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A shortfall at Superfund.

After five years, all thaths left in Superfund, the $1.6-billion fund established for cleaning up hazardous waste sites and for handling emergenices like chemical spills, is $125 million. One day after the current Superfund law expired at the end of September, the House approved an emergency 45-day extension of the program to make sure that cleanups donht halt while Congess completes work on new legislation. This could take at least a month.

So far, the Senate has approved a $7.5-billion, five-year extension of the program. But various versions of Superfund legislation are bogged down in a maze of House committees, which can't decide how much money is needed, who to tax, how quickly cleanups should be done and whether victims deserve compensation (SN: 3/2/85, p. 133).
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Publication:Science News
Date:Oct 5, 1985
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