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A new breed of little roses: the mini-floras; up to 2 feet tall, to try in pots.

A new breed of little roses: the mini-floras

A new breed of compact roses--known as mini-floras--is appearing in Western nurseries this summer. These free-flowering varieties, many developed in France, are well suited to container culture: they're small enough to thrive with contained roots, yet large enough to be seen from across a patio.

Plants grow to 1 1/4 to 2 feet tall, twice the size of miniatures but smaller than floribundas or polyanthas (they were bred from floribundas selected for small size). Flowers are up to 2 inches across and come in orange, pink, red, white, and yellow.

Mini-flora varieties

Mini-floras are intended to be an improvement over two older, similar-size roses, "Garnette' (a small floribunda) and "Margo Koster' (a polyantha). In contrast to these, the mini-floras grow more compactly and bear flowers with a more classic shape and in more colors.

In nurseries, garden centers, and florist shops now and through summer, you'll find the following varieties in 4- or 6-inch pots or gallon cans for about $5 to $8. Check the labels carefully; at some garden centers, mini-flora roses may be mixed in with the true miniatures they closely resemble, especially when young.

"Amber Flash': 1 1/2-inch yellow-orange blooms on a 20-inch plant.

"Astra': 1 1/2-inch dogwood-like clusters of pink blossoms on a plant 12 inches high.

"Classic Meillandina': 1 1/2-inch vibrant pink flowers on a 15-inch plant.

"Magic Sunblaze' (also sold as "Sunblaze Magic'): 2-inch white blooms with pink to scarlet edges on a 15- to 18-inch plant.

"Orange Meillandina' (also sold as "Sunblaze Orange'): 1 1/2-inch brilliant orange flowers on a 15- to 18-inch plant.

"Pink Meillandina' (also sold as "Sunblaze Pink'): 1 1/2-inch clear pink blossoms on a 15- to 18-inch plant.

"Royal Sunblaze' (also sold as "Sunblaze Royal'): 1 1/2- to 2-inch yellow blooms on a 15- to 18-inch plant.

"Scarlet Meillandina' (also sold as "Sunblaze Scarlet'): 1 1/2-inch deep scarlet flowers on a 15- to 18-inch plant.

"Stardance': 2-inch white blossoms with yellow centers on a 24-inch plant.

Planting and care

Give mini-floras a sunny location. Plant them in a mix containing plenty of organic material such as compost or ground bark. Mix in a timed-release, high-nitrogen complete fertilizer before planting.

Water--and control pests--as you would on other roses. Remove spent flowers frequently to encourage more bloom. Prune in late January. Like miniature roses, mini-floras are not grafted onto a rootstock; they grow on their own roots, so it isn't necessary to remove suckers. (In cold-winter regions, grow in pots to move indoors when temperatures drop to 20|.)

For more on growing roses successfully, see the Sunset book Roses (Lane Publishing Co., Menlo Park, Calif., updated 1986; $5.95).

Photo: Mini-flora rose is 10 inches high in gallon can, twice size of miniature at left; both are a year old

Photo: Rosebud on "Magic Sunblaze' mini-flora will open to long-lasting 2-inch bloom like others in cluster
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Date:Jun 1, 1986
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