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A friendly link to his office.

Serving as a convenient link between a home office and the rest of the house, this cutout window is geared for the present and the future. Phoenix architet James Scalise designed it into his own house when remodeling an existing family room into an office and studio.

Most of the time the cutout is open, joining the two spaces. But when necessary, solid shutters on top-mounted tracks seal it off so that Scalise can conduct business without being disturbed. (The office has a separate outside entry, as well as its own bathroom and a pocket door leading to the kitchen.)

In the future, the office could revert to being a family room or become a guest bedroom, perhaps with a hidden bed or convertible sofa replacing the drafting table. The shutters could then seal off the guest room.
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Title Annotation:home office design
Date:Jul 1, 1985
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