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Academy scrambling to secure site for school.

Byline: CITY BEAT/SPRINGFIELD By Jack Moran Moran

equitable councillor to King Feredach. [Irish Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 728]

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 The Register-Guard

SPRINGFIELD - It's down to the wire for Cascade A connected series of devices or images. It often implies that the second and subsequent device takes over after the previous one is used up. For example, cascading tapes in a dual-tape backup system means the second tape is written after the first one is full.  Military Academy officials, who as of Friday afternoon still did not know where they would be holding classes come Tuesday, when students are set to return from a two-week winter break.

School leaders have been scrambling See scramble.  to find a new home for the academy since Dec. 16, when a Springfield city fire marshal fire marshal
1. The head of a department or office that is charged with the prevention and investigation of fires.

2. A person in charge of firefighting personnel and equipment at an industrial plant.

Noun 1.
 inspected an office building on Judkins Road in Glenwood and determined it did not meet fire-safety standards for a school. The fledgling academy moved into the Glenwood building in early December, after Eugene fire officials refused to grant the academy an occupancy permit for a warehouse on Highway 99 where it had been holding classes since opening last September.

During the past two weeks, Springfield officials have tried to help the academy secure a new location, with no luck.

Tim Webb, a former Marine gunnery sergeant who co-founded and teaches at the private alternative program, said Friday he wasn't ready to give up just yet.

"We're waiting for a phone call right now," he said. "We're still hopeful."

If a site isn't located by Monday, Webb said he will contact students' parents to let them know what's next. More than 40 students in grades 6 through 12 attend the school. About half of them are former students of the Willamette Leadership Academy, a military-style charter school in Veneta where Webb taught until last year.

Book lovers' time to shine

If you're one of those folks who believes that curling curling, winter sport, similar in principle to bowls and quoits (see horseshoe pitching), played on an ice court by teams of four. Each player hurls a squat, circular stone—weighing 38 lb (17.  up with a good book is the perfect wintertime activity, then January is the month for you.

Willamalane Park and Recreation District's Adult Activity Center is the place for bookworms to be next week. The district's "Book Lovers Celebration" kicks off at 10 a.m. Tuesday with a book-club preview day where people are invited to discuss their favorite books with fellow bibliophiles while enjoying refreshments re·fresh·ment  
1. The act of refreshing or the state of being refreshed.

2. Something, such as food or drink, that refreshes.

3. refreshments A snack or light meal and drinks.

Activities continue at 1:30 p.m. Friday when "Gertie," a 30-foot-long bookstore on wheels, stops off at the center. Anyone 65 or older will get a free book just for visiting Gertie. During that same time, people will be able to sign up to receive a free library card for use at the Springfield Public Library.

Also at 1:30 p.m. Friday, local author Morley Young will read from his book "Tales Both Short and Tall." Preregister pre·reg·is·ter  
v. pre·reg·is·tered, pre·reg·is·ter·ing, pre·reg·is·ters

To take part in preregistration.
To enroll (a student) during a period of preregistration.
 for the reading by calling the center at 736-4444. The Adult Activity Center, which serves people 50 and older, is at 215 West C St.

Something new for the kids

The name Hong Kil-dong may be unfamiliar, but his tale is not.

Similar to Robin Hood Robin Hood, legendary hero of 12th-century England who robbed the rich to help the poor. Chivalrous, manly, fair, and always ready for a joke, Robin Hood reflected many of the ideals of the English yeoman. , Hong Kil-dong is a Korean character who steals from the rich to give to the poor. His story is a famous Korean folk tale, and it's one of the newest additions to the children's book collection at Springfield's library.

Nineteen new books recently were donated to the library by the Eugene Korean Association. They include several folk tales, books about Korean culture and a Korean/English dictionary. Most are written in both languages. The new texts augment aug·ment  
v. aug·ment·ed, aug·ment·ing, aug·ments
1. To make (something already developed or well under way) greater, as in size, extent, or quantity:
 the library's collection of children's books from countries and cultures around the world.
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Date:Dec 31, 2005
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