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A bad habit.

A Bad Habit

Contrary to a story last week in the Arkansas Gazette, the new St. Michael Hospital, to be built on the Texas side of Texarkana, will not cost twice as much as originally planned.

At least that's what the folks on the border tell us.

The Gazette reported that the cost of building the five-floor facility has increased to $116 million from original estimates of between $50 million and $70 million.

But the hospital's spokeswoman, Suzanne Patton, says costs have remained constant for the new St. Michael, which is owned and operated by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word.

"The sisters don't operate that way," Patton says.

As for the reported increase, Patton has no idea where that came from.

The sisters probably think the media has a bad habit of getting things wrong.

"The construction cost of the hospital itself will be about $60 million," she says. "Maybe that's where they got it. The $116 million includes the purchase of the land and construction of a freestanding rehabilitation hospital."

Not included in the costs are plans for a connecting, 150,000-SF medical office complex.

The current St. Michael facility - a 254-bed, acute-care, medical-surgical hospital with an average occupancy rate of 82 percent - is located about six miles from the new site on the Arkansas side of the border.
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Title Annotation:cost of building the new St. Michael Hospital
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Jul 29, 1991
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