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A Birth Class: Focus on Labor and Delivery.

"A Birth Class" is a two-hour video focusing on labor and delivery as taught by nationally-known educators Beth Shearer and Cathy Romeo. It includes footage of Helen Varney Burst, CNM and Mitch Levine, MD, an obstetrician practicing with 5 midwives in his Arlington, MA office.

The video was scripted by Sally Morrison, IH/IBP certified teacher. The program is dedicated to Sally, who teaches IH/IBP classes in her Waldoboro, Maine, home.

Jane Wallace, the producer and Sally's sister, recognized the value of what independent childbirth educators are doing in their classes and wanted to make more people aware of such classes as an alternative to hospital classes for more objective, woman-oriented childbirth education. The video recently won the California Video Award in the parenting category, and the Boston Globe wrote,

"The tape offers information about safe alternatives to the high-tech hospital technology--backrubs by a trusted partner rather than narcotics for pain, for instance--that many obstetricians and hospital birthing classes don't teach."

Wallace suggests that the video would be a valuable addition to your lending library: "You may have students in your class who are overwhelmed with the amount of information there is to consume during your class, parents who regretfully have to miss the labor and delivery session, parents who need more reinforcement about the validity of your philosophy of birth, etc. This video, although it cannot offer your personal touch, does help to fill these voids and offers a second opinion, by professionals with top-notch credentials, which supports your teaching."

She also suggests that you can help to expand the awareness of the general public that options exist (which they will probably not hear from their local hospital). "Use the tape to publicize for your own classes. Arrange for your library to host a complimentary showing of A Birth Class for those in your community, and offer to be available at the conclusion to answer questions. Get this showing published in your local paper. This will increase your community's awareness that your classes are available."

The video is excellent and holds your interests. You can add it to your lending library, or suggest that your clients purchase a copy for themselves or as a gift for a less well-informed friend. It was especially interesting to see Helen Varney Burst and to hear the outcomes of the births from the couples in the classes. Good job, Jane and Sally!
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Author:Baldwin, Rahima
Publication:Special Delivery
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Date:Dec 22, 1991
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