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A bad traffic jam

The stateÕs inadequate and poorly maintained roads and highways List of articles related to roads and highways around the world. International/World
  • Asian Highway Network
  • Alaska Highway
  • European route
  • Pan-American Highway
  • Trans-African Highway network
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, coupled with rush-hour traffic, cost Nevadans $1.8Êbillion a year in extra vehicle operating costs operating costs nplgastos mpl operacionales  and lost time, according to a report released this week.

The study by TRIP, a nonprofit Washington transportation group, calculated an annual cost of $1,481 for the average Las Vegas Valley driver.

The group reported that 13 percent of the stateÕs roads and highways are either poor or mediocre. It also said that, as of 2007, Nevada ranked fourth in the nation in the share of congested con·gest·ed
Affected with or characterized by congestion.

congested ENT adjective Referring to a boggy blood-filled tissue. See Nasal congestion.
 highways and interstates. The congestion The condition of a network when there is not enough bandwidth to support the current traffic load.

congestion - When the offered load of a data communication path exceeds the capacity.
 in Las Vegas makes a rush-hour trip 30Êpercent longer than the same trip during nonpeak times.

None of this, of course, is a surprise to anyone who drives in Las Vegas.

Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio, R-Reno, who has served in the Legislature for nearly 40 years, put his finger on the underlying problem: ÒOur highway budget has been going down while demands on the system have been steadily increasing.Ó

Unfortunately, Gov. Jim Gibbons has been reluctant to do much about the congestion and the problems with the stateÕs roads and highways. For example, during the 2007 Legislature, he blocked a bill that would have provided full funding for several needed roadway projects. Instead, he agreed to provide only one-fifth of the needed construction costs — and he called that a Òwin for Nevada.Ó

Gibbons Famous people named Gibbons include:
  • Beth Gibbons (born 1965), British singer
  • Billy Gibbons, guitarist for ZZ Top
  • Cedric Gibbons (1893–1960), American art director
  • Christopher Gibbons (1615 - 1676), English composer, son of Orlando
 stopped the original legislation because he said it would raise taxes. What he failed to acknowledge is that Nevadans are paying significant costs because of the inaction on building and properly maintaining roads. Increasing taxes to pay for better roads would have resulted in lower vehicle operating costs and less time wasted waiting in traffic. In other words Adv. 1. in other words - otherwise stated; "in other words, we are broke"
put differently
, because of Gibbons, Nevadans pay the costs without getting any benefit. So much for that Òwin.Ó

It could get worse. TRIP notes that without more funding, NevadaÕs gridlock Gridlock

A government, business or institution's inability to function at a normal level due either to complex or conflicting procedures within the administrative framework or to impending change in the business.
 will only grow, and it is calling on Congress to increase federal highway funding for the states. Federal funding should be increased, but Nevada should step up and do its part as well.
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Publication:Las Vegas Sun
Date:Oct 18, 2009
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