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Acronyms used in the report.

Acronyms Used in the Report

ABCAR AIDS Business Coalition in the Arab Region

ABCT AIDS Business Coalition Tanzania

ACCA AIDS Control in Companies in Africa

ACTafrica AIDS Campaign Team for Africa (World Bank)

AECV-B Action des Entreprises Contre le VIH-SIDA au

AFBI AIDS Foundation of Barbados

AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

APBCA Asia-Pacific Business Coalition on AIDS

ALO Arab Labour Organization

APELAS Association du Prive et Para/Etatique dans la
 Lutte contre le VIH/SIDA

ART Antiretroviral Therapy

ARV Anti-retroviral

ASO AIDS Standard Organization (Thailand)

AusAID The Australian Government's overseas aid

BC(s) Business Coalition(s)

BBCA Botswana Business Coalition on AIDS

BCAS Business Coalition on AIDS in Singapore

BCHA Swaziland Business Coalition against AIDS

CAIC Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce

CBA Cost Benefit Analysis

CBCA Cambodia Business Coalition on AIDS

CBO Community Based Organizations

CCA Corporate Council on Africa

CCA[not equal to]SIDA Coalition of Community Affairs for AIDS, TB
 and Malaria

CD4 Cluster of Differentiation 4

CDC Centers for Disease Control

CEBAC Coalition des Entreprises beninoises et
 Associations Privees pour la Lutte contre le

 Paludisment la Tuberculose

CEC Caribbean Employers Federation

CECI Coalition of Ivorian Businesses Against

CEMA-VIH/SIDA Comite National de Lutte Conte le SIDA
 Secretariat Executif

CEN Conselho Empresarial Nacional Para Precencao
 Ao HIV/AIDS Brasil/Brazilian Business Council

 HIV-AIDS Prevention

CEO Chief Executive Officer

CFO Chief Financial Officer

CII Confederation of Indian Industry

CIELS Le Comite Interentreprises de Lutte contre le

CLL Caribbean Congress of Labour

CNPM Confederation Nationale des Patronats

CONAES Consejo Nacional Empresarial sobre VIH/SIDA

CSP Coalition du Secteur Prive au Mali dans la
 Lutte contre le VIH/SIDA

DFID UK Department for International Development

ECoSIDA Associagao Mogambicana de Empresarios contra o
 sida (Mozambique)

EBC Egypt Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS

EBCA Ethiopian Business Coalition Against AIDS

FBO Faith Based Organizations

FICCI-SEDF Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and
 Industry-Socio-Economic Development


FSE&CC Federation of Swaziland Employers and Chamber
 of Commerce

FUNDEC-VIH Fundacion de Empresas Comprometidas con el VIH

HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus

GBC Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS,
 Tuberculosis and Malaria

GBCA Ghana Business Coalition against HIV/AIDS

GFATM Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and

GHAIN Global HIV/AIDS Initiative Nigeria

GHARP Guyana HIV/AIDS Reduction & Prevention

GHI Global Health Initiative (of the World
 Economic Forum)

GTZ Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische

IBCA India Business Coalition on AIDS

IBCA Indonesia Business Coalition on AIDS

IBT India Business Trust

IESC International Executive Service Corps

IFC International Finance Corporation

ILO International Labour Organization

IOE International Organisation of Employers

ISO International Standards Organization

ITUC International Trade Union Confederation

JaBCHA Jamaica Business Council on HIV/AIDS

KHBC Kenya HIV/AIDS Business Council

MBCA Malawi Business Coalition Against AIDS

MBCA Myanmar Business Coalition on AIDS

MNC(s) Multinational Companies

NABCOA Namibia Business Coalition on AIDS

NAC National AIDS Committee/Coordinating

NBA National Business Alliance (Indonesia)

NBC National Business Coalition

NERCHA National Emergency Response Council on

NGOs Non Governmental Organizations

NIBUCAA Nigeria Business Coalition on AIDS

NORAD Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation

OIs Opportunistic Infections

PABC Pan-African Business Coalition

PANCAP Pan-Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS

PCBC Pan-Caribbean Business Coalition on AIDS

PEPFAR President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

PLWHA People Living with HIV/AIDS

PNG BAHA The Papua New Guinea Business Coalition
 Against HIV and AIDS

PPPs Public-Private Partnerships

SANS South African National Standards

SABCOHA South African Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS

SBCAA Sudanese Business Coalition against AIDS

SME(s) Small and Medium Sized Enterprise(s)

SMME(s) Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise(s)

SSA Sub-Saharan Africa

STDs Sexually Transmitted Diseases

TB Tuberculosis

TBCA Thailand Business Coalition on AIDS

TERI-BCSD The Energy and Resources Institute--Business
 Council for Sustainable Development

UBC-HIV/AIDS Uganda Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS

UNAIDS Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS

UNDP United Nations Development Programme

UNODC United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

US United States

USAID United States Agency for International

VCBA Vietnam Business Coalition on AIDS

VCT Voluntary Counselling and Testing (HIV/AIDS)

VSO Voluntary Services Overseas

VWSA Volkswagen South Africa

WB World Bank

WBCSD World Business Council for Sustainable

WGs Working Groups

WHO World Health Organization

WPB Workplace Policy Builder

WPP(s) Workplace Programme(s)

ZBCA Zambia Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS

ZBCA Zimbabwe Business Coalition on AIDS

ZWAP Zambia Workplace AIDS Partnerships

(4) UNAIDS/ WHO 2006 AIDS epidemic update

(5) International Labour Organization Press Release 2006 (ILO/06/56)

(6) UNAIDS/ WHO 2006 AIDS epidemic update

(7) Annual Global Business Survey, Global Health Initiative, World Economic Forum, Survey 2005-2006, 10,993 firms in 117 countries

(8) UNAIDS report on the global AIDS epidemic 2006

(9) BusinessCoalitions/

(10) BusinessCoalitions/index.htm
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Publication:Business Coalitions Tackling AIDS: A Worldwide Review
Date:Jan 1, 2008
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