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AMERIGROUP has Quality in the Bag.

VIRGINIA BEACH Virginia Beach, resort city (1990 pop. 393,069), independent and in no county, SE Va., on the Atlantic coast; inc. 1906. In 1963, Princess Anne co. and the former small town of Virginia Beach were merged, giving the present city an area of 302 sq mi (782 sq km). , Va.--(BW HealthWire)--Oct. 19, 1999--

Managed Health Care Company Reminds Associates

That Quality Begins With You

As part of its week-long celebration of National Healthcare Quality Week (NHQW), AMERIGROUP Corporation has asked its more than 750 Associates nationwide to remember that Quality Begins With You.

To kick-off NHQW (Oct. 18-23), AMERIGROUP(R) has distributed Quality Kits -- made out of white paper bags and eight fun items -- to help launch A Celebration of Excellence, this year's company theme for NHQW.

From a pin to remind Associates to stay sharp to a Snickers
''This entry is about the confectionery named Snickers. For other uses, see Snickers (disambiguation).

Snickers is a sweet bar made by Mars, Incorporated.
(R) Bar that reminds them to take time to laugh, the items in the Quality Kit are designed to motivate, entertain and promote quality. The bag and its contents are used to "keep it all together and to give them food for thought."

Throughout its weeklong week·long  
Continuing through the week: a weeklong conference.

Adj. 1. weeklong - lasting through a week; "her weeklong vacation"
 celebration, AMERIGROUP is using educational presentations about excellent customer service as well as REALStories that describe actual events involving Associates who have gone "above and beyond" in serving health plan members.

"We want to encourage and recognize Associates for incorporating REALExcellence into their daily work," said Nadine Crotts, associate vice president, quality management at AMERIGROUP Corporation. "Our ultimate objective is that Associates develop a new perspective on quality performance and remember that quality also means taking care of themselves in order to better help others."

In support of its company-wide quality initiative, AMERIGROUP introduced REALExcellence, a program to promote quality and excellence in all company activities that help improve the lives of its members and their communities.

NHQW recognizes and celebrates quality achievements in the medical community. It is sponsored by the National Association for Health Care Quality, the nation's leading organization for health care quality management professionals.

A leader in managed health care services for the public sector, AMERIGROUP Corporation ( is the largest private company providing health care coverage exclusively to low-income families. The company operates in the District of Columbia District of Columbia, federal district (2000 pop. 572,059, a 5.7% decrease in population since the 1990 census), 69 sq mi (179 sq km), on the east bank of the Potomac River, coextensive with the city of Washington, D.C. (the capital of the United States). , Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, and Texas, and serves more than 225,000 Medicaid and CHIPs recipients nationally, of which more than 160,000 are children. The company is headquartered in Virginia Beach, Va.

Components of Quality Kit

-- A Pack of Gum gum, colloidal plant substance
gum, term commonly applied to any of a wide variety of colloidal substances somewhat similar in appearance and general characteristics, exuded by or extracted from plants.
 to remind you to stick with it.

-- A Candle to remind you to burn brightly.

-- A Book of Matches to light your fire when you feel burned out.

-- A Tootsie toot·sie  
n. Slang
1. Toots.

2. A girl or young woman.

3. or toot·sy A person's foot.

[Origin unknown.
 Roll to remind you not to bite off Verb 1. bite off - bite off with a quick bite; "The dog snapped off a piece of cloth from the intruder's pants"
snap at

bite, seize with teeth - to grip, cut off, or tear with or as if with the teeth or jaws; "Gunny invariably tried to bite her"
 more than you can chew chew Chewing tobacco. See Smokeless tobacco. .

-- A Pin to remind you to stay sharp.

-- A Starburst StarBurst - An active DBMS from IBM Almaden Research Center.  to give you a burst of energy on those days you don't have any.

-- A Snickers to remind you to take time to laugh.

-- A Chocolate Hug to remind you that you are appreciated.

-- A Bag to help you keep it all together and to give you food for thought.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 19, 1999
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