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A trio of Trellises for shade, privacy, climbing vines.

Three graceful trellises define and unify garden areas at both sides and the rear of this slender house. All are bolted to the house's walls, but each has a differing size, style, and additional support system.

Entry trellis. This 44-foot-long structure uses the largest timbers: 4-by-4s rest on pairs of 8-by-8s, which extend from the house; these in turn rest on 4-by-6s spanning stuccoed posts that match the house's exterior. The wood elements give this trellis scale and enough mass to screen views, control sun, and support vigorous wisteria vines.

Rear trellises. Giving these two trellises a lighter look, a grid of 2-by-2s floats on the underside of the supporting framework. A 10- by 15-foot section, with 4-by-4 posts at the outside corners, shades the patio at the rear of the house. The third trellis extends from the walls on 34-inch-long brackets. San Diego landscape architect David Reed designed the trellises.
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Date:May 1, 1990
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