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A rocket for Holby; CASUALTY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY BBC1, 8.20pm & 8pm.

Casualty gets more than it's share of dramatic disasters and terrifying traumas, but this two-parter sees the medicated soap power back into the ratings with its most stunning double-whammy ever.

Towering Inferno meets violence on the streets as Holby's Farmead estate is ripped apart, firstly by fire and secondly by incensed locals.

Chaos reigns after troubled teenage girl Sammy (Finn Atkins) gets back at the bullies whoattacked her by launching a bundle of rockets up the stairwell of their high-rise, burning her hand and injuring an OAP as well as one of her tormentors in the process.

The rockets cause much sound and fury but a relatively minor incident becomes a major catastrophe when sparks ignite another pensioner's flat, and exploding gas cylinders rip gaping holes in the tower block floors.

It's edge-of-seat stuff, and only the start of the troubles. After Tess (Suzanne Packer) roughly treats Sammy's burned hand, the aggravating teenager turns her office into a wreck.

Tess heads to Sammy's house to remonstrate then chases her across a building site, with desperately violent results for all concerned.

We predict a riot, we predict a riot...
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 13, 2008
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