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79 people arrested for indecency at Dubai beaches.

Byline: Dubai Police arrested 79 people for violating public decency de·cen·cy  
n. pl. de·cen·cies
1. The state or quality of being decent; propriety.

2. Conformity to prevailing standards of propriety or modesty.

3. decencies
 and ethics at Dubai's beaches, a police report said.

Dubai: Dubai Police arrested 79 people for violating public decency and ethics at Dubai's beaches, a police report said.

The arrests came after Dubai Police stepped up campaigns at Dubai's coasts to crackdown crack·down  
An act or example of forceful regulation, repression, or restraint: a crackdown on crime.

Noun 1.
 on those who violate decency rules and public manners, as well as to protect beach goers and preserve their privacy.

Police are urging people who witness any lewd or indecent act in public to immediately contact police at No. 04/6099888, 04/2036499, or 04/2661228.

Meanwhile, police arrested five people who were working as tourist guides without licence.

Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, Acting Chief of Dubai Police, said the campaigns against people luring tourists also resulted in the arrest of 10 infiltrators who organised desert safaris for tourists.

Major General Al Mazeina said the tourist security department monitored some people who used their private vehicles to transfer tourists from hotels and spas and organised tourist trips for them in agreement with some employees at those places for a commission.

He said such crimes affect tourism companies as well as the tourists because safari The default Web browser for the Max OS X operating system. It is noted for its fast download speed and many built-in features including the Google search bar and popup blocker. In June 2007, Safari was introduced in beta for Windows users. See Mac OS X.  vehicles are equipped for desert atmosphere and the guides are well qualified.

Police are urging those who witness any lewd or indecent act in public to immediately contact police at Nos 04/6099888, 04/2036499, or 04/2661228.

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Publication:Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)
Date:Jul 13, 2008
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