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Abu Sayyaf releases three hostages.

Byline: Teachers abducted abducted Distal angulation of an extremity away from the midline of the body in a transverse plane and away from a sagittal plane passing through the proximal aspect of the foot or part, or away from some other specified reference point  in January freed before May 29 deadline but hunt still on for over 10 more kidnap victims.

Manila: A bandit group allied with the Al Qaida terror network on Tuesday released three teachers who were abducted in Zamboanga, a southern port city last January, a television news report said.

Police said the hostages were turned over to Hadjarun Jamiri, former of an island town in Basilan province where they were brought by Abu Sayyaf gunmen. The freed hostages were identified as Janette Delos Reyes, Quizon Freires, and Rafael Mayonado.

"I have no idea if ransom payment was made," said Superintendent Salik Macapantar, police director of Basilan province..

Leaders of the 12,000-strong Moro Islamic Liberation Front Noun 1. Moro Islamic Liberation Front - a terrorist group in the southern Philippines formed in 1977 to establish an independent Islamic state for the Moros; have clashed with troops at United States bases  (MILF MILF Moro Islamic Liberation Front (Muslim group in the Philippines)
MILF Many Islands, Low Fares (Spirit Airlines promotion)
MILF Mother I'd Like to Find
) also negotiated with the Abu Sayyaf Group for the release of the teachers, said statement from its spokesman Eid Kabalu .

"The Abu Sayyaf Group demanded three million pesos (Dh250,000) in ransom and it was a take it or leave it demand," he said.

The Abu Sayyaf had originally demanded six million pesos (Dh500,000) ransom for the teachers. This was reduced to five million peso (Dh416,667) then to three million pesos (Dh250,00). On May 25, the Abu Sayyaf reportedly agreed to reduce the ransom to 2.5 million pesos (Dh 208,333).

Basilan Vice-Governor Al Rasheed Sakalahul also claimed he had met with Abu Sayyaf commanders Aguila, Pula Pula (p`lä), Ital. Pola, city (1991 pop. 62,378), W Croatia, on the Adriatic and at the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula. , and Usman Lidjal for the extension of the May 29 deadline for the ransom payment. The Abu Sayyaf had threatened to behead be·head  
tr.v. be·head·ed, be·head·ing, be·heads
To separate the head from; decapitate.

[Middle English biheden, from Old English beh
 the three teachers if ransom payment was not made on May 29, a report in the Philippine Daily Inquirer The Philippine Daily Inquirer, popularly known as the Inquirer, is the most widely read broadsheet newspaper in the Philippines, with a daily circulation of 260,000 copies. It is one of the Philippines' newspapers of record.  said.

Earlier, Basilan's Crisis Management Committee offered a one million peso (Dh83,333) cash reward to anyone who could give information on the whereabouts of the kidnap victims.

The teachers were travelling from Sacol island on board a motorised Adj. 1. motorised - equipped with a motor or motors; "a motorized wheelchair"
motored, motorized
 outrigger when they were intercepted by the Abu Sayyaf on January 23.

The Abu Sayyaf is still holding an Italian Red Cross worker in nearby Jolo, and more than 10 other hostages including a Sri Lankan peace worker in Basilan.

The Abu Sayyaf has ties with Jemaah Islamiyah, the Southeast Asian conduit of the Al Qaida terror network.It has been blamed for a spate of kidnap-for-ransom, beheadings, and other terror activities in southern Philippines and in Metro Manila.

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