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 STAMFORD, Conn., Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Revelation Technologies, Inc., today announced and shipped OpenInsight 2.0, a repository-based application development environment for Microsoft Windows.
 OpenInsight includes a full suite of non-procedural rapid application development tools; an event-driven application development and database management language; an integrated, proactive repository; a unique, flexible multi-value, variable length database engine; and connectivity to popular database servers.
 Its central feature -- an integrated proactive repository -- allows collaborative team application development with easy-to-use deployment capabilities lowering overall cost of application development and maintenance.
 Applications written in OpenInsight are fully scalable -- deployable from stand-alone through workgroup and client/server installations -- without any changes.
 "OpenInsight is a comprehensive Windows application development environment built from the ground up for professional developers who need to rapidly develop scalable applications for standalone, networked and client/server environments" said James Acquaviva, president and CEO of Revelation Technologies. "OpenInsight's tools provide an enormous amount of power and productivity by themselves, but their integration into a proactive repository adds a significant dimension to their power and depth."
 OpenInsight has five chief characteristics that provide a competitive market advantage:
 1. Powerful, non-procedural fourth generation application development tools that enable full prototyping and designing without the need for coding or understanding of a complex programming language. These tools enable the developer to implement as well as maintain applications. They also give the end user the ability to easily personalize and tailor applications to specific needs.
 2. Integrated database programming language that enables the professional to fine-tune and optimize an application's performance. The OpenInsight language, BASIC+, is an event-driven and object-oriented BASIC dialect explicitly designed for database management and application definition in a Windows environment. It is complemented by a powerful programmer's tool kit for fine tuning and extending applications.
 3. Object-oriented repository that enables developers and users to easily catalog, retrieve, and centralized the intelligence of their applications. This ability enables multiple developers to work collaboratively on a single project or application, synchronize their efforts, share and reuse application components, and experience an overall increase in productivity and quality.
 4. Network and client/server technologies that provide an environment where an application can be written once to operate on virtually any networking architecture, from traditional local area networks to a client/server configuration without any change. OpenInsight supports all commercially viable network operating systems and offers connectivity to intelligent back end servers, such as SQL Server, to provide a superior environment for the scalability of applications to high performance platforms.
 5. Powerful and flexible native database management system that employs a unique variable length and multi-value architecture and delivers capabilities that traditional relational and flat file databases cannot rival. OpenInsight has the ability to manage unstructured data, such as text (with full search and index capabilities), and enables it to coexist with structured relational tables.
 OpenInsight's integrated proactive object-oriented repository enhances the productivity of its tools and language by automatically storing and maintaining all of the components of an application as well as the semantic links which describe relationships classified as "is a," "uses," and "used by." "OpenInsight and it's object-oriented repository solves one of the most fundamental problems about software reusability: If you can't find it, you can't use it," said Ron Phillips, vice president, R&D of Revelation Technologies.
 Unlike other competitors which are beginning to incorporate third party repository technology, OpenInsight's tools and repository have been explicitly designed for complete interoperation. The repository supports active views of the collective process of a development team, check-in and check-out of application components and automatic impact analysis to promote collaborative development.
 OpenInsight's development environment available immediately, includes a complete set of tools and integrated database and has a suggested retail price of $895.00. Introductory pricing of $249.00 is available through Dec. 31, 1993. The company, at the end of November, will release LAN Packs that allow developers to deliver multi-user ready applications in various custom configurations through combinations of three, five or unlimited LAN Packs. LAN Packs range from $695 to $5,000 for unlimited users.
 In December 1993, the company will release its new Report Designer, a complete full featured banded report writer with user friendly non-procedural query, drag and drop layout, and preview capabilities. Customers can use the Report Designer integrated within the OpenInsight product as well as separately, added to an OpenInsight runtime. A coupon will be provided to customers of OpenInsight to permit purchase of the Report Designer for $99.00. In January, the Report Designer will be packaged as a standard feature of OpenInsight.
 Early in first quarter 1994, the company will release 1) Runtime Deployment Kit, an add-in product that allows the creation of unlimited runtime applications; 2) bonds that provide connectivity to database servers including Microsoft SQL Server and uniVerse/PI Open with Oracle, Sybase and DB/2 planned for subsequent delivery and 3) documentation, libraries and DLL's to integrate third party front-end applications such as Visual Basic, C, C++, and KPWin.
 The product is sold through Ingram-Micro, Merisel, TechData, Elf, DistribuPro, among others.
 System Requirements for OpenInsight are an IBM PC using 386 or compatible processor, DOS (version 3.31 or later), Microsoft Windows (version 3.1 or later), 4MB RAM, 5.25" (1.2MB) or 3.5" (1.44MB) disk drive for install, hard disk with 9MB available disk space, mouse or comparable Windows pointing device, monitor and video card supported by Windows.
 OpenInsight is the newest product from Stamford-based Revelation Technologies. The company also develops and markets Advanced Revelation, the award-winning DOS-based application development tool for professional application developers. Currently more than one million users are working with applications developed in Advanced Revelation.
 With the introduction of OpenInsight, the company announced that it would not develop an Advanced Revelation Version for Windows. "Advanced Revelation is a strategically important product with hundreds of VARs supporting the product and thousands of applications written," said Jim Acquaviva. "Continued technology enhancements and support will be provided for years to come to these customers."
 The company offers users of both product lines compatibility at the data and dictionary level between Advanced Revelation and OpenInsight which enables developers to migrate well developed data structures from DOS to Windows as well as thoroughly field tested and well developed business rules. "Complete data compatibility between the two products will ease the migration process and also provides for ongoing coexistence of DOS and Windows applications," Acquaviva said.
 Revelation Technologies, founded in 1987, is a leading developer of professional application development tools for network computing and client/server architectures. The company's products, among the first to allow scalable network application development and deployment, enable business application developers to write applications that operate without change on remote laptops, file sharing and peer-to-peer networks and client/server configurations. Today, there are more than one million licensed users of its products.
 Revelation Technologies has corporate offices in Stamford and development and support operations in Bellevue, Wash.; Austin, Texas; and Milton Keynes, England.
 Product inquiries may be made by calling 1-800-262-4747.
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