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A comparative grammar of British English dialects; agreement, gender, relative clauses.


A comparative grammar the science which determines the relations of kindred languages by examining and comparing their grammatical forms.

See also: Grammar
 of British English British English
The English language used in England as distinguished from that used elsewhere.
 dialects; agreement, gender, relative clauses.

Ed. by by Bernd Kortmann et al.

Mouton mouton

lamb pelt made to resemble seal or beaver.
 de Gruyter


371 pages



Topics in English linguistics; 50.1


Kortmann, Tanja Herrmann, Lukas Pietsch, and Susanne Wagner inaugurate in·au·gu·rate  
tr.v. in·au·gu·rat·ed, in·au·gu·rat·ing, in·au·gu·rates
1. To induct into office by a formal ceremony.

 the series, to be published at irregular intervals, designed to mitigate neglect in the study of the grammar of English dialects, drawing on large data collections compiled since the late 1980s. They offer qualitative and corpus-based (Freiburg English Dialect Corpus) quantitative studies of grammatical variation in the British Isles from a typological perspective. Their analysis covers relativization strategies in Scottish English, Northern Irish English, and four major dialect areas in England; the Northern Subject Rule, a special agreement phenomenon known from Northern England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland; and pronominal pro·nom·i·nal  
1. Of, relating to, or functioning as a pronoun.

2. Resembling a pronoun, as by specifying a person, place, or thing, while functioning primarily as another part of speech.
 gender, with a focus on the typologically rather unique semantic gender system in the dialect of Southwest England.

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