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A Practical Guide to Photographic Intelligence.

A Practical Guide to Photographic Intelligence.

The author introduces this book as valuable to all parties, including military personnel, business-people, and even students, and proposes that it is "thought-provoking, entertaining, and educational." However, A Practical Guide to Photographic Intelligence fails in this regard.

The majority of the text is geared directly toward developing photographic intelligence of military targets. The author is extremely knowledgeable in this field, but his ability to indicate how this process relates to other fields is negligible.

The book provides basic information on the use of photos for intelligence gathering. Documentation and related data collection required for photograph validation is outlined and emphasized to increase the information's value. Planning for photograph collection and definition of the mission statement are also discussed.

Field measurement techniques reviewed in the book are useful and relatively accurate. Some technical information is provided regarding film, resolution, and camera equipment, but this information is probably redundant for persons working in the field. More complete and helpful information could be obtained from photographic resources, some of which are mentioned in the appendix.

This book deals with a specific topic applying to a small, technical audience. Personnel involved in this field are usually military trained and technically proficient with photographic equipment and would not gain much insight from this text.

Conversely, lay personnel could not obtain the necessary skills to take or interpret photographs based on this book.
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Author:Westbrook, Mark E.
Publication:Security Management
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Date:Jan 1, 1992
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