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Advisory Council to meet regarding 'Family-Friendly Communities' topic.

The NLC Advisory Council will meet in Portland, Ore., June 25-27, to discuss the 1992 "Futures" theme: Creating Family-Friendly Communities.

Chaired by Lottie Shackelford, director of Little Rock, Ark. and chairperson of the Advisory Council, the meeting will provide the foundations for the 1992 Futures Report to be released at the Congress of Cities in New Orleans.

Portland Commissioner and Advisory Council Co-chair Mike Lindberg is hosting the meeting. The other co-chair of the Advisory Council is Hal Conklin, mayor pro tempore of Santa Barbara, Calif.

The meeting will focus on various aspects of themes determined by the Advisory Council at the March Congressional City Conference: municipal government's roles in creating family-friendly communities, city hall as a family-friendly employer, collaboration and community coalition building, and preventive strategies for the creation of family-friendly communities. The meeting will also address the relationship of changing families and changing communities as they relate to the topics mentioned above.

The "Creating Family-Friendly Communities" futures theme was chosen last year by Mayor Don Fraser, when he was Second Vice President of NLC. Fraser, who will be addressing the meeting, believes that "it is squarely a municipal job to help weave the community fabric that can strengthen families and neighborhoods."

In preparation for the meeting, a "Call for Papers" on family-friendly city initiatives was published in Nation's Cities Weekly and mailed out to NLC member cities. From the 80 responses, a Futures Reader on "City Halls and Family-Friendly Communities" was developed.

In addition, discussion papers were commissioned on the various sub-themes outlined previously. The authors of these papers, academics and practitioners, will be present at the meeting in Portland and will participate in the discussions.

The "Creating Family-Friendly Communities" futures theme is in its second year of the Futures Process 3-year cycle of research and development. After the 1992 Futures Report is released at the Congress of Cities, the implementation and dissemination phase of the process will begin.

The 1991 Futures Report on "Diversity and Governance," built upon a theme approved by NLC President Glenda Hood, was released at the Congress of Cities in Las Vegas.

Solid Waste Management, the theme chosen by this year's Second Vice President Sharpe JAmes, is in its first year of development...
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Author:van der Merwe, Shelly; Barnes, Bill
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Jun 22, 1992
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