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8(a) contracts awarded.


Information Technology Experts Inc., 2120 S. College Ave., Ste. 1, Fort Collins, 80525--USDA for NAICS NAICS North American Industry Classification System  541519: $111,590; USDA USDA, See United States Department of Agriculture.
 for NAICS 541519: $296,257

Integrated Info Tech Corp., 4725 S. Monaco St., Ste. 300, Denver, 80237--GSA/FTS: $126,314

KI LLC (Logical Link Control) See "LANs" under data link protocol.

LLC - Logical Link Control
, 5475 Mark Dabling Blvd., Ste. 100, Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, city (1990 pop. 281,140), seat of El Paso co., central Colo., on Monument and Fountain creeks, at the foot of Pikes Peak; inc. 1886. It is a year-round resort and a booming military, technological, and commercial city. , 80918 --HHS/CDC for NAICS 561210: $4,659,722

Lane & Co., 25570 Road N., Cortez, 81321--INTERIOR/NPS for NAICS 237990:$20,101

Lei Companies Inc., 2787 West Alameda Ave., Denver, 80219--COMMERCE/NIST for NAICS 236220:$671,318

MCDS MCDS Ministry of Community Development and Sports (Singapore)
MCDS Minimum Connected Dominating Set
MCDS Marin Country Day School (Corte Madera, CA)
MCDS Metaphyseal Chondrodysplasia, Schmid Type
 Inc., 3200 Blake St., Denver, 80205--NOAA: $543,069

Martinez International Corp., 2260 S. Xanadu Way, Ste. 350, Aurora, 80014--STATE: $94,997

Mass/Alliance JV, 1109 E. 8th St.,, Pueblo, 81001 GSA/PBS for NAICS 236220:$20,108

Maxfour Engineers & Architects, 250 E. Dry Creek Dry Creek may refer to:
  • Dry Creek, Sonoma County, a stream in Sonoma County, California
  • Dry Creek, San Mateo County, a creek south of Lobitos, California
  • Dry Creek, Upper Central Valley, a tributary of the Sacramento River
 Rd., #202, Littleton, 80122--INTERIOR/NPS: $24,984; INTERIOR/NPS: $25,000

MCDS Inc., 3200 Blake St., Denver, 80205--GSA/PBS: $49,456

Merlin Software Corp., 7730 E. Belleview Ave., #A-306, Englewood, 80111--GSA/FTS: $41,357; GSA/ FTS FTS

facteur thymique sérique.
: $46,545

Merlin Technical Solutions Inc., 7730 E. Belleview Ave., #A-306, Englewood, 80111--COMMERCE/ PTO PTO
1. Parent Teacher Organization

2. or p.t.o. please turn over

3. power takeoff

PTO or pto please turn over

Noun 1.
 for NAICS 334511: $132,821; VA for NAICS 541519: $56,833

Onyx Development Inc., 3840 York St., Ste. 217, Denver, 80205--GSA/ PBS PBS
 in full Public Broadcasting Service

Private, nonprofit U.S. corporation of public television stations. PBS provides its member stations, which are supported by public funds and private contributions rather than by commercials, with educational, cultural,
: $26,122

Optimum Management Systems LLC, 924 W. Colfax Ave., Ste. 301, Denver, 80204--INTERIOR/MMS for NAICS 561210: $202,343; INTERIOR/USGS for NAICS 541611: $132,408

PMtech Inc., 6355 Ward Rd., Ste. 300, Arvada, 80004--ENERGY: $200,000

St Andrews Electric Corp., 12520 First St., Eastlake, 80614--INTERIOR for NAICS 238210:$90,247

Talib Syed & Assoc. Inc., 3595 S. Teller St., Ste. 405, Lakewood, 80235--EPA: $119,298

Tekstar Inc., 5540 Tech Center Dr., Colorado Springs, 80919--INTERIOR/USGS for NAICS 561210: $235,000

VCI VCI Verband Der Chemischen Industrie (German: federation of chemical Industries)
VCI Virtual Channel Identifier (used in Asynchronous Transfer Mode)
VCI Veterinary Council of India
VCI Virtual-Circuit Identifier
 Inc., 1500 Garden of the Gods Road, Colorado Springs, 80907--INTERIOR for NAICS 541511: $151,673; INTERIOR for NAICS 541512: $1,433,280

Williams-Gonzales Joint Venture, 633 17th St., Ste. 1600, Denver, 80202--IRS: $256,765

Zehcnas Inc., 412 S. Tejon, Ste. 200A, Colorado Springs, 80903--GSA/FTS for NAICS 421430: $41,547


Lindsley Transportation Services, 9105 Stacey M Lane, Clinton, 20735--NASA for NAICS 562111: $36,500

Marco Enterprises Inc., 3504 Watkins Ave., Landover, 20785--GSA/PBS for NAICS 235310: $311,278; INTERIOR/NPS for NAICS 236220: $26,478

Martek Global Services, 7920 Norfolk Ave., Stem 920, Bethesda, 20814--INTERIOR/MMS for NAICS 561110: $28,550

Masimax Resources Inc., 1375 Piccard Dr., Ste. 175, Rockville, 20850--HHS/NIH for NAICS 541611: $807,520; HHS/NIH for NAICS 511130: $1,731,049

Master Key Consulting, 4915 Saint Elmo Ave., Ste. 101, Bethesda, 20814--DHS/TSA for NAICS 541611: $213,675

Meltech Corp., 3321 75th Ave., Ste. G, Landover, 20785--GSA/PBS: $505,534; GSA/PBS for NAICS 236220: $30,179

Millennium Services 2000, 9039 Sligo Creek Parkway, Ste. 1707, Silver Spring, 20901--HHS for NAICS 541611: $221,658

National Drywall Inc., 15925, Woodbine woodbine, name for several vines, among them honeysuckle and Virginia creeper.

Any of many species of vines belonging to various flowering-plant families, especially the Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia, family Vitaceae) of
, 21797--HHS/NIH for NAICS 541611: $24,837

Page Environmental Corp., Raleigh Industrial Center, Baltimore, 21230 --INTERIOR/NPS for NAICS 233210: $246,768

Paradigm Solutions Corp., 6110 Executive Blvd, Rockville, 20852--DOT: $159,516; IRS An abbreviation for the Internal Revenue Service, a federal agency charged with the responsibility of administering and enforcing internal revenue laws. : $644,503

Patriot Group Contractors Inc., 5010 Sunnyside Ave., #302, Beltsville, 20705--GSA/PBS for NAICS 236220: $81,000

PE Service & Construction Inc., 9419 Georgia Ave., Ste. 207, Silver Spring, 20910--COMMERCE/NIST for NAICS 238320:$20,744

Precis Corp., 1400 Mercantile Lane, #160, Largo, 20774--EDUCATION for NAICS 561210:$546,865

QSS QSS Quintessential School Systems
QSS Quality Systems and Software
QSS Working Frequency (radiotelegraphy)
QSS Quick Service System
QSS quasi-stellar source (radio source)
QSS Quick Supply Store
 Group Inc., 4500 Forbes Blvd., Ste. 200, Lanham, 20706--NOAA for NAICS 541512:$1,395,814

Quality Support Inc., 8201 Corporate Dr., Ste. 220, Landover, 20785 --HHS/NIH: $1,563,681

Quality Telecommunications Service, 5410 Indian Head Hwy., Oxon Hill, 20745--USDA for NAICS 492210: $509,073

Realm Industries Corp., 5711 Industry Lane, Unit 31, Frederick, 21704--VA for NAICS 561720: $54,699

Native American Industrial Distributors, 9706 Pennsylvania Ave., Upper Marlboro, 20772--INTERIOR: $99,542; INTERIOR/BIA: $481,244

Native Intelligence Inc., 4048 Heritage Hill Lane, Ellicott City, 21042 --NARA for NAICS 422110: $40,000

Network Specialty Group Inc., 901 Russell Ave., #100, Gaithersburg, 20879--FOREST SERVICE for NAICS 541511: $317,815

Northern Taiga taiga (tī`gə), northern coniferous-forest belt of Eurasia, bordered on the north by the treeless tundra and on the south by the steppe.  Ventures Inc., 814 W. Diamond Ave., St.e 200, Gaithersburg, 20878--GSA/PBS for NAICS 238350: $89,504; GSA/PBS: $105,521

OMF OMF - Object Management Facility.

Part of the DAA proposed by Hewlett-Packard and Sun.
 Contractors Inc., 10237 Southard Drive, Beltsville, 20705--DHS/USCG for NAICS 236220: $20,107; DHS/USCG for NAICS 236220: $60,342

Oneida Communications Inc., 5400 Dower House Road, Upper Marlboro, 20772--INTERIOR: $45,697.68; INTERIOR: $754,994

Optimus Corp., 8601 Georgia Ave., Ste. 700, Silver Spring, 20910--GSA/FTS: $245,486; GSA/FTS: $1,264,513

Rehabplus Staffing, 7474 Greenway Center Dr., Greenbelt, 20770--DHS for NAICS 621999: $56,924

Revis Engineering Inc., 8502 Dangerfield Place, Clinton, 20735--DHS/USCG for NAICS 237110: $96,000; DHS/USCG for NAICS 238220: $97,383

Revis Engineering Inc., 8502 Dangerfield Pl., Clinton, 20735--SSA for NAICS 235110: $72,409; SSA (Serial Storage Architecture) A fault tolerant peripheral interface from IBM that transfers data at 80 and 160 Mbytes/sec. SSA uses SCSI commands, allowing existing software to drive SSA peripherals, which are typically disk drives.  for NAICS 235110: $325,844

Ribeiro Construction Co., 7385-A Old Alexander Ferry Road, Clinton, 20735--INTERIOR/MMS: $124,904; INTERIOR/MMS: $274,418

RTW (Release/Released To Web) A version of software that is ready to be sent, or has been sent, to a Web server for downloading by the public. See RTM.  Enterprises Inc., 3300 N. Ridge Rd., #105, Ellicott City, 21043 --GSA/PBS for NAICS 238990: $117,589; GSA/PBS for NAICS 561720: $230,001

RMW RMW Read-Modify-Write
RMW Regulated Medical Waste
RMW RM Williams (Holding Limited)
RMW Radioactive Mixed Waste(s)
RMW Robert Mondavi Winery
RMW Rock My World
 Enterprises Inc., 8630 Fenton St., Ste. 615, Silver Spring, 20910-GSA/FTS: $70,136; INTERIOR/ NPS NPS National Park Service
NPS Naval Postgraduate School
NPS Net Promoter Score (customer management)
NPS Non-Point Source pollution
NPS Native Plant Society
NPS Norfolk Public Schools (Virginia) 
: $88,704

SGT Inc., 7701 Greenbelt Rd., Ste. 400, Greenbelt, 20770--NASA for NAICS 541330: $105,718; NASA NASA: see National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
 in full National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Independent U.S.
 for NAICS 541330: $127,483

Skyhawk Logistics Inc., 1110 Bonifant St., Ste. 501, Silver Spring, 20910--TREASURY for NAICS 492210: $39,639


Access Services Inc., 924 N. 143rd St., Seattle, 98133--GSA/PBS for NAICS 36220: $83,116; GSA/PBS for NAICS 236220: $21,616

Burton Construction Inc., 3915 E. Nebraska Ave., Spokane, 99217--FOREST SERVICE for NAICS 238220: $116,218

Clene Tech, 3202 E. Portland Ave., Tacoma, 98404--NOAA for NAICS 561720: $58,079

Extreme Coatings Inc., 720 W. Lewis St., #128, Pasco, 99301--FOREST SERVICE for NAICS 236220: $25,481

Garry Struthers Associates Inc., 3150 Richards Rd., Ste. 100, Bellevue, 98005--STATE: $330,000

Herrera Environmental Consultants, 2200 6th Ave., Ste. 1100, Seattle, 98121--DOT/FHWA: $24,818; DOT/FHWA: $30,921

Innovations Group Inc., 1933 Jadwin Ave., Ste. 120, Richland, 99352--ENERGY for NAICS 561110: $50,000; ENERGY for NAICS 561110: $75,000

Pacific Tech Construction Inc., 1401 Industrial Way, Ste 400, Longview, 98632--JUSTICE for NAICS 238160: $85,475

Tip Top Services Inc., 203 SW 41st St., Renton, 98055--DHS/USCG for NAICS 561612: $98,634; DHS/ USCG USCG
United States Coast Guard

USCG n abbr (= United States Coast Guard) → Küstenwache der USA
: $31,702

West Max Inc, 101 Peters Creek Rd, Randle, 98377--FOREST SERVICE: $23,960


Cartridge Savers Inc., 6613 Seybold Rd., #F, Madison, 53719--USDA for NAICS 325992: $1,206,580

Heartland Engineering Inc., 17100 West Capitol Drive, Brookfield, 53005--VA for NAICS 541330: $38,166; VA for NAICS 541330: $85,000

World Environmental Inc., 3939 W. McKinley Ave., Milwaukee, 53208--EPA for NAICS 562211:$26,533


A.A.M.C. Inc., RR 1 Box 236, Flemington, 26347--VA for NAICS 236220: $30,702

Action Facilities Management Inc., 14 Edwin St., Morgantown, 26501--HHS/CDC for NAICS 561612: $573,480; INTERIOR/FWS for NAICS 561210: $273,914

Business Systems & Service Inc., 46 Glendale Rd., Vienna, 26105--TREASURY for NAICS 541513: $80,000

Performance Results Corp., 444 Tyrone Avery Rd., Morgantown, 26508--ENERGY: $260,000; ENERGY for NAICS 813920:$115,871; ENERGY for NAICS 541513: $70,000

Southeastern Roofing Co. of Pineville Inc., Route 10 North, Pineville, 24874--INTERIOR/NPS for NAICS 236220: $30,576; VA for NAICS 236220: $30,142

T3 Corp., 309 Cleveland Ave., #501, Fairmont, 26554--GSA/FTS: $773,427


Ultimate Cleaning Inc., 152 North Durbin, Ste. 302, Casper, 82601--INTERIOR/BLM for NAICS 561720: $66,240
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