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A companion to Kant's Critique of pure reason.


A companion to Kant's Critique of pure reason.

Altman Alt·man   , Robert Born 1925.

American film director and screenwriter whose film credits include M*A*S*H (1970), for which he won an Academy Award, and The Player (1992).
, Matthew C.

Westview Press


232 pages




His Critique of Pure Reason is especially challenging, even to Kant specialists, and Altman (philosophy, Central Washington Central Washington is a region of the United States defined as the western half of Eastern Washington, or those counties lying east of the Cascade Mountains but west of the 119th meridian.  U.) is acutely aware that merely taking readers step by step through the arguments is not enough. Using examples and clear, concise language Altman explains passages within context, including those built by Kant himself, focusing on Kant's point of view rather than on interpreters and critics. Altman is particularly skilled at sorting out Kant's thought on the relative places of God and human freedom, and he provides a very good glossary A term used by Microsoft Word and adopted by other word processors for the list of shorthand, keyboard macros created by a particular user. See glossaries in this publication and The Computer Glossary. , cross-references and annotated bibliography An annotated bibliography is a bibliography that gives a summary of the research that has been done. It is still an alphabetical list of research sources. In addition to bibliographic data, an annotated bibliography provides a brief summary or annotation. .

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Date:May 1, 2008
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