040
When Doctors' Orders Are to Adopt a Pet: New Report Calls for Creative Solutions to Help Senior Citizens' Benefit From Pet Ownership. Mar 31, 2015 808
When Doctors' Orders Are to Adopt a Pet: New Report Calls for Creative Solutions to Help Senior Citizens' Benefit From Pet Ownership. Mar 31, 2015 813
Partnership offers reassurance calls to elderly. Mar 30, 2015 235
Half of Older Workers Who Were Unemployed in Last Five Years Jobless Today, According to AARP Survey. Mar 30, 2015 1041
Magline Helps Manufacturers Face Aging Workforce and Implications for Productivity and Safety. Mar 28, 2015 506
Negotiated contract for project management for the rehabilitation of 50 avenue du clos building palaces seniors. Mar 28, 2015 133
Architectural Consultancy Services For The Project Of Construction Of Studio Apartments For Senior Citizens. Mar 28, 2015 134
Catering service for residential and semi-residential for elderly brescia solidary foundation onlus. Mar 28, 2015 115
Paxton seniors planning trip to Beacon Hill. Mar 27, 2015 206
Mapa article 30: restoration and ccas town of sainte-foy-les-lyon. lot 1 school meals city recreation center (kangaroos and the valley sorcerers) - lot 2 ccas: catering residence elderly. Mar 27, 2015 332
Older people helped. Mar 27, 2015 120
Providing a remote device for home help services for the elderly and / or disabled in the seine-maritime department. Mar 26, 2015 201
Elderly housing situation- possibilities and instruments. Mar 26, 2015 421
Corries up to third after victory over Cwmaman Institute; Cardiff & District Seniors. Mar 25, 2015 317
Seniors deserve the best level of home care. Mar 24, 2015 212
Bidding to bring cheer to elderly. Mar 24, 2015 600
Seniors Wireless Unveils The First Telemedicine Service For 24/7 Access To A Doctor For $1/day. Mar 24, 2015 842
Concession for the management of secure residence with hold function frugone busalla and adjoining day center for the elderly and a home care service interventions for frail elderly waiting for input. Mar 24, 2015 199
Global supply of food to the public company for personal services "home for the elderly" of cividale del friuli (ud). cig 6175196cef period 1.8.2015-31.7.2018. Mar 24, 2015 241
Health authorities connect to the world of the elderly. Mar 23, 2015 419
Seniors. Mar 22, 2015 233
DHA takes health services to homes of elderly. Mar 22, 2015 366
Oman students blow the bugle for welfare of elderly citizens. Mar 22, 2015 308
The implementation of equipment as part of the bottom and redevelopment of levels 1 and 2 of the institution for the elderly (epa) "the malmont" and the construction of a palliative care unit (usp). Mar 21, 2015 210
Bronx Nursing Home, Gold Crest Care Center, Offers Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors. Mar 20, 2015 610
2 Assabet Valley seniors accepted to Penn State. Mar 20, 2015 297
Over 50 not over the hill. Mar 19, 2015 337
Boca Seniors burst Sporting's bubble; FIVE-A-SIDE FOOTY. Mar 19, 2015 340
Information request: rovaniemi city elderly hour service. Mar 19, 2015 358
Arrangement for receiving power connection from NTESCL Pillar Box to community building at Senior Citizen Park in Action Area - IB, New Town under WBHIDCO. Mar 19, 2015 104
Organization of shifts of living for older people in the locality of sea, mountain and lake. Mar 19, 2015 258 Protects Seniors and Loved Ones from Unethical Financial Advisors. Mar 18, 2015 628
Making every day worth while for our elderly folk in care. Mar 18, 2015 1130
Supply of Refrigerator, Full functional Elderly Nursing Manikin, LCD Projector. Mar 18, 2015 132
Bus service cut is blow to elderly. Mar 17, 2015 664
Making every day worth while for our elderly folk in care. Mar 16, 2015 1004
Older people set to get freedom from annuities. Mar 16, 2015 617
Westerners, seniors most likely to conserve water. Mar 16, 2015 673
New Home Elderly 2 in Bellinzona - Execution of substrates. Mar 14, 2015 154
Supply and delivery of food for the city of beaugency and residential home for the elderly. Mar 14, 2015 328
Walking order service: school meals, recreation centers and multi-in centers and the elderly of the residence and snacks for children schools, recreation centers and day care stops. Mar 14, 2015 383
The execution of a regular, punctual and event service road public transport to the attention of students, young people and their carers, and the elderly. Mar 14, 2015 206
Elderly man lauded for braving disability as he crawls to mosque. Mar 13, 2015 199
Smartwatch CEO at SXSW 2015: Seniors don't want ugly tech that screams 'I've fallen, and I can't get up'. Mar 12, 2015 525
Procurement of food service for the elderly guests of the service center fermo sisto zerbato. Mar 12, 2015 134
Privatisation fears over council bid to cut elderly care costs. Mar 12, 2015 506
Heartless woman stole PS18k from elderly parents; MONEY TAKEN WHILE SHE WAS CARING FOR THEM. Mar 12, 2015 585
UK facing labour skills shortage; In Brief. Mar 12, 2015 184
American Seniors Association Notice of Special Shareholder Meeting. Mar 11, 2015 425
Making and serving meals to housing seniors home "the golden wheats" of saint sylvain d~anjou. Mar 11, 2015 173
Recruitment of a project management team to build a seniors residence, comprising 62 local associations and collective housing for rental. Mar 11, 2015 237
Management of the school and extracurricular restoration of the city of sainghin-en-weppes and making meals for home delivery of the elderly. Mar 11, 2015 233
Organization-holiday stays for seniors - 2016 and 2017. Mar 11, 2015 254
Senior Citizens Housing Project. Mar 11, 2015 137
'Hero' neighbour praised after putting out elderly man's fire. Mar 11, 2015 190
Food parcels constitution year-end for the benefit of the elderly - 2015. Mar 10, 2015 192
New Home for the Elderly 2 in Bellinzona - Works carpenter-interior doors. Mar 9, 2015 251
New Home for the elderly in Bellinzona 2 - Works Glaziers. Mar 9, 2015 149
GCC committed to providing health care for elderly - Dr. Al-Duwairi. Mar 8, 2015 260
New taxes should pay for elderly care, say Greens. Mar 7, 2015 251
HERO TD SAVES ELDERLY LADY FROM MUGGER; Dooley chases bag thug. Mar 7, 2015 339
Bad breaks that can blight the elderly. Mar 7, 2015 102
RESPECT OUR ELDERLY Cruel carers 'called dementia gran a witch' 'Sickening' incident filmed by secret camera. Mar 7, 2015 235
L'Algerie representee par les seniors dames et hommes, les juniors garcons et une junior. Mar 6, 2015 372
Roofer 'intimidated elderly women'. Mar 4, 2015 227
United States : AT&T Providing Connectivity for Philips GoSafe Mobile Medical Alert System, Empowering United States Seniors to be Connected to Emergency Care On-the-Go. Mar 4, 2015 372
UnaliWear's Wearable For Seniors Extends Independence With Advanced Technology. Mar 3, 2015 607
Home care service associate - relief for elderly non-self-sufficient in adi not residing in the area. Mar 3, 2015 135
Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe: MUSHA MUKADZI announces Free Cataract Surgery for the Poor Elderly. Mar 3, 2015 189
GENDOWL: Policies to extend working life: implications for gender, ageing and precarious work. Mar 2, 2015 324
iPad For Seniors For Dummies. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 136
Cocoa flavanols for the brain ... and more. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 312
The workforce challenge: more older workers in the workplace will force employers to rethink safety, shift work and even how they form employee teams. Green, Meg Mar 1, 2015 1095
More elderly go hungry. Mendoza, Gilberto Mar 1, 2015 397
APHA gives support to Older Americans Act. Wahowiak, Lindsey Mar 1, 2015 155
Heat illnesses hit men, seniors worst. Krisberg, Kim Brief article Mar 1, 2015 204
More falls reported among US seniors. Krisberg, Kim Brief article Mar 1, 2015 127
Aged care: celebrating caregivers. Mar 1, 2015 377
A growing market affordable senior housing: when care and assistance is needed, where can low-income seniors go? Hewitt, Maureen Mar 1, 2015 1283
Japanese robot firm develops health-measurement device for elderly. Feb 28, 2015 250
Seamus is a hero to us for his vision, dedication and endless volunteering; Grandad behind elderly respite centre praised for tireless community work. Feb 28, 2015 983
General planning new housing complex for senior citizens in frankfurt am main. Feb 28, 2015 290
Plight of our elderly; FEEDBACK. Feb 27, 2015 128
Close House is the perfect fit for Seniors; THE INTERVIEW: Graham Wylie Hosting a major Seniors event is a sign that Tyneside's Close House is developing as owner Graham Wylie would like. He hopes June's tournament can help him develop his golf too, he tells STUART RAYNER. Feb 25, 2015 1041
Elderly voted to support young. Feb 25, 2015 156
Need stressed for legislation on senior citizens' rights. Feb 25, 2015 241
Life in the balance; Programs for seniors focus on preventing falls, maintaining independence. Greenslit, Dave Feb 25, 2015 848
European Patient Handling Equipment Market by Product (Wheelchair, Scooters, Bathroom Safety Supply, Mechanical, Ambulatory), by Type of Care (Bariatric, Critical, Wound, Fall), by Accessories (Lifting, Transfer), by End User (Hospital, Elderly) - Forecas. Feb 25, 2015 528
Construction of 123 housing units for students, young professionals, seniors and an associative restaurant. Feb 25, 2015 114
Supply and delivery of food for the restaurant of the residence of the elderly "moracchini". Feb 24, 2015 332
Weather takes toll on homebound seniors. Shekhtman, Lonnie Feb 23, 2015 898
Seniors. Feb 22, 2015 181
Show respect to the elderly; FEEDBACK. Feb 21, 2015 259
Local help for the elderly. Feb 21, 2015 446
Elderly fears delay homes plan for derelict site. Feb 21, 2015 158
Rams seniors set to run 2; Eying success at All-States. Feb 21, 2015 1344
UNDERSTANDING YOUR RELATIVE'S NEEDS; Local help for the elderly. Feb 19, 2015 328
Adaptive Computer Program Lowers Use of Psychotropic Drugs in Seniors. Feb 19, 2015 1138
Creating the interior of housing for seniors accommodation. Feb 19, 2015 172
Preparation and delivery of park / healing gardens at the library nursing homes, where the elderly and people with dementia can get good recreation by experiencing closeness to nature. Feb 19, 2015 395
Preparation and delivery of park / healing gardens at the library nursing homes, where the elderly and people with dementia can get good recreation by experiencing closeness to nature. Feb 18, 2015 396
Smile for seniors (EUsmev pro seniory). Feb 18, 2015 348
Philippines : Solon wants gov't to provide service program for visually impaired senior citizens. Feb 18, 2015 441
Warning over 'cowboy' builders targeting elderly. Feb 17, 2015 258
BEHIND / THE MASK; Staff don disguise to help students handle emergencies with elderly. Feb 17, 2015 793
Bank worker raided PS20k from elderly customers. Feb 17, 2015 170
Senior Citizens Get More Plastic Surgery Procedures, Particularly Tummy Tucks, Given Improving Economy. Feb 17, 2015 265
Confection and cold link meal delivery for ccas home and restaurant for the elderly at home. Feb 17, 2015 266
Hospital bed sores claim by care home; Elderly residents 'returned to nursing home in deteriorating health'. Feb 16, 2015 831
As State Ages, Families Face Caring for Elderly. Feb 15, 2015 1122
Providing made boxes of gourmet products for christmas gifts seniors in the city of levallois. Feb 14, 2015 161
Berlin Lions Club hosts seniors. Feb 13, 2015 194
Colonials complete their playoff mission; Seniors ready for the first postseason taste of their careers. Setterlund, Carl Feb 13, 2015 667
160 ELDERLY ABANDONED IN HOSPITAL; HSE boss reveals pensioner waiting lists crisis is deepening despite [euro]25m injection. Feb 13, 2015 533
Carmelites seek to balance ministries, care for their elderly. Evans, Elizabeth Eisenstadt Feb 13, 2015 653
Elderly found care homes by 'eBay auction'. Feb 12, 2015 500
Capitol Seniors Housing Announces Four New Communities To Open in 2015. Feb 12, 2015 974
Italy : Blank Rome's kendra norwood appointed to inaugural class of legal counsel for the elderly's young lawyers alliance. Feb 12, 2015 137
Weather warning for elderly care. Feb 11, 2015 318
Arsenal U21s off to flying start as seniors romp past Joga. Feb 11, 2015 263
New Lifestyles and Alternatives for Seniors Join Forces in SF Bay and San Diego. Feb 11, 2015 781
Healthcare Real Estate & Seniors Housing Conference -- Hear 40+ Speakers; Join 350+ on March 3 at "Northern California Healthcare Real Estate Summit". Conference news Feb 11, 2015 1167
Elderly care auctioned in 'eBay style'. Feb 10, 2015 132
Better Alerts Launches New App Offering Increased Independence to Seniors. Feb 10, 2015 623
United States : Cigna Foundation Grants $60,000 to Three Nashville Non-profits to Develop Important Health Programs for Seniors. Feb 10, 2015 426
Debate will discuss elderly scam victims. Feb 9, 2015 173
Investment in oral health of older people. Feb 9, 2015 155
Pharmacists: Bill Would Expand Seniors' Access to Lower Drug Copays. Feb 9, 2015 779
Social Services for the Elderly Baita House. Feb 9, 2015 170
Screwed by seniors: the people expected to pay for Social Security and Medicare can't afford it. de Rugy, Veronique Feb 8, 2015 1006
March to protest cuts in service for older people. Feb 7, 2015 496
COPS PROBE 700 CARE HOME ABUSE CLAIMS; Sex assaults on elderly fears; TD is handed damning dossier; EXCLUSIVE. Feb 7, 2015 454
Supplying and erecting gym equipment at gymnasium hall on senior citizen club, shashtri road, bardoli. Feb 7, 2015 126
Const.Of senior citizen centre in t.P.S.No.19(katargam) f.P.No.186 in north zone (katargam), surat. Feb 7, 2015 150
Service organization of climatic stays for the elderly by 2015, divided into 14 lots. Feb 7, 2015 195
Custody of food services at the hotel ra for seniors~ ex onpi. ". Feb 7, 2015 148
Elderly and disabled may be 'left stranded' after bus service cuts. Feb 6, 2015 388
Senior Advocate Sounds Off on Sex, Seniors and STDs. Feb 6, 2015 586
Salam receives Bahraini, Saudi seniors in Munich. Feb 6, 2015 133
Bogus caller cards to beat elderly crime. Feb 5, 2015 102
Success follows Nashoba seniors. Feb 5, 2015 1147
United States : UnitedHealthcare Launches "Becoming Dr. You" Course to Help Older Adults Live Happier, Healthier Lives. Feb 4, 2015 444
United States : UnitedHealthcare Launches Becoming Dr. You Course to Help Older Adults Live Happier, Healthier Lives. Feb 3, 2015 444
Suspended sentence for door-to-door trader who 'bullied elderly customers'. Feb 3, 2015 209
Operation and social services in social welfare institution for the elderly and low-threshold facilities for children and youth in odr?ch. Feb 3, 2015 276
Seniors: Don't Be Blinded by Old Notions of Eye Disease. Disease/Disorder overview Feb 2, 2015 1303
BIOCOG: Biomarker Development for Postoperative Cognitive Impairment in the Elderly. Feb 2, 2015 310
Introduction of emergency care services for the elderly (LAN distribution and technology dispatching). Feb 1, 2015 220
Education and Training in Supporting Frail Elderly People. Feb 1, 2015 130
RNs needed for safe effective aged care. Feb 1, 2015 501
Older workers hardest hit. Feb 1, 2015 686
Remembering them: pastoral care among Quebec's senior citizens. Theofanos, Kosta Feb 1, 2015 589
Rates of older women in the workforce increasing. Brief article Feb 1, 2015 324
Depressive symptoms in community-dwelling persons aged [greater than or equal to] 60 years in Inanda, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu in eThekwini, KwaZulu-Natal. Narainsamy, J.; Chipps, J.; Cassim, B. Report Feb 1, 2015 4782
Be a good neighbour to elderly. Jan 31, 2015 118
Health boss says elderly need extra help in cold. Jan 31, 2015 160
Older Adults: Double Your Protein to Build More Muscle. Jan 31, 2015 636
Seniors formed snow brigade. Letter to the editor Jan 31, 2015 128
Second warning to 'not caring or safe' home for elderly. Jan 30, 2015 397
Concession for the management of the residential center for elderly "in carradorini[beaucoup plus grand que] mondolfo. Jan 30, 2015 399
Canada : Ontario Seniors Community Grants Accepting Applications. Jan 29, 2015 282
United States : MassMutual Updates Worksite Disability Coverage to Meet the Needs of America s Aging Workforce. Jan 29, 2015 399
New scheme will help elderly to be independent. Jan 29, 2015 169
Transportation to and from a range of activities for seniors Vest. Jan 29, 2015 145
MassMutual Updates Worksite Disability Coverage to Meet the Needs of America's Aging Workforce. Jan 28, 2015 1153
Development, Investment, Finance Strategies for Healthcare Real Estate and Seniors Housing in San Francisco, San Jose & Emerging Bay Area Markets: Join Ventas, PMB, Bayside Realty Partners & More. Jan 28, 2015 821
Older Persons Independent Living Development at the Gaer, Newport, South Wales. Jan 28, 2015 102
Transportation to and from a range of activities for seniors Vest. Jan 28, 2015 143
Older Baby Boomers More Engaged at Work Than Younger Boomers. Survey Jan 27, 2015 1008
Seniors. Jan 25, 2015 153
Priming the elderly for flu vaccination: transplant antirejection drug improves antibody production. Seppa, Nathan Jan 24, 2015 407
Concerned about cocoa. Brief article Jan 24, 2015 252
Traveller con gang is facing the boot from Oz; Elderly paid out fortune for shoddy home repairs. Jan 24, 2015 320
Disposable products for the treatment of incontinence and products for personal care of elderly and disabled adult. Jan 24, 2015 214
Supplementary service home care aimed at the elderly, children, disabled and families in social distress and promoting welfare elderly. Jan 24, 2015 174
New Analysis: 81 Percent of Medicare Part D Seniors Choose "Preferred Pharmacy" Plans in 2015. Jan 23, 2015 532
Enjoy an Evening of "Magical Moments" with Dinner at the Lemont and Make a Difference for Needy Kids and Seniors - Annual Salvation Army and WTAE-TV's Project Bundle-Up Auction Kick-Off Dinner Slated. Jan 22, 2015 506
Elderly deserve to be treated decently. Jan 22, 2015 325
How older people can make strides in getting fitter for 2015. Jan 21, 2015 829
Elderly warning as cold snap set to stay for another week. Jan 19, 2015 607
'Keep an eye on the elderly' warning in big freeze. Jan 19, 2015 798
Caring for the elderly? I had 15 MINUTES to look after each frail OAP ...they deserve more than that; INVESTIGATES CRISIS IN HOMECARE SYSTEM; WHISTLEBLOWER CONDEMNS LACK OF TIME FOR PATIENTS... AND BOSS AGREES. Jan 18, 2015 1225
Caring for the elderly? I had 15 MINUTES to look after each frail OAP ...they deserve more than that; INVESTIGA ATES CRISIS IN HOMECARE SYSTEM; WHISTLEBLOWER CONDEMNS LACK OF TIME FOR PATIENTS... AND BOSS AGREES. Jan 18, 2015 1225
Community housing for elderly gesturi. Jan 17, 2015 214
Works contract for the construction of a shelter for the dependent elderly (nursing homes) in romainville (93230). Jan 16, 2015 205
Chill factor's a risk for elderly. Editorial Jan 15, 2015 113
Elderly who stay in home can become a nightmare for family. Jan 14, 2015 467
Loathsome drug addict stole from woman, 101; Thief, 42, targeted vulnerable and elderly victims. Jan 13, 2015 604
Transportation of living elderly. Jan 11, 2015 143
The CareGiver Partnership: 5 Ways to Keep the Elderly Safe in Extreme Winter Weather. Jan 9, 2015 581
Drug use grows among woman, upper classes and older people. Jan 9, 2015 834
Construction of senior citizen centre. Jan 7, 2015 151
Supporting the Quality of Life of Vulnerable Senior Citizens in the Metropolitan Project in Uruguay. Jan 7, 2015 130
New National Coalition Forms to Advocate Exclusively for America's Independent Long Term Care Pharmacies, Interests of Vulnerable Seniors. Jan 7, 2015 811
Healthy walk can turn hazardous for older people. Brody, Jane E. Jan 7, 2015 1037
Young People Lift The Spirits of Older Adults One Valentine's Day Card at a Time. Jan 6, 2015 998
Scheme for 72 apartments for elderly revealed; Complex on site of former maisonettes first stage in town centre regeneration. Jan 6, 2015 370
Youth of Jumgal district helps local orphans, lonely seniors. Jan 5, 2015 113
Integrated procurement assistance, hygiene and other auxiliary services at the home of living for the elderly. Jan 4, 2015 102
187,000 axed from elderly meal service. Jan 3, 2015 103
Provide them to run and accompanying reservation for disabled and elderly dependents concerning access. Jan 2, 2015 121
Help for lonely at the end of the line; FORMER LIFEBOATMAN URGES ELDERLY TO GIVE CHARITY A CALL. Jan 1, 2015 515
Commercial lawsuits. Jan 1, 2015 1190
Millennials: not as different as you think. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 229
Grant from Independence Blue Cross Foundation expands NLN's Advancing Care Excellence for Seniors (ACE.S) resources to practice environments. Jan 1, 2015 766
Charlie's quick thinking helped save elderly neighbour's life. Dec 31, 2014 240
More services for the elderly revealed. Dec 30, 2014 121
School hosts Xmas lunch for the elderly. Dec 30, 2014 102
Seniors. Dec 28, 2014 173
Grant of service management of the community ~integrated for elderly. Dec 28, 2014 272
More than half of elderly Pakistani population not have normal weight: NNS. Dec 27, 2014 199
Late Xmas for support worker who helps elderly. Dec 27, 2014 251
Elderly need volunteers for a chat to help fight the curse of loneliness; Charities warn over pensioner isolation. Dec 27, 2014 413
6.9 Million Older People in UK are Relieved When Christmas is Over. Dec 23, 2014 498
Older jobhunters will get Government help. Dec 20, 2014 190
Expectations of the management of the municipal service of home care for the elderly and disabled, children at risk and school assistance specialist. Dec 20, 2014 142
Modernization and extension of the home for the elderly. Dec 20, 2014 234
Expectations, the service of integrated home care and social support of older people. Dec 19, 2014 168
Hospital care for the elderly moved. Dec 18, 2014 213
Miss America 2015 Receives Domestic Violence Advocacy Award From The Weinberg Center For Elder Abuse Prevention. Dec 18, 2014 404
Grand Circle Foundation Anticipates Significant Increase in Travel to Cuba by Older Americans Pending New Era of Relations. Dec 18, 2014 473
Elderly New Zealand Couple Almost Died After Being Trapped in Keyless Car. Dec 18, 2014 398
Modernization and extension of the home for the elderly. Dec 17, 2014 233
Focus on Seniors Research Released by Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative. Dec 17, 2014 433
Jail for care home boss who stole from elderly; Offences mean and nasty, judge tells accused. Dec 16, 2014 455
Young put on great seniors' Xmas party; LETTERS. Dec 16, 2014 102
Brooklyn Home Health Care Provider, All Heart Homecare Agency Inc., Provides Winter Safety Tips for Seniors. Dec 16, 2014 669
Philips Lifeline teams up with Wish of a Lifetime to empower seniors to live active, fulfilled lives. Dec 16, 2014 964
Financial scams burden seniors, investments: complaints on rise, but many infractions going unreported. Beherec, Sean Dec 15, 2014 1009
Training Elderly in Social Media Improves Well-Being, Combats Isolation. Dec 14, 2014 994
LEADING MP SAVAGES SLURS ON POOREST; Welfare helps the sick, disabled and elderly, the things a civilised society should provide. But Tory ministers are trying to make it a dirty word - Anne Begg MP. Dec 14, 2014 979
Hassan calls for optimal support of elderly homes. Dec 13, 2014 174
Meal delivery cooked cold transfer to the homes of elderly and disabled people. Dec 13, 2014 154
Spain : Indra trials smart walker to help elderly people move. Dec 13, 2014 280
Helping the elderly to paint brighter future. Dec 13, 2014 446
Doorstep conman preyed on the elderly; HE POSED AS COUNCIL OFFICIAL TO STEAL HUNDREDS OF POUNDS. Dec 13, 2014 611
CARE HOME EMPLOYS 11 UNTRAINED STAFF; Health centre for the elderly uses JobBridge interns..and wants more. Dec 13, 2014 406
Spain : Indra trials smart walker to help elderly people move. Dec 13, 2014 280
Service of home care for the elderly, children and the handicapped and educational assistance minors. Dec 12, 2014 123
Painting brighter future for elderly. Dec 12, 2014 494
PCMA: Lower Cost, Preferred Pharmacies Popular with Seniors in Medicare Part D. Dec 11, 2014 604
Christmas lunch joy for the elderly. Dec 11, 2014 106
Few cup shocks, but Cogan cruise against Cwmaman; Cardiff & District Seniors. Dec 11, 2014 404
Germany : New data show specific antidote idarucizumab reverses dabigatran-induced anticoagulation also in elderly and renally impaired volunteers. Dec 10, 2014 289
Custody of the Retirement Home for Elderly Carp. Dec 10, 2014 106
Gold Crest Care Center, a Leading Bronx Nursing Home, Offers Five Tips for Helping Seniors Enjoy the Holiday Season. Dec 9, 2014 741
High-dose vitamin D prevents bone breaks in elderly. Dec 9, 2014 340
Keeping your children healthy this Winter; Young children under the age of five years are just as vulnerable as older people to Winter illnesses. Editorial Dec 8, 2014 433
AALTCI Extends Grand Circle Travel Discount Program for Seniors. Dec 8, 2014 233
THAT'S THE TICKET; Town fan in match treat for the elderly. Dec 8, 2014 345

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