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ABC Art Riddles.

ABC Art Riddles

Carol Murray, author; Freddie Levin, illustrator

Peel Productions, Inc.

PO Box 546, Columbus, NC 28722

0939217589 $13.95

ABC Art Riddles isn't an ordinary ABC book; each page gives a rhyming riddle, the answer to which is a word with most of its letters left as blank spaces. Kids will enjoy solving the riddles, each of which connects to art. The simple color illustrations also offer clues to the riddle's solution, simulating young minds and vocabularies. For example, the entry for Q is "_ q _ _ _ _: Q in the second letter in my name. / There are five more letters, none are the same. / Four right angles are part of me. / I am a shape you often see. / My sides are equal, always straight. / What's my name? Don't hesitate", and the illustration shows six brightly colored squares. A wonderful exercise in both reading and the imagination. Also highly recommended is ABC Math Riddles (0939217570, $13.95).

Betsy L. Hogan

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Author:Hogan, Betsy L.
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
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Date:Feb 1, 2006
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