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ANGRY SHEEN BELTS KATE'S SCREEN LOVER; Northam 'insult'sparks trouble.

WELSH actor Michael Sheen punched a Hollywood movie star in the face for making film star wife Kate Beckinsale cry, it was claimed yesterday.

Sheen is said to have landed one right on actor Jeremy Northam's nose for following his wife to their on-set trailer and screaming she had ruined his performance.

Trouble flared on the set of Merchant-Ivory film The Golden Bowl when Beckinsale - 26-year-old daughter of late British comedy actor Richard - is said to have missed a line during a scene with on-screen lover Northam.

The star is said to have started complaining and, even after the director called "cut", followed the actress to her trailer where Sheen was waiting with their daughter Lilly.

Sheen, who was holding Lilly in his arms, saw his wife of one year was crying and asked her what was wrong.

When Beckinsale told him, Sheen passed her their 18-month old baby and punched Northam in the face, it was claimed. A source said:

"Mike saw Kate crying and she told him what had happened. Mike was holding their daughter Lilly. He gave the baby toher and gave Jeremy a good shot in the face."

None of the actors would comment on the allegations. Sheen's agent Roxanne Vacca said she had not been able to speak to him.

The Golden Bowl producer Ismail Merchant admitted arguments did break out, but said he knew nothing about a fight.

He added: "Our films are very smooth. There is a family orientated atmosphere.

"Obviously families do have quarrels. These are perfectionist actors, but I don't remember anything like this happening."

The Golden Bowl is due for release this autumn. It also stars Nick Nolte, Uma Thurman and James Fox.

Sheen, from Port Talbot, is rated one of the most exciting stage actors in recent years.

He starred opposite Julia Roberts in Mary Reilly and played comedian Stephen Fry's on-screen gay lover in the hit film about Oscar Wilde.

He now lives in west London and runs a Welsh speaking theatre company called Thin language.
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Author:Clements, Jon
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 7, 2000
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