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724 Solutions Announces Mobile Virtual Network Operator Data Bundle.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -- End-to-End Data Solution Based on Proven X-Treme Mobility Suite Offers Flexible Platform to Accelerate Time to Market for MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) A reseller of wireless services. MVNOs do not own licensed spectrum and typically do not have any of their own wireless network infrastructure.  Data Services

724 Solutions (NASDAQ NASDAQ
 in full National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations

U.S. market for over-the-counter securities. Established in 1971 by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), NASDAQ is an automated quotation system that reports on
:SVNX) (TSX TSX Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE before April, 2002)
TSX Transfer from Stack Pointer to Index
TSX True Space Extension
:SVN SVN Subversion (version control system)
SVN Slovenia (international traffic code)
SVN Social Venture Network
SVN South Vietnam
SVN Secure Virtual Network
SVN Supervised Visitation Network
), a leading provider of next-generation IP-based network and data services, today announced the availability of 724's MVNO bundle based on the X-treme Mobility Suite that provides the core infrastructure required by a mobile operator, an MVNO or an MVNE MVNE Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (wireless telecommunications)
MVNE Medium Voltage Neutral Earthing
 (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler A Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (or MVNE) is a company that provides services to MVNOs, such as billing, network element provisioning, administration, operations, support of base station subsystems and operations support systems, and provision of back end network elements, to ) to operate and offer differentiated, branded mobile data services.

Based on 724's X-treme Mobility Suite (XMS (1) See cross memory services.

(2) (eXtended Memory Specification) A programming interface that allowed DOS programs to use memory above 1MB in 286s and up.
) the MVNO bundle provides a comprehensive architecture that enables MVNOs to use existing and proven technologies to deploy value-added services with great speed, moving with the tide of emerging next generation technologies. The MVNO bundle is network independent and enables the service provider to easily integrate with MVNE or mobile operator partners who provide them with the ability to utilize continuously evolving network technologies allowing the MVNO to preserve and extend their brand communities through offering compelling services via the most efficient access medium available.

724's experience with virtual operators includes its deployment at Elisa Finland who is concurrently hosting a number of MVNOs. Each virtual operator has a separate brand, identity and target subscribers. "We are able to respond with confidence and speed to the needs of the highly competitive Finnish wireless market and our MVNOs due to the modularity of 724's gateway and their patented partitioning capabilities," said Johannes Lindell, Planning Manager at Elisa.

"Our customers entering the MVNO/E market will benefit from our ability to extend to new network technologies, our architectural flexibility for rapid deployment and the lowest total cost of ownership," said Michael Luna Chief Technology Officer of 724 Solutions. "The X-treme Mobility Suite is a comprehensive solution that allows mobile operator, MVNO or MVNE to leverage rich, end-user focused services with the confidence that the investment can be leveraged as technology evolves," added Luna.

The MVNO Bundle is based upon 724's proven X-treme Mobility Suite, and consists of an Intermediation Proxy, Service Logic and Activity Management, and Content and VASP VASP Vasodilator-Stimulated Phosphoprotein
VASP Vienna Ab-Initio Simulation Package
VASP Viação Aérea São Paulo SA (Brazilian airline)
VASP Value Added Service Provider
VASP Virginia Academy of School Psychologists

--The intermediation proxy, based upon 724's proven X-treme Framework, provides a means to segment users into groups assigned to a specific MVNO, then manage and control the traffic flow, access lists, and routing for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers on a per MVNO basis.

--The service logic and activity manager, based upon 724's proven XSAM XSAM X-Treme Service Activity Manager , enables automated provisioning and deployment of new services, including pre- and postpaid billing integration, using standard templates to apply business models and business rules, in the form of "workflows" and "activities."

--The content and VASP management, based upon 724's proven XAP XAP Experimental Aerial Platforms , makes it easy for MVNO subscribers to find, buy, use and pay for content by providing a "storefront" (SMS (1) (Storage Management System) Software used to routinely back up and archive files. See HSM.

(2) (Systems Management Server) Systems management software from Microsoft that runs on Windows NT Server.
, Web, & WAP (1) (Wireless Access Point) See access point.

(2) (Wireless Application Protocol) A standard for providing cellular phones, pagers and other handheld devices with secure access to e-mail and text-based Web pages.
) for discovering, buying, and configuring content services. Additionally, there are several unique features including campaign management and actionable alerting designed to awaken subscribers to premium content while providing a rich, interactive media experience.

--XMS provides a rich set of interfaces to allow the MVNO to self-provision and obtain access to usage and other statistics.

In the bundle the products work together to create a comprehensive solution with the ability to exchange data related to subscriber profile, and user traffic to enable true policy enforcement and traffic management, not only at the protocol level, but also at the application level. The combination of these three products meets all requirements needed to manage segmentation and delivery of highly differentiated value added services in the MVNO marketplace.

"MVNO success will depend on its ability to cost effectively differentiate their data services offerings to leverage their brand strength with niche markets," said XJ Wang, Senior Analyst at Yankee Group. "Mobile operators or MVNEs can leverage core infrastructure solutions like 724's X-treme Mobility Suite to cost efficiently serve these opportunities and recover costs of unused network capacity."

724's deployment with Ericsson Mobility World enables service providers to differentiate their data services and provide a quality end user experience. 724's MVNE Solution and the X-treme Mobility Suite (XMS) is designed to be extensible to new networks and protocols, features a unique programmatic interface that allows its integration to virtually any network situation, by the simple addition of discrete elements such as protocol and adapters and gateways. The modularity and plug and play architecture of the platform, together with its open programmatic interface makes XMS the ideal candidate for facilitating the integration of new technologies such as SIP, Real time protocols and the fixed-wireless integration with IMS (1) See IP Multimedia Subsystem.

(2) (Information Management System) An early IBM hierarchical DBMS for IBM mainframes. IMS was widely implemented throughout the 1970s under MVS and continues to be used under z/OS.

For more information, visit

About 724 Solutions

724 Solutions (NASDAQ:SVNX) (TSX:SVN) delivers reliable, scalable technology and solutions that allow mobile network operators to rapidly deploy flexible and open next generation IP-based network and data services. Additionally, in conjunction with mobile operator partners, the company provides a series of actionable alerting solutions to enterprises to assist them in lowering operating costs and improving customer relationship management. 724 Solutions is a global company with development operations in Canada and Switzerland with its corporate office in Santa Barbara, California Santa Barbara is a city in California, United States. It is the county seat of Santa Barbara County, California. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 92,325. . For more information, visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 7, 2005
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