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80% of privately financed overseas students work part-time.

TOKYO, June 11 Kyodo

Nearly 80% of foreign students studying in Japan at their own expense hold down part-time jobs, which pay them an average of 52,000 yen a month, an organization supporting foreign students in Japan said Tuesday.

The Association of International Education, Japan, said it surveyed 5,500 foreign students studying at graduate schools and colleges nationwide last November.

The survey found 76.4% of the 2,394 students who responded the survey work part time, up 5.6 percentage points from a 1999 survey, and an increase of 7.2 percentage points from 1997.

Most of the students worked in restaurants or at language schools, the association said, adding 84.5% said they work to earn money to support themselves.

The survey also found students who do not have scholarships work longer hours than those studying on scholarships.

The average workweek for the largest group of scholarship students, a total of 17.9%, was 15-20 hours a week, while 23.1% of those pursuing their studies without the aid of scholarships worked an average of 25 hours a week, said the association.

As of May last year, there were 68,270 privately financed foreign students studying in Japan, accounting for almost 87% of the 78,812 overseas students in the country, according to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
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Publication:Japan Weekly Monitor
Date:Jun 17, 2002
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