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Address standardisation and customer record linking within mySAP CRM.

Harte-Hanks Trillium trillium or wake-robin (trĭl`ēəm), any plant of the large genus Trillium, attractive spring wildflowers of the family Liliaceae (lily family), native to North America and E Asia.  Software an enabler of Total Data Quality solutions, has announced the integration between its TS Quality data quality software and the latest version of mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) An integrated information system that is used to plan, schedule and control the presales and postsales activities in an organization. ) 2005. TS Quality, at the heart of the Trillium Software System and a keystone key¬∑stone ¬†
1. Architecture The central wedge-shaped stone of an arch that locks its parts together. Also called headstone.

2. The central supporting element of a whole.
 of Total Data Quality, is designed to provide organisations with the tools, architectural flexibility and scalability to enable clean, accurate data in real-time across the enterprise. Support of mySAP CRM builds on Harte-Hanks Trillium Software's five-year history of integrating its data profiling Data profiling is a process whereby one examines the data available in an existing database and collects statistics and information about that data. The purpose of these statistics may be to:
  1. find out whether existing data can easily be used for other purposes
 and data quality tools with mySAP CRM and other SAP applications. At present Trillium Software supports mySAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) An integrated information system that serves all departments within an enterprise. Evolving out of the manufacturing industry, ERP implies the use of packaged software rather than proprietary software written by or for one customer. , as well as earlier versions of mySAP CRM. The Trillium Software Data Quality Connector is designed to provide integration of data quality processes so that organisations using mySAP CRM instantly can check quality of their customer data and match customer records online, in real time. In addition, the Trillium Software System has been certified by SAP for integration via its Business Address Services Interface with SAP R/3 4.6 and higher versions, ensuring that Harte-Hanks Trillium Software delivers an integrated solution that provides the highest level of data quality for enhancing global, customer-centric data.
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Title Annotation:IT News and Products
Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Oct 1, 2006
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