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71 Year Old Man Holds Push-Up Record.

- 75% of Kids Don't Know How to Do a Proper Push-up

AGOURA HILLS, Calif., April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- We could not believe he was 71 years old. He just ran the 10K Great Race of Agoura! Barren (no last name required) knocked out the most push-ups in the "over 50 year old" category: 60! You better not scoff at that!

805BootCamp sponsored an unscientific test of 150 men, women and children in a "push-up contest" and the results were surprising across the boards.

WOMEN 40+ years did more push-ups than women 20-39 years old on average. Jan, 51 years old, holds the most push-ups for women at 54.

"I had to do it just to see where I'd be!" Maria Avalos beamed. She knocked out 35.

"We do these tests on our boot campers every 6 weeks and thought it would be great to let everyone try," Randy Shoemaker, Owner of 805BootCamp says, "the push-up -- properly executed -- is one of the most beneficial exercises for abdominal and upper body muscles. Most folks don't realize how difficult one can be!"

The overall average number of push-ups for MEN: 48.

Kids also participated in the push-up contest. 75% of them did not know the proper form to start. Of the remaining 25% that did have proper form, the average number of push-ups was 25 (male and female).

On average the amount of time children spend exercising is declining year after year. What can we do about it? "We have a Saturday boot camp where you can bring your kids ... and they LOVE working out," Randy explained, "parents are just so busy and stressed out they could use some HELP getting their kids outdoors and away from the computer or television."

According to the National Institute of Health, obesity has DOUBLED in the past decade! And they recommend children get 60 minutes of physical exercise every day. That is only 365 hours per year when you look at the big picture. We should be sleeping 2900 hours at least too.

About 805BootCamp

The Outdoor Fitness Program that has taken over Simi Valley! Improve your physical fitness levels in 6-weeks. 5 days/wk and 1 hour/day. Rain or Shine, all fitness levels. Call us for help 805-823-3409 or visit our website

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Date:Apr 5, 2007
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