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ARAB AFFAIRS - Oct. 21 - League's Cairo Summit.

The 2-day emergency Arab League's summit convenes in Cairo, with President Mubarak's opening speech hitting hard at Israel for having escalate the violence against the Palestinians. Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah says in his speech: "The United States of America in its capacity as the sponsor of the peace process has a special responsibility for the collapse of this process". He proposes a $1 bn fund to back the Palestinian struggle and pledges that the Saudi contribution will be 25%. A preparatory meeting of the League's foreign ministers ended on Oct. 19 with Egyptian FM Moussa telling reporters: "It is obvious that peace (with Israel) means the return of all occupied Arab lands". Syrian FM Shara urged Arab states to end all ties with Israel and even ban handshakes between Arabs and Israelis. But he rejected any call for war, saying: "It is natural that here we are to speak about people and not about something else". Behind the scenes, moderate Arab leaders press for well balanced resolutions that must be signed by all the attendees on Oct. 22.
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Title Annotation:Arab League
Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
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Date:Oct 21, 2000
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