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A Manager's Guide to Employee Privacy - Laws, Policies, and Procedures.

Author: Kurt H. Decker Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Inc., 605 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10158-0012; 1989, 288 pages, hardback: $45

Reviewer: Robert D. Hulshouser, CPP; Internal Affairs Manager for Metropolitan Edison Co. in Reading, PA; Member of the ASIS Standing Committee on Privacy and Personnel Information Management Prominent among my office references is Kurt Decker's Employee Privacy Law and Practice, a landmark in the employment privacy law field. It is not intended to be a workplace procedural guide but is best used as a legal resource and reference.

Now comes A Manager's Guide to Employee Privacy-laws, Policies, and Procedures, a most fitting and complementary sequel to Employee Low and Practice. It effectively synthesizes employee privacy laws and principles and policies, procedures, and forms that can be used as industry guidelines.

For employers, particularly human resource and legal practitioners, A Manager's Guide to Employee Privacy is a cornucopia of practical information on specific employee privacy interests, each analyzed with respect to relevant principles. The author also includes hints on minimizing litigation risks for each privacy issue discussed.

This format provides an objective and utilitarian approach to complex legal issues. It also enhances the book's readability and value as a working resource.

The eight chapters review and analyze workplace issues such as employee privacy; initial employment contacts; employee data verification; personnel records; medical concerns; and information collection and distribution; personal privacy concerns; and privacy outside the workplace.

Chapters are further subdivided by topic. For example, the chapter on workplace medical concerns addresses specific employment privacy issues arising from physical examinations, smoking, employee assistance programs, alcohol and drug abuse, and AIDS. Sample policy and procedural guidelines-derived from the author's explanations of relevant legal principles-are provided for each privacy concern.

A Manager's Guide to Employee Privacy is a viable resource for security decision makers as well as human resource and legal practitioners. Decker has responded to a vital need for an adaptable and comprehensive workplace reference on employment privacy law. This outstanding work deserves the security industry's attention as a primary legal resource.
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Author:Hulshouser, Robert D.
Publication:Security Management
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 1, 1990
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