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A Shot in the Dark.

The book is an unrestrained attack upon the use of vaccination. It accuses the regulatory agencies of approving a practice that the medical profession admits is unavoidably unsafe and is incapable of being made safe for the intended use.

The authors are incensed that fifty years of state-approved medical "malpractice" is being conducted and being paid for by the taxpayer through public health facilities in addition to the millions of dollars spent by the public directly to the medical profession.

A Shot in the Dark documents the story of D.P.T. (Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus) vaccine and how the Pertussis (whooping cough portion) has become a veritable American tragedy. There are reported cases of this vaccine being worse than the disease, a shocking statistic.

The vaccine was originally introduced in England and the United States before any systematic effort had been made to evaluate its side effects. The vaccine's ability to kill without warning was first identified in 1993 by a Danish physician who reported that two babies died within minutes of the inoculation.

Other countries in Western Europe and Japan suspended D.P.T. vaccination because of the negative publicity. The practice of using D.P.T., however, continued despite constant criticism, nor was its use lessend in the United States.

Only recently have the vaccine reactions been statistically studied in the United States. The oversight, according to the writers, lies with the medical profession. To quote:

"One reason American doctors have difficulty believing that vaccine reactions exist to any great extent is that the D.P.T. shots are mandated by law in the majority of states. They cannot imagine that a medical procedure credited with saving lives by eliminating a disease which is compulsory, recommended in medical textbooks, and advocated as overwhelmingly safe and harmless by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control, can cause serious injury and even death."
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
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Date:Jan 1, 1993
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