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ABU DHABI - Oil Refining Sector.

Abu Dhabi has a major oil refining sector which will be expanded. It has two oil refineries, one on the island of Umm Al Nar with a nameplate capacity of 85,000 b/d and one at Ruwais with a capacity of more than 680,000 b/d. Both are operated by the Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Co. (Takreer), a unit of state-owned Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. (ADNOC ADNOC Abu Dhabi National Oil Company ).

Dubai has a 120,000 b/d condensate splitter and an 18,000 b/d oil refinery. Sharjah has a small second-hand refinery installed in 1997. A small refining venture in Fujairah includes a 20,000 b/d condensate splitter (see 2002 survey of Dubai and the other UAE (Uninterruptible Application Error) The name given to a crash in Windows 3.0. In subsequent versions of Windows, a crash was called a "General Protection Fault," "Application Error" or "Illegal Operation." See crash in Windows and abend.  emirates in Vol. 58).

Abu Dhabi's developing industrial zone at Ruwais has a big petrochemicals export complex and the gas liquids plant there has been expanded for increased exports of LPG LPG: see liquefied petroleum gas.

1. LPG - Linguaggio Procedure Grafiche (Italian for "Graphical Procedures Language"). dott. Gabriele Selmi. Roughly a cross between Fortran and APL, with graphical-oriented extensions and several peculiarities.
 (see following articles). Takreer was created in June 1999 after a major restructuring of ADNOC (see OMT (Object Modeling Technique) An object-oriented analysis and design method developed by James Rumbaugh. See Rational Rose.

OMT - Object Modelling Technique
 of this week).
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Publication:APS Review Downstream Trends
Geographic Code:7UNIT
Date:Jan 13, 2003
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