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May Diana and Dodi now rest in peace. We have lost the true queen of the people. I hope she will shine on through her sons, William and Harry.

Sharon, 27 and TJ Larmour 8, Scotstoun, Glasgow.

DIANA was the Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts

constantly orders beheadings. [Br. Lit.: Lewis Carroll Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland]

See : Decapitation

Queen of Hearts

“first the sentence, and then the evidence!” [Br. Lit.
 and my heart is with her two sons.

Claire and Donald Cameron People named Donald Cameron include:
  • Donald Cameron (actor) (1888–1955) Actor
  • Donald Cameron (Canadian parliamentarian) (1901–1989), Canadian parliamentarian in Alberta
  • Donald Cameron of Lochiel (the Gentle Lochiel
, Kiltarlity, Nr Inverness Inverness, town, Scotland
Inverness (ĭn'vərnĕs`), town (1991 pop. 39,736), Highland, N Scotland, on the Moray Firth at the mouth of the Ness River.

FROM an egg to a gangly gan·gly  
adj. gan·gli·er, gan·gli·est

[Alteration of gangling.]

Adj. 1.
 duckling duckling

baby duck.

From a duckling to an elegant swan

From a swan, now an angel with Dodi

Your memory for ever lives on.

RIP Diana

Penman family, Chryston.

SHE'S our Princess of Wales Noun 1. Princess of Wales - English aristocrat who was the first wife of Prince Charles; her death in an automobile accident in Paris produced intense national mourning (1961-1997)
Diana, Lady Diana Frances Spencer, Princess Diana
 and Queen of Hearts. May she rest in peace with God where she'll be protected.

Che Kin Lee, 15, Glasgow.

THE crown you were deprived on earth awaits you in a higher place.

Chris Thompson

For other people named Chris Thompson, see Chris Thompson (disambiguation).

Chris Thompson (also known as Chris Hamlet Thompson

Giffnock, Glasgow.

OUR thoughts are with Princes Harry and William.

Mrs McCool, 34,

Barrhead, Renfrewshire.

DIANA, you touched all our lives and you really were our Princess. You will live in our hearts forever. God bless you and I pray I beg; I request; I entreat you; - used in asking a question, making a request, introducing a petition, etc.; as, Pray, allow me to go s>.

See also: Pray
 for your two sons, William and Harry.

Ann Hamilton Ann Hamilton (born June 22, 1956, Lima, Ohio) is a contemporary American artist best known for her installations, textile art, and sculptures, but is also known to work with video and video installation. , Coatbridge.

THE world will wait a long time before we have somebody like Diana again. Born to be an angel, may she rest in peace.

Betty Buchan, Cove, Helensburgh.

I HOPE that Diana's lovely sons get the care and love that my grandson got when he lost his mother when she 23.

Lynn Nixon, 55, Kent.

DIANA, you came to us a bud, but you blossomed as a lovely flower. You left behind two sons so that your love will last forever.

Mrs Linda Ross, 48, Cumbernauld.

I HOPE Diana finds the happiness she deserves in Heaven that she should have received on earth.

Tricia Harrison, 55, Broxburn.

MAY you get the peace in Heaven that you didn't get on earth. God has a special angel now.

Cheryl Auld auld  
adj. Scots

Adj. 1. auld - a Scottish word; "auld lang syne"
old - of long duration; not new; "old tradition"; "old house"; "old wine"; "old country"; "old friendships"; "old money"
, 27, Darvel, Ayrshire.

OUR deepest thoughts are with William and Harry.

Martin 9, Craig 10,

Alan 13, Cambuslang.

I MET Diana when she visited Easterhouse and she was a beautiful person.

Fiona McCallum, 34, Glasgow.

THE only reason that the monarchy survived was because of Diana and hopefully it will live on through her son.

Jim Houston James Edward "Jim" Houston (born November 3, 1937 in Massillon, Ohio) is a former American football linebacker who played thirteen seasons in the National Football League with the Cleveland Browns. He was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame in 2006. , 35, Motherwell.

SHE found happiness with Dodi and I hope they both rest in peace.

Denise McClintock, 34, Irvine.

THE world grew dimmer dim·mer  
1. A rheostat or other device used to vary the intensity of an electric light.

a. A parking light on a motor vehicle.

b. A low beam.
 the day you died, Diana. The Heavens above became brighter when you arrived. God bless and keep you.

Marie and Jimmy Reddie, Crookston, Glasgow Crookston is a residential suburb on the southwestern edge of the Scottish city of Glasgow.

Formerly a village in its own right, Crookston (Crocis toune), its surrounding lands and castle, were named after the feudal Norman lord, Sir Robert de Croc, who was gifted

DIANA'S bright outlook on life will be sadly missed. My thoughts go to her two sons at this very sad time.

Lorraine Carey, 25, Fraserburgh.

GOD bless you, Diana. You have found peace at last.

Elspeth Miller, 44, Lanark.

DIANA, you can walk in Heaven free from harm. God bless.

Nicholas Couper, 9, Port Glasgow Port Glasgow, town (1991 pop. 22,636), Inverclyde, W Scotland, on the Firth of Clyde. Its dry dock, built in 1762, was one of the first of its kind in Scotland. It was founded in 1668 as a port for Glasgow, before the city had been made accessible to large ships. .

DIANA, in my eyes you will always be a true diamond among the stars, shining for ever for your two sons.

Tracy Paxton, 30, Rankinston, Ayr.

DIANA was a very special lady and an angel of mercy. When she is laid to rest she will look down on her two special angels, William and Harry.

Maureen Creaney, 64, Drumchapel, Glasgow.

YOU were on loan to us for a short time Diana and now God has called you home. My thoughts and prayers are with your two boys. God bless.

Joan Parker, 49, Helensburgh.

GOD bless Diana, gone but not forgotten. You're loved by all and you are a true Queen of Hearts.

Helen Cameron, 22, Blantyre.

GOD bless Diana, she was the Queen of Hearts for Scotland and the whole world. Our hearts go out to her sons.

The Timms family, Hamiltonhill, Glasgow.

THE day it rained all over the world is the day you died, Diana. A nation of tears shows just how much you were loved and will be sadly missed. My deepest regret is for the boys you left behind with your love still flowing through their hearts. God bless our gracious Diana.

Fay Heart, Gourock.

THE violins stopped playing, the bows and strings just snapped.

The clock struck four in the middle of a requiem requiem (rĕk`wēəm, rē`–, rā`–) [Lat.,=rest], proper Mass for the souls of the dead, performed on All Souls' Day and at funerals. , my heart fell to the floor.

The moon shone down upon the lake,

And there she lay the dying swan, last breath about to take.

No-one there to kiss her brow

The hand of God gently held her soft white neck

Her heart in his hands now.

But who shall heal this broken heart of mine and shall he dry the tears of thine thine  
pron. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
Used to indicate the one or ones belonging to thee.

adj. A possessive form of thou1
Used instead of thy before an initial vowel or h

John the Bard bard, in Wales, term originally used to refer to the order of minstrel-poets who composed and recited the poems that celebrated the feats of Celtic chieftains and warriors.  of Drum.

GOD will hold her in His arms now. He'll also guide and look after those who loved her most especially Princes William and Harry.

Alan Lee, 15,


DIANA, you were a wonderful, beautiful princess who cared so much for ordinary working people.

Mrs Rougvie, 72,

St Ninians, Stirling.

A BEAUTIFUL angel lent not given

Hopefully now you can rest in heaven. Sadly missed.

Ellen Mitchell, 35, Stonehouse, Lanarkshire.

PRINCESS Diana Noun 1. Princess Diana - English aristocrat who was the first wife of Prince Charles; her death in an automobile accident in Paris produced intense national mourning (1961-1997)
Diana, Lady Diana Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales
, you gave all your love to the needy of this world and the Lord loved you so much that he has taken you home to be with him.

Mary McGill, 46, Edinburgh.

WE will miss you Diana, we are all very sad.

As one person said, you were the best Queen we never had.

With a big bright smile and a touch that made people glow. Why you had to leave us the world will never know,

I am sure you are very happy as you always should have been.

Instead of all the tears you shed that people rarely seen.

Now it's time It's Time was a successful political campaign run by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) under Gough Whitlam at the 1972 election in Australia. Campaigning on the perceived need for change after 23 years of conservative (Liberal Party of Australia) government, Labor put forward a  to say good-bye before I cry.

Again I give my thanks to you precious Princess Di.

Ashley, 20, Dundee.

WE have lost the most caring person this world will ever know. God bless you Diana and Dodi. Our thoughts and prayers are now with your boys.

Mother of two,


THE stars that are up in the sky

I know Diana that you are there

Bright jewel of God's domain

May you rest in peace forever, Amen.

Laura Connelly, 42, Glasgow.

THEY don't have paparazzi pa·pa·raz·zo  
n. pl. pa·pa·raz·zi
A freelance photographer who doggedly pursues celebrities to take candid pictures for sale to magazines and newspapers.
 in Heaven, but Dodi's there to hold her hand.

Linda Alexander, 32, Glasgow.

A BRIGHT light has gone out on this world to shine in Heaven. The world will be a darker place without Diana.

M. Clark, Arbroath.

YOU may have left us in life, but in memory you will live forever.

R. Sibbald, Galashiels.

A BEAUTIFUL princess fast asleep. Leaves beautiful memories for us to keep.

God bless Wills and Harry.

Susan Cunningham Susan Cunningham was a fictional Character in the British Soap Opera Coronation Street. Played by Patricia Shakesby. Susan attended University with Ken Barlow and became his first girlfriend, she appeared in the very first episode of Coronation Street and made her last appearance in early 1961. , 37, Arbroath.

I HOPE Diana's memories will live on in the hearts of everybody who loved her.

Claire McCann, 31, Wishaw.

MAY Diana and Dodi both find peace and happiness in paradise.

You will always be loved and missed very much.

Lynette Allan, 39, Aberdeen.

MY thoughts are with William and Harry. And may Diana at long last get her marriage made in Heaven.

Mrs Hamilton, Kincardine.

GOD bless Diana. She was an angel.

Liz, Brian and Nicola, Balloch.

YOUR parting was so sudden, we sit and wonder why. The saddest thing of all is having to say goodbye. God bless William and Harry.

Irene McLennan, Glasgow.

WE'LL miss you Diana, when we need a friend on you we always could depend. Never selfish, always kind, these are the memories you've left behind.

Caroline Addison, Stirling.

AS long as we live we will always be glad and thankful, God, for the princess we had.

Marilyn Crooks, 28, Greenock.

DIANA, now that you are in heaven, please watch over my baby son who is in the same place.

Paul, Glasgow.

YOUR death is not in vain, Diana. You've been sent to be guardian of the children of Dunblane.

Yvonne Collick, 32,

Forth, Lanarkshire.

DIANA, will never be forgotten.

Kay Harkins, 24, Viewpark, Uddingston.

DIANA is Britain's Evita, only greater.

Emma Hamilton, 51, Ayrshire.

THE light's gone out and million's weep weep (wep)
1. to shed tears.

2. to ooze serum.

So let our angel go to sleep.

You tried so hard to do your duty

Rest in peace our sleeping beauty Sleeping Beauty

sleeps for 100 years. [Fr. Fairy Tale, The Sleeping Beauty]

See : Enchantment

Sleeping Beauty

enchanted heroine awakened from century of slumber by prince’s kiss.

Irene, 50, and Peter, 40, Robertson, Glasgow.

I HAVE Aids and she really gave me strength.

Sarah Smith

For other people named Sarah Smith, see Sarah Smith (disambiguation).
Sarah Smith is a Scottish national television newsreader in the United Kingdom.
, 19, Clydebank.

DIANA was a great light that shone over the world and will be sadly missed.

Linda Dickson, 36, Linvale,


AT least DI and Dodi are together now. She was married on my 32nd wedding anniversary and I would just like to send my condolences to her two boys, who have lost a beautiful mother.

Nan McCulloch, 70, Knightswood, Glasgow.

I HAVE been in so much grief over the death of Princess Diana that this is the first time I have been able to phone. I cannot express how I feel over her two sons. May God help those boys now.

Moira Quinn, Blantyre.

TWO bright lights have gone out on earth but two bright stars are now shining in Heaven. I hope they may rest in peace.

Veronica Freeland, Hamilton.

Princess Di Remembered:

Dear God,

Tears from Heaven swept the ground

The world in sorrow was bound

We couldn't believe it, how could it be true

That Princess Diana is up there with you

Now she is gone

Yet the mourning goes on

On and on and on.

From dusk till dawn

The world in prayer weeps

for the fair maiden you now keep

But we must look up with sore stinging red eyes

And think of her angel up there in the skies

Diana's compassion and heart-filled love and joy

Were always seen

In life she was a Princess

but in death she has become a Queen

We think of all the lives she has saved

And know her light will never flicker or fade

So let her rest well that dear loving Di

Who is looking down on us all from the sky.


Stephanie Crawford, 13, Dalziel High School, Motherwell.

DIANA, if a hug could have stopped you from slipping away from us, if it could have kept your tender heart beating, I would have hugged you so tightly.

K. MacDonald, Inverness.

CONDOLENCES to Prince William and Prince Harry and may Diana never be forgotten.

Kelly McManus, 19, Paisley Paisley (pāz`lē), town (1991 pop. 84,330), Renfrewshire, W Scotland, on the White Cart Water, a stream. It has a thriving textile industry and is an extremely large producer of thread. .

MAY you be rewarded in Heaven for your good on earth and may God look after your sons.

Mrs Teresa Musgrave, Strathaven.

DIANA truly was the Queen of Hearts. We will never see her like again.

A broken-hearted Scotsman.

DIANA you were an angel in our hearts, now let you be God's angel with the one you love. God bless your happiness and shine on the two sons you have left behind.

Audrey Wilson and Megan, East Wemyss East Wemyss is a small town situated on the south coast of the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland.

East Wemyss used to be a good spot for fishing although the construction of a sea wall has mainly stopped shore fishing.
, Fife

DIANA, the crown you now wear shines brighter than any here on earth. Well done, thou good and faithful servant. God bless your dear boys

A mum and gran from Dunfermline.

YOU may be gone, but not forgotten and as the song said: "You're simply the best."

Mr Suttie, Newburgh, Fife Newburgh is a royal burgh of Fife, Scotland.

Pop. (1901) 1904. The population today is only a little greater, at 2040 (est 2004). Being a small town, most residents are aware of each other and their occupations and activities.
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Date:Sep 5, 1997
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