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AMI communicates with employees on the go.

Since 1969 the Associated Marine Institutes has been operating highly successful and innovative youth development programs that use a unique combination of marine motivational courses, vocational training, academics and counseling to effect a behavior change in 14 to 18 year old delinquent youths.

The goal of AMI is to educate and motivate these youngsters to keep them from becoming a constant threat to society and an unending burden to the economy.

AMI is the parent organization to 30 juvenile delinquent institutes in eight states, and new programs are opening on a fairly constant basis. Central management services, central contract negotiation, management oversight, and central accounting is provided at AMI headquarters in Tampa, Fla.

At AMI's headquarters, 45 workstations, consisting of PCs and laptops, are networked using NetWare 2.12 on Arcnet.

"Communication with our traveling managers is critical. If there is an urgent message that needs to be delivered, we need a way to get it to the managers wherever they might be," says Pat Carbonell, computer services manager for AMI.

AMI chose Notework, an E-mail package for Novell NetWare from Notework Corp., Brookline, Mass., to meet their communication needs.

"We began using it in-house and quickly recognized the benefits," says Carbonell. "We are able to send messages across the building while attaching critical documents that need review. It cuts down on the diskette shuffle."

Employees at AMI were able to save wasted time that was spent leaving notes on colleagues' desks or tracking them down by phone or in person.

"It is simple to use," says Carbonell. "The manuals are probably the most user friendly manuals I have ever seen."

AMI quickly recognized the added benefits of Notework Remote for its institutes and traveling managers. When managers and regional directors are away from headquarters, the remote software will operate in 5K of memory for laptop or notebook users and standalone PCs.

"It is easy to use. The managers simply pop up the program, and select 'Connect.' All messages are automatically downloaded or uploaded from headquarters without coordinating the transmission on either end," says Carbonell.

According to Carbonell, AMI institutes use Notework Remote to send messages, such as a minor incident report or a new hire.

"They don't have to waste time copying down information over the phone or take the risk of spelling a name wrong, and it is a lot cheaper phone call," says Carbonell.

AMI's operation managers and the accounting department rely heavily on the system for sending and receiving lists of employees attending training sessions, draft proposals for new institutes, and processing the payroll for all 30 institutes.

The program comes in both DOS and Windows versions, allowing users to send and receive mail in both types of environments.

"It is difficult to explain sometimes how something like this can have such a positive impact on our kids," says Carbonell. "But the less time that the director of operations, the team leader, or the executive director has to spend communicating with us, the more time they can spend with the kids. That is where the positive impact comes in."

The institutes operate ocean-oriented rehab programs operating in eight coastal states. The sea is used to teach self-respect and social skills to kids on the fast track to crime. The average student at AMI is 16 and has already been arrested six times before being ordered to AMI by the court.

The students are taught to snorkel, dive, crew sailboats, canoe, and learn other water-based skills built around a condensed academic schedule.
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Title Annotation:Associated Marine Institutes uses Notework Corp.'s Notework electronic mail system
Publication:Communications News
Date:Aug 1, 1992
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