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ADMC ties up with National Geographic.

Byline: Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi (ä`b thä`bē, zä–, dä–), Arab. Abu Zabi, sheikhdom (1995 pop. 928,360), c.  

Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADMC ADMC Abu Dhabi Men's College
ADMC Advance Determination of Medicare Coverage
ADMC Army Desktop & Mobile Computing
ADMC Anniston Defense Munitions Center (US Army, Alabama)
ADMC Air Defense Missile Command
), one of the fastest growing, multi-platform media organisations in the region, has tied up with National Geographic Channel
This article is about the US television channel.
For the British version, see National Geographic Channel (UK).
For the Canadian version, see National Geographic Channel (Canada).
 (NGC NGC New General Catalogue (of Nebulae and Star Clusters; astronomy)
NGC National Geographic Channel (TV)
NGC National Guideline Clearinghouse
) to launch the first free-to-air National Geographic Channel in Arabic.

National Geographic Channel Abu Dhabi, which will be dubbed dub 1  
tr.v. dubbed, dub·bing, dubs
1. To tap lightly on the shoulder by way of conferring knighthood.

2. To honor with a new title or description.

 completely into Arabic, will bridge the gap in quality factual entertainment that exists in the region, by reaching out to discerning dis·cern·ing  
Exhibiting keen insight and good judgment; perceptive.

dis·cerning·ly adv.
, educated, thinking audiences that are interested and sensitive about their environment, and are curious to seek more knowledge about the world around them, said the duo after signing the agreement.

Like the work of National Geographic globally, NGC Abu Dhabi aims to inspire a life-long passion for learning, to cultivate curiosity and wonder about the world and generate awareness, concern and knowledge about the planet; by offering smart and reliable factual entertainment, featuring science and technology, animals and nature, exploration and culture.

The channel's programming has been expertly designed to meet the preferences of the region's viewers; offering three main themes from 6 pm to 9 pm (UAE (Uninterruptible Application Error) The name given to a crash in Windows 3.0. In subsequent versions of Windows, a crash was called a "General Protection Fault," "Application Error" or "Illegal Operation." See crash in Windows and abend. ) and late night, which will rotate between Nat Geo Science - featuring programmes that unravel the mysteries behind the world, or beyond it; Wildlife - which will incorporate the best and most intimate encounters with wildlife ever seen on television; and MEGA, which will showcase the world's most breathtaking meagastructures, megacities, megafactories and megamovers.

A different theme will be developed for viewers each week under the 'Theme week' slot such as Fight Science, Most Amazing a·maze  
v. a·mazed, a·maz·ing, a·maz·es
1. To affect with great wonder; astonish. See Synonyms at surprise.

2. Obsolete To bewilder; perplex.

 Moments, Food and Travel, where, between 9 pm and 10 pm (UAE), viewers can see some of the greatest, most action-packed and topical programming on National Geographic.

During prime time, 10 pm--12 am, Sunday--Thursday, the channel will showcase programmes based around a different genre each night.

Nat Geo Science (Sundays) will feature one-offs like Incredible Human Machine and World's Most Bizarre Dinosaurs; Nat Geo Action (Mondays) will show programmes including Dangerous Encounters, Jet Man and Don't Tell My Mother; Nat Geo Confidential (Tuesdays) will focus on real-life investigations; Disastertainment (Wednesdays) will show programmes such as Air Crash and Seconds from Disaster; while Showcase (Thursdays) will be an open slot showing documentaries about current affairs current affairs npl(noticias fpl de) actualidad f

current affairs current npl(questions fpl d')actualité f

 or grand premieres.

Ward Platt, president - Asia Pacific & Middle East, National Geographic Channels International said: "The launch of the channel in Arabic marks the first time in the Middle East that high quality National Geographic content will be delivered to the region's viewers dubbed into their native language, and also the first time that a National Geographic Channel will be available free-to-air.

"Our work revolves around the protection of the natural world by bringing information and awareness about the planet to viewers - a philosophy and commitment to environmental sustainability shared by ADMC."

"We are very excited at this opportunity to together showcase unique perspectives on the world that we inhabit in·hab·it  
v. in·hab·it·ed, in·hab·it·ing, in·hab·its
1. To live or reside in.

2. To be present in; fill: Old childhood memories inhabit the attic.
 in the Arabic language Arabic language

Ancient Semitic language whose dialects are spoken throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Though Arabic words and proper names are found in Aramaic inscriptions, abundant documentation of the language begins only with the rise of Islam, whose main texts
, and play a part in Abu Dhabi's sustainable growth and transformation into a global media hub See digital media hub. ."

"The launch of National Geographic Channel Abu Dhabi raises the standard of programming and content in the region - through the fact that the content will be in Arabic and free-to-air," commented Mohamed Khalaf Al Mazrouei, chairman of ADMC.

"We are very excited to have partnered with National Geographic Channels to not only bring viewers in the region leading global factual entertainment, but to help us expand, enhance and diversify our existing media bouquet - by allowing us to offer something totally new to the Arabic-speaking population in the Middle East," he added.

Viewers can also interact with the channel via a dedicated National Geographic Channel Abu Dhabi website - .

The website will feature comprehensive information on programming including forthcoming feature highlights; an easy-view TV schedule; a variety of online games designed to encourage people to think about the planet; a community section where viewers can 'ask the experts', contribute to online polls or enter competitions; and a video player where viewers can watch programme highlights and reviews.

Globally the National Geographic Channel reaches out to 305 million homes in 165 countries, in 34 languages.- TradeArabia News Service

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