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AN/PRC-148(V)3(C) & (V)4(C) ...



Dear Half-Mast,

My AN/PRC-148(V)3(C) joint tactical radio system (JTRS) enhanced multiband inter/intra team radio (MBITR)-JEM, has the phrase "NO PJC" on the display screen.

What's a PJC?

Why don't I have it?

And should I care that I don't have it?

Private B.B.K.

Dear Private B.B.K.,


The PJC is the private josecki component. It is the communication security master key that enables your JEM to be a Type 1 controlled cryptographic item. That means you can have secure communications.

You don't have it, because you allowed the hold-up battery (HUB) in your JEM to discharge. That happens to the HUB when it does not get juice from the main JEM battery for 60 days.

And, you should care because without the PJC, your JEM can operate only in the plain-text, line-of-sight mode.

So, take steps to make sure the HUB does not discharge. That means connecting a fully charged properly operating radio battery, the rechargeable lithium-ion, NSN 6140-01-487-1153, to the radio no less than once every 60 days. So, your best bet is to ensure that both AN/PRC-148 batteries are included in your unit's battery maintenance plan.

A dead, or almost dead HUB, will take at least 48 hours to recharge from a fully charged main battery.

Remember, it is not recommended to store the radios with the lithium-ion batteries connected for extended periods of non-use. The batteries may discharge completely over time.

If you are getting the "NO PJC" on your display screen, your COMSEC custodian will need to get on the job in order to get it back. The PJC should be loaded on every AN/CYZ-10 and AN/PYQ-10 in your unit and available to reload your radios when required.

There are three new chargers available for the JEM: the single-slot charger, NSN 6130-01-512-0183; the six-slot AC/DC charger, NSN 6130-01-504-3675; and the six-slot AC-only charger, NSN 6130-01-510-9922.

The JEM is manufactured by Thales Communications, Inc. They will answer non-sensitive questions about the JEM if you email them: Or call them: 1-800-914-0303.


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Date:Dec 1, 2009
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