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A Psychology of Food - More Than a Matter of Taste.

A Psychology of Food - More Than a Matter of Taste

Have you ever wondered why you fancy certain food at a specified time? The reason may be psychological. In Dr Lyman's text you can read about our complex responses to food.

As the author says in the Preface, he was pleased to find that, in general, food preferences, eating and food behaviour conform to the principles of psychology. He discusses the effect of personality on both stable and fluctuating preferences for food. It is a complex stimulus; in fact, meaning can be attributed to some foods or their characteristics. He also deals with family influences and how they affect food preferences. There is the common problem of children refusing to try different foods, and the use of food as both a defensive and offensive weapon. He believes that imagery and emotion can also play a part.

His chapters carry titles: The role of food and eating in personality and social development; Long-term preferences; Fluctuations in food preferences; The relation between emotions and food preferences; Fads, fashions and food preferences; Taste; Odour; Texture; Appearance; Colour; Food meanings; Changing food likes and dislikes; and The use food as psychotherapy. There follow a conclusion, bibliography and index.
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Date:Aug 1, 1989
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