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A well-rounded show north of the border.

May's Plast-Ex '92 exhibit in Toronto featured a fair number of new products in several major processing categories, including equipment and resins for injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and laboratory testing.


A 242-ton toggle press, part of the new Dynamica series for high-speed, thin-wall applications, was demonstrated by Nuova Plastic Metal (NPM) of Italy, represented by R+R Plastics Services Inc., Keswick, Ont. Features include closed-loop control via Moog servovalve. Clamp speeds reportedly cannot be affected by oil temperature or by the weight of the mold. Price of the 242-ton unit is about $185,000, including servovalve and controller. The series ranges from about 88 to 352 tons.

Xaloy Inc., Pulaski, Va., showed off the line of Swiss-made shutoff nozzles that the firm is now distributing for sister company Bernex Bimetall AG. The valves, available in both hydraulic and spring-loaded versions (both with optional static mixing element), were previously available from Bernex Co. in Beachwood, Ohio.

Xaloy has also extended its total tungsten carbide protection system for screws and barrels in severe wear applications into the larger size range. The system consists of the X-800 tungsten carbide composite barrel with X-8000 screw, providing a metallurgically bonded, fracture-resistant overlay of tungsten carbide composite on all exposed surfaces--root and flight flanks as well as the flight tops. It's now available on screw diameters up to 6-8 in. and screw lengths up to 10 ft.

In materials, Himont Inc. of Wilmington, Del., introduced a PP thin-wall injection molding grade, Pro-Fax MH-453-NW, for closures, housewares, and packaging. Himont says this resin can reduce cycle times by 30% or more.


A recently introduced high-end Type C control was exhibited by Mitsubishi (sold here by MC Machinery Systems, Inc., Wood Dale, Ill.), which incorporates a color CRT screen with a graphic display that allows the operator to see all set and actual values at a glance. The software provides full SPC/SQC monitoring of molding conditions, as well as production history. The unit stores 40 mold setups, with the ability to export to floppy disk for expanded memory. The color CRT display provides the ability to set up conditions for the next job while the current job is still running.

A Mold Setup Monitoring Program was introduced by Engel Canada Inc., Guelph, Ont., to provide setup maintenance and monitoring functions on its injection machines with EC88 and CC90 controls. The package provides a real-time communication link between a host PC and up to 14 injection molding machines. It provides central storage of mold setup records on a hard drive, as well as off-line ability to create and edit setup information. Networking provisions are also supplied.

A portable shot process monitor and analyzer, the Shotscope A5000, was introduced by T.G. Branden Corp., Wilsonville, Ore. The unit takes position, velocity, pressure, and temperature data from transducers on the press, then analyzes the data and passes the results and shot profiles to the computer. The computer displays the shot profiles and the process parameter values, which are compared against user-set limits. Process parameter values of every shot are automatically stored on the computer's hard drive for SPC analysis. Trend, X-bar-and-R, and histogram analysis of any portion of the stored shot population can be performed without interrupting fresh data collection.

The A5000 costs $7500. It's a portable version of the Shotscope S9000 introduced at NPE '91. It includes the same monitoring capabilities as the S9000, but is designed to monitor individual presses, rather than a whole plant.


A customized hot-runner system for engineering materials was introduced by Kona Corp., Gloucester, Mass. Variables such as internal runner size, tip configuration, and materials of construction are all customized for each application. Kona reports that its heat-pipe technology and knowledge gained from development trials have enabled it to offer high-cavitation systems for engineering materials with a minimum number of temperature controls.

The SPI protocol for data communications was introduced on a hot-runner temperature control system from Fast Heat Element Manufacturing Co., Elmhurst, Ill. The SPI-ready controller is featured in a new version of Fast Heat's Conductor Series Control System, and now can be interfaced directly to injection molding press controls that incorporate the SPI protocol. It's said to bring automated process management and information gathering capabilities to the press's SPC system.


Brampton Engineering of Brampton, Ont., reported the sale of an eight-layer coextrusion die--probably the most layers ever built into a single blown film die. According to sales and marketing manager David Jones, it's already up and running at an undisclosed location, producing food packaging.

Deltaplast Machinery Ltd., Concord, Ont., introduced a low-cost line of extruders known as the Delta II Series. The machines are built on a modular "unitized concept" whereby customers specify only those features they need. Unlike the company's other extruders, the Delta II series has an integrated thrust-bearing and gear assembly. Sized between 2 and 4.5 in., these extruders cost roughly 18-20% less than the company's top-of-the-line models.

Two other extrusion equipment suppliers featured corrugated pipe equipment. For the past six months, Corma Inc., Concord, Ont., has been able to offer systems to make double-wall corrugated PE pipe with an integral cuff, according to marketing v.p. Ken Bennet.

From Ashland Taylor Inc. of Woodbridge, Ont., comes a new vacuum corrugator, Model 148-2, with adjustable track length for the traveling molds.

A low-cost, Fine-Line web inspection system was introduced by Mayan Automation Inc., Lachine, Que. The system, which costs about $7000, inspects webs for spots, streaks, and holes in real time and performs width measurement.


Novacor Chemical Corp., Calgary, Alberta, let the veil slip off a clear, film-grade HMW-HDPE called ND4103-H. According to senior technical service specialist Joseph Luczak, the resin produces films of a "clarity comparable to LLDPE and LDPE."

Due on the market last month, the resin has a melt-flow index of 10.0 and density of 0.940. Clarity aside, it maintains the inherent benefits of HDPE such as downgauging ability, low blocking, and strength. Moreover, Luczak says the resin runs well not only on HDPE film lines but also on conventional equipment, especially when the application features high blow-up ratio and a layflat width greater than 25 in. On the downside, Luczak acknowledges a small trade-off in some physical properties such as dart impact.

At the show, Lung Meng Machinery Corp., Mississauga, Ont., was running the new resin at 0.25 mils on an integrated blown film/bag-making line with a 55-mm grooved-feed extruder. "It runs well," company director David Chen says of new resin. "People don't believe it's HDPE."

A new PP grade from Himont, Pro-Fax KS056P, is designed to replace PVC in calendared and extruded sheet. For melt-phase thermoformable sheet, Himont is recommending coextrusions of a new PP product, Pro-Fax PF-104, as a high-gloss cap layer over an existing grade, Pro-Fax SD-613.


Du Pont Canada Inc., Mississauga, Ont., showed off a new high-gloss HDPE for rigid bottles. Sclair 58HG is suited to either injection or extrusion blow.

Two new container leak-detection systems were on hand. The QTX10 Leak Tester was introduced by Blow Moulding Controls U.K., represented here by International Business Consultants, Oakville, Ont. The QTX series has leak testing, blocked bore sensing, top-load strength measurements, and check-weighing functions, all integrated on a single circuit card. Such integration reportedly reduces the cost below that of some leak testers that only carry out a basic leak test.

Also, a new System 8000 rotary leak inspector is being offered by Air Logic Power Systems (ALPS), Milwaukee. The unit can inspect 800-900 bottles/min, and includes a servo drive and operator interface on the boom.

ALPS also recently introduced its Vision System/Plus, which supplements mechanical inspection with a variety of camera inspection features. Turnkey vision systems are available for inspecting surface defects, sealing surfaces, interior container bottoms, screw threads, blister packs, and glue patterns, as well as code reading and optical gauging.

Other blow molding products included a new spin trimmer from Machine Tool and Mold, Beaverton, Ore. Model 730A trims either narrow- or wide-mouth containers. The new unit includes pneumatic release of jammed bottles and on-the-fly blade adjustment. Cost is about $10,000.

A design system that eliminates the need for base cups on PET bottles was exhibited by Rao Design Engineering & Management Services, Inc., Schiller Park, Ill. The system can be adapted to existing molds and save 15-20% in overall packaging costs, according to the company.


A new 9000 series of Sterlco water-temperature control units introduced by Sterling, Inc., Milwaukee, is said to include several improved operating features. Dual platinum RTD sensors provide more precise temperature control than standard thermocouples. Operator-friendly controllers monitor and control temperatures to |+ or -~0.5|degrees~F. A combination of half/full-heating and variable timed cooling feature is said to enable the system to maintain more precise temperatures than those using a motor-driven valve modulating approach.

Several new products were on hand from Spaltech International, Mississauga, Ont. New stackable water and oil circulating controllers were introduced with digital controllers. Also shown was a self-emptying material bin for vacuum loading systems. The bin is completely covered on top to prevent contamination, and has an approximate capacity of 300 lb of resin. Drawer magnets with one-piece cast-aluminum bodies, was also shown.

A filterless vacuum loader was introduced by Colourmate Inc., Woodbridge, Ont. The FL-110 system is comprised of a filterless, screenless loading hopper that is mounted on the processing machine hopper. The loading chamber is designed with a very efficient internal bell cyclone separation device that eliminates maintenance on a component that is normally hard to reach. Price is about $1450.

A weight-loss blender, called Exacta-Blend, was introduced by MouldTek Industries, Scarborough, Ont. Features include computer controls with 25 menus, accuracy of |+ or -~0.25%, and throughput of 4000 lb/hr. Cost is about $24,000.


The Micro 350 Universal Tester to measure tensile strength was introduced by Testing Machines Inc., Amityville, N.Y. The device has a capacity of up to 1100 lb force and features include interchangeable load cells, a large frame for highly extensible materials, and variable speeds.

A new plunger component for capillary rheometers that's said to work well with low-viscosity materials and eliminate frictional effects inside the barrel, was introduced by Kayeness Inc., Morgantown, Pa. The plunger is a $2000 option with any capillary rheometer in the Galaxy series. Also introduced was the MCR-750 mini capillary rheometer system, including data processing system and software, at a cost of about $25,000.
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