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A spot of freshness.

FRESH DAB OFFERS THE LATEST INNOVATION in personal hygiene hygiene, science of preserving and promoting the health of both the individual and the community. It has many aspects: personal hygiene (proper living habits, cleanliness of body and clothing, healthful diet, a balanced regimen of rest and exercise); domestic hygiene  that is perfect for all ages even for parents doing diaper duty, say company officials. By adding a dab to toilet paper consumers can enjoy a clean, fresh feeling in the most delicate of areas, officials add. The natural gel formula is formulated for·mu·late  
tr.v. for·mu·lat·ed, for·mu·lat·ing, for·mu·lates
a. To state as or reduce to a formula.

b. To express in systematic terms or concepts.

 with five herbal herbal, early botanical book containing descriptions and illustrations of herbs and plants with their properties, chiefly those qualities that made them useful as medicines or condiments. Most of the herbals were written between c.1470 and c.  extracts that are gentle to the body and the environment.

Although a natural product, Fresh dab is priced to sell to compete with other similar use products. Officials for the Boston-based company also say that it offers retailers great margins and repeat sales and--for a limited time-- are offering free shelf samples to select retailers. For more information, visit or email d.gerber [a]

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Author:Mendelson, Seth; Levitt, Craig
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:Apr 1, 2012
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