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Afghanistan: soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq have now been forbidden from accessing such recreational websites as MySpace, YouTube, and others while on Department of Defense (DOD) equipment.

AFGHANISTAN: Soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq have now been forbidden from accessing such recreational websites as MySpace, YouTube, and others while on Department of Defense (DOD (1) (Dial On Demand) A feature that allows a device to automatically dial a telephone number. For example, an ISDN router with dial on demand will automatically dial up the ISP when it senses IP traffic destined for the Internet. ) equipment. The DOD says this is necessary due to the limited amount of bandwidth available in that region. Although the DOD made no mention of it, there has also been some concern that some soldiers may release too much information, or photos that have not been cleared. Many soldiers had been using MySpace to keep in touch with friends and family, and only have access to the Internet Internet

Publicly accessible computer network connecting many smaller networks from around the world. It grew out of a U.S. Defense Department program called ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), established in 1969 with connections between computers at the
 via DOD equipment.

As recently as October of last year, the military publication, Stars and Stripes Stars and Stripes

nickname for the U.S. flag. [Am. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 8567]

See : America
, reported upon the enormous popularity of MySpace with the soldiers, going so far as to quote a soldier saying, "It's probably the most-used Web site here." Asked what would happen if the websites were banned, "There would be a mutiny mutiny, concerted disobedient or seditious action by persons in military or naval service, or by sailors on commercial vessels. Mutiny may range from a combined refusal to obey orders to active revolt or going over to the enemy on the part of two or more persons.  among soldiers," joked one of the troops in Iraq.
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Title Annotation:International Corner--News Around the World
Author:Feliciano, Ray
Publication:The Informed Constituent (Albany, NY)
Date:May 1, 2007
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